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since the portis-zorn incident,things changes a lot in the redskns team,but this changes are not good.
DRAFTIN,S DAD 11/11/08
portis....A QUITER
DRAFTIN,S DAD 11/11/08
seriously....theres not even a profile picture

dcboi32 07/26/08
wow, just another inactive official team fan group
Thoughts and prayers to the Taylor family. May God rest his soul.
WalkerF 11/27/07
Anyone who wants to be in a Redskins group that's actually active, go here:
the skins wil win the east
gochc 09/26/07
oh, ok, well than....i dont know...nevermind.
Boreskins 07/02/07
I can't, only the FanNation Administrator since he is the admin of the group.
Big Ben68 07/01/07
Make a poll.
Boreskins 06/30/07
I'm like the only one who ever posts things!!!
Big Ben68 06/29/07
You know, I check it out here and there but nobody is ever on and never does anything on any of my groups.
Boreskins 06/27/07
Does anybody ever really do anything here anymore?
Big Ben68 06/27/07
Hey, come check out my throwdown:


Thanks and hopefully you vote for me.
Big Ben68 06/24/07
Hey, check out my throwdown:


Thanks and hopefully you vote for me.
Big Ben68 06/18/07
Hey, check out my throwdown:

Big Ben68 06/17/07
Hey, do you guys mind checking out my Byron Leftwich throwdown. My opponent has continually screwed up statistics even after I corrected him and he is still winning by one point. There is about 18 hours left of voting and your help would be much appreciated. Here is the link:


Again, thank you for helping me out...and hopefully you vote for me.!
Big Ben68 06/13/07
Hey, check out this throwdown:

Big Ben68 06/12/07
Hey a newcomer, Hails2daSkins is in a throwdown about the Skins finishing above the Cowboys in the division. Check it out and give him a vote or two.
Big Ben68 06/07/07
funny :)
Stalker 06/02/07
I said the Posse was the best recieving corps ever, come vote help them out
fatalbert 05/31/07
Hey, come and check out my throwdown about the greatest NFL dynasty of all time: the Cowboys or the Steelers. I'm saying the Steelers are better.

Just get to it through my profile. It will be the first on the list of throwdowns.
Big Ben68 05/16/07
'Skinsfans, check out my in-progress throwdown about RFK and what a great advantage the Redskins had until they moved to FedEx. Help me put an Eagles fan (a seemingly intelligent one, but an Eagles fan nonetheless) in his place . Hail 'Skins!
rbm921* 05/15/07
Well put KC. I agree completely, but hopefully they'll do better than 10-6, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's just hope that the passing game can get it into gear.
Big Ben68 05/14/07
Landry will start and Smoot will return to form as he gets comfortable again. Andre Carter finished last season well when he was acclimated, so he will play well this year too. Our new linebacking corps will be one of the best in the NFL, and out secondary tackling will be impressive. Our Interior D line has to solid young-guns that were rookies last yr, Montgomery and Golston, and they will be great next to Griffin. We will have to worry about the longball, but besides that our D will be very solid.
On O, as long as Campbell has developed well, we will also be great. We have 3 fast recievers and Cooley who will catch anything. Add a solid O-line and 2 startign RBs to the mix, and you have some serious firepower.

'Skins go 10-6 in '07/'08
KC 05/14/07
i loved our draft because i love landry and i have seen him play which he proved his hype. i think adding him and him still learning to cover the deep ball will be great for sean taylor because as we know sean is THE best or atleast one of them at his position and while landry plays in the box, taylor can play more center field and unleash his pain from deep and still come up on press coverages anyone i loved the draft bc i think we have all the talented need to win it all if everyone stays healthy and oh adding keyshawn and gettin rid of lloyd would be genius
portisparade26 05/08/07
No more WRs, we have more than enough (Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle El, Brandon Lloyd, James Thrash, Chris Cooley [he's a receiving TE], and don't forget that Ladell Betts is a good receiver as is Clinton Portis). We have enough quality WRs, but if we were to pick up Keyshawn Johnson then we need to trade Brandon Lloyd.
Big Ben68 05/07/07
Yeaa i also believe that the Redskins had a okay draft. I want to know what you guys think about the Skins thinking about picking Keyshawn Johnson, I think that we already have enough WR
Dogswrestling 05/05/07
I think dey did pretty good i like landry i like palmer the dallas guy is good but we should of gotten SABBY PISCITILLI dont u agree redskinsfreak89
skinsfan89 05/04/07
Well we needed QB depth because Campbell's backups are both over 30 and why hate someone because of his name? As long as he didn't play for Dallas and then come over or something like that its okay. Also no one will want to cross the middle against us...unless they are brave. May God be with them...as well as their head. LOL
Big Ben68 05/03/07
The Dallas guy is mad good though, so dont hate on him b/c of his name. Also, Palmer's bro has only played QB for 2 years though, so he isnt very good. I dont understand why we picked him up either, Jason Campbell isnt all that bad. But, besides that i agree with you.
Skins26Fan89 05/03/07
I think that the Redskins draft day was OK becasue they needed a DB and picked up LaRon Landry out of LSU, but Gaines Adams from Clemson would have been better. They got Carson Palmer's broher out of UTEP and he's got the size to play, 6ft 5 231 lbs. They also got HB Blades, the guy with the most intimidtaing name. But how could they draft a guy named Dallas?!?!?!?!?!
Redskinsfreak89 05/03/07

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