Good job Kansas. Good job Memphis for missing all those free throws.
Way to go Kansas!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 04/08/08
Me too!!!!
becca e. 04/06/08
Well now I want Kansas to win!! I despise John Calipari
How bout those Jayhawks!!!!!

GO KANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 04/05/08
Crap, this is bad...
4192jc, we will see.... :)

GO KANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 04/05/08
becca, NC will win going away.
Kansas, Kansas, Kansas!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 04/04/08
Please..not UNC!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.
becca e. 04/02/08
National Title game is going to be UCLA vs UNC...I don't like Memphis and I dont like Kansas...

National Title game prediction is UNC...I absolutely hate UCLA
Ya wanna bet on that final, 4192jc??:)
becca e. 04/01/08
GO, NC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NC/Memhis final... UNC will win by ten.
I thought Louisville played pretty good. Too many turnovers...same thing they have struggled with all year. And free throws. Plus UNC is a great team. I am very happy that Louisville made it to the Elite Eight. Now, I have to go for Kansas!!!!! I hate Memphis and I ain't gonna root for UNC!!!!!!!!! And UCLA..I really don't care for them either.
becca e. 04/01/08
Louisville played half I thought the game was going to be lopsided but all the credit to the Cardinals they played great
badgersfan07... Congradulations.
becca e. 03/29/08
Bold prediction..Memphis will lose on Sunday
If Mich. State would have played in the first half as well as the second, they might have had a chance at beating memphis!!!
becca e. 03/29/08
Yeah haha I have a bit of a dilemma Louisville is the one Big East team I can stand...and I love North Carolina...hmm I just hope to be entertained
Sorry about Wisconsin...and i guess I'll have to say sorry again to ya (badgersfan07) when UNC loses to Louisville Saturday.
GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 03/28/08
So sad...oh well Carolina is still in it
Congrats Louisville, big V over Tenn. and who da thunk it... not me. Davidson????? Big win. Still believe NC is the team to beat and the finals will be Texas & NC.
UNC is going down!!!!

GO CARDS!!!!!!
becca e. 03/28/08
I am a philosophical kind of gal!!!!
becca e. 03/26/08
Lol Tomorrow is almost here..very philosophical I like it!

Go Wisconsin!

Go Louisville!
Tomorrow is almost here!!! I am so excited.


GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!

I love March Madness.
becca e. 03/26/08
The Vols are very beatable
Tennessee"s going down!!!!

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 03/24/08
Davidson is going down
Sweet Sixteen Baby!!!!

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 03/23/08
Thanks..I could see Louisville knocking off UNC..I wont make that prediction...but I think the Louisville has the bodies to bang around with Hansbrough..and they have some pretty good could happen..but good luck to you too
Georgetown is very beatable...They get confused easlily. Shut down Hibbert and they don't know which way to go, good luck!!!
becca e. 03/17/08
Of course I am blinded by fandom, but I think Louisville can make it to the final four...but NC is too tough this year. That's as far as i can see Louisville going.
becca e. 03/17/08
I hope both Wisconsin(for obvious reasons) and Georgetown meet in the Sweet 16 just because both teams play such similar would be fun to watch
As a Louisville fan, i noticed that!!!
becca e. 03/17/08
North Carolina has one of the toughest roads to the Final Four...Lousiville, Tennessee, Washington State and Notre Dame are all in their bracket..tough stuff
I want to congradulate Pitt and their fans. Big East Champs.
becca e. 03/16/08
I think, at worst Louisville gets a my opinion.
I am praying Louisville doen't get a five seed!!!
becca e. 03/14/08
I'm thinking Arkansas is in.
arrghh, and once again bubble teams reek havoc in the Big East tourney. Hmmm, I reckon I have to root for West Virginia now. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I am positive Louisville didn't...
becca e. 03/13/08
lol. I'm pretty sure Louisville will...
Hell yes!! Go badgers!!!

I hope Louisville has a strong showing in the Big East tourny.. I hope they win, who am i trying to kid!!!

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 03/10/08
An even better Saturday than that for me! Wisconsin won the Big 10 title out right! and Becca E. tough loss for Louisville Saturday
Congradulations on UNC's win tonight against Duke, badgerfan07 sad day
becca e. 03/09/08
Not so great for me!!! LOL
becca e. 03/08/08
That it will be. It was a great start to the day..watching Louisville vs. Georgetown.
Today will be a great day for college basketball fans for sure!!!! I am ready for Louisville to beat Georgetown again!!!

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 03/08/08
I am all ready for UNC vs Duke on Saturday! Go Heels!
Alot of top 25 lost yesterday... getting very interesting!!!

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 03/07/08
In 2 weeks
when do the brackets come out?
NYFAN07 03/03/08
The Spartans didn't do that to the Badgers so I like it! But I watched that game and Michigan State could not miss.
How bout Michigan State with that a*s*s whooping they put on Indiana!!! Go Spartans!!!
becca e. 03/03/08
one turnover!Wow the refs must have screwed somethinh up
(Cincy) 03/02/08
It is very impressive
One turnover is very, very impressive!!! Good job Badgers!!
becca e. 03/01/08
Very impressed by the Badgers absolutely owning Michigan State this past Thursday..just 1 turnover the whole game! Impressive. Sorry to stray everyone away from Big East talk
Ain't gonna happen that way 4192... Might as well join me and root for the winning team!!!

GO CARDS!!!!!:)
becca e. 02/29/08
well, lets se nowther, becca, hmmm. yes ,good win agaisnt ND. Now I reckon Villanova takes Loserville down and then we have to root for y'all against Gorgetown unfortunately. :)
Great win for the Cards tonight against Notre Dame!!!!

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 02/28/08
becca, y'all being a smart alice again? :)
4192, I almost fell out of my chair!!!!
becca e. 02/27/08
Georgetown can beaten as any team in the Big East can be but Georgetown is strong but somewhat overrated. Louisville is the team to beat right now in my book. UConn is moving up strong however. I do look for a "dog" fight in the tourney and think it will be a good warm up for the teams that enetr into March Madness.
As do I...
I wish Nova would have stomped Marquette last night!!!
becca e. 02/26/08
becca e. 02/23/08
Thanks for the help
Georgetown is tough, as well as Louisville, ..ahem..UConn, Notre Dame, and so on.. This is any teams conference to win. I for one, as a Cards fan, would like to have another shot at UConn, I believe Louisville can beat them.
becca e. 02/22/08
Why isn't anyone in the Big East more worried about Georgetown? They're deep...they've got a tough offense to defend.

In my opinion the two teams in the Big East I'd be most worried about facing would be Louisville and Georgetown. Louisville because they're long and athletic and G'town for the reasons I previously stated
becca, my. my . my.. such venom from a loserville fan. Beware of the dogs from the northland my friend. UConn is gonna be a thorn in y'alls side before all is said and done. :)
i doubt 1st round but they are definitively not as good as people think
KD Still Rising 02/19/08
Duke looked awful against Wake..that game is the prime reason why I think they'll be a first weekend casualty in the NCAA tournament
UConn needs to lose!!!
becca e. 02/18/08
Rick Pitino is a solid coach...message to the entire Big East....continue to beat Marquette
Louisville had two great wins this week. They are finally playing as a good team!!

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 02/10/08
I say that because of how poorly he's played when he's had good defenders on him...he was shut down against my Badgers by Michael Flowers
Eric Gordon has kind of by default earned the most overrated highly touted freshman in this class
7#bag _ Com 02/03/08
Indiana as a whole has kinda been in a funk since they lost to UCONN
KD Still Rising 02/03/08
Eric Gordon isn't playing as great as I thought he was going to...
beasley is tearing it up, definitely top pick or at least top 2. But another guy playing well is Derrick Rose, guy has a lot of poise for a freshman, and at the point guard position that's what you need.
AO24 01/25/08
welcome to everyone who joined the group if you request to be friends I will accept
KD Still Rising 01/21/08
have you guys seen Beasley he is a monster out there, what a basketball IQ he has, i think he is gonna go #1 in draft
azcardsfan 01/21/08
Can I blog?
Gone. 01/05/08

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