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Week 1 - UConn is good. They will score on us. It will be a shootout but I think we have more weapons on offense. My call is a Michigan win...38-30.
Winged Helmet 08/30/10
Download the adidas Michigan Countdown Widget. Its pretty cool, check it out:

Go Blue no luv 4 u Bucnuts
Mr_810 06/12/08
I just found this site (http://www.gnomefrenzy.com/university-of-michigan-garden-gnome.html) they sell Mich Garden Gnomes, check it out!
Now In Chicago 05/07/08
Esco: KRS-one The buckeyes stink Go Michigan

WTF!!!! This is the dumbest thing he could have done for himself....all because of the F***ING Spread O. What school dosen't run the Spread?? Good Luck finding a school that dosen't....JACKASS!!!!
Nice job Michigan, way to represent the Big Ten. Congats!!
We need to get Terrell Pryor, watched Chad Henne and Terrell Pryor in High School. If we get Terrell and Sam in the same backfield-wow! Terrell is the best player I've ever seen in High School in 30yr.s! Will change Michigan Football under the direction of coach Rich-take it to bank! Every seat will be sold out!
blue balls 12/25/07
Just popping in to say O! H! I! O!
Escobar Caesar 12/10/07
only two more games left! we beat those cheese heads then then those FAGeyes come up to the big house to get beat! then we smell the roses!!
USAF1093 11/08/07
football teams under the direction of Lloyd Carr is definately like a box of chocolates-Forrest
blue balls 10/27/07
So, how badly do you think Michigan will beat Minnesota? By 40 points? By 50 points? By 60 points?
goblue15 10/23/07
hey guys, vote on my throwdown with some dumb OSU fan. this guy is out of his mind.
We WILL win the big ten
andre10 10/04/07
I'm with you for the Go Blue, but leave the Yankees out of this.
718 10/03/07
hey, youre not a fair weather fan if you have lived through the tragedy of Appalachian State and the brief triumph over PSU, my familiys favorite team. Just keep harrassing and just stay true to your wolvs.

Go Blue!!!!!!!and yankees
keydetman17 09/26/07
Fire Carr
umfan1235 09/09/07
Hey guys, Just wanted to know what all thought bout App St. winning the Nat. Championship by padding it's initial sceduled game with a cupcake team!
1Buckeyefan 09/02/07
Hey guys great game today

What a powerhouse you guys are.

hey check out all the good Michigan stuff I have at www.fansofthebig11.com
Fansofthebig11 08/31/07
http://www.fannation.com/groups/show/13405 blog where OSU and Mishigan fans can battle eachother in throwdowns and trashtalking without the crappy refs, alcohol, and other variables
come help me out said that Mich is better football team than ND
WalkOff26 08/01/07
hey guys i have a cheater trying to beat me can some please vote http://www.fannation.com/throwdowns/show/40457
Sox4Life 07/17/07
Can you guys plz come and read my throwdown on who will win int heir matchup next year, Michigan or Winsconsin
Jordbaer 06/29/07
Michigan will take down USC this year
TheCycle42 06/25/07
vote for me
TheCycle42 06/21/07
vote 4 me
TheCycle42 06/21/07
the 04 usc trojans had best offence in collage football history
come vote for me
Phanatic00 06/13/07
can you please come vote if you think the stl cards wont make the playoffs
come vote for me
sshma 05/31/07
only 3 hours left as of 5-6
Petey 05/23/07
please help me with my throwdown
Petey 05/23/07
all u guys, vote on my throwdown- Michigan is better than Michigan State
Petey 05/22/07
I need some help in my Throwdown if you think don't think UCLA is the greatest sports school, come vote for me.
cmlifer8 05/17/07

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