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well this died after the first round...
well keep going jets! follow the rules and keep going!
so what's the deal with the tournament?
Ahh come on,oh well good luck AE
(Cincy) 02/19/08
i give the vote to AE. USF is on the rise and could have a tournament team in a year or two. St. John's has just been falling for too long.
that takes long of a process. jetstolehome you are the technical tiebreaker for this td. we will select a tie breaker group made of three people. d wade, jetstolehome and bigdleech for this td, and they will decide the winner
leave a comment on who you would have voted for, (just those three people) and then thats how we decide the winner!
hmmm...what can we do for idea. you could do another TD on a different subj?
me and cincy ended in a tie..
oh and leech only posted one argument in our TD. =( it was shaping up to be a good one.
Craig Austrie, ftw!

he used to bring the pwn to my high school's team, now he brings the clutch pwn to the USF Bulls! woo! way to squeak it out.
UConn is playing like dogshit.
Why isn't Louisville ranked?
Pittfan forfeited.
ND will still be ranked about 18-20 that was a quality loss on the road, I know it sounds strange but they look at that
azcardsfan 02/15/08
=) UConn ftw.
I meant Notre Dame should get ranked higher...but not now!!!
becca e. 02/15/08

me and cincy's td!
good luck guys on TDs I will vote,
azcardsfan 02/13/08
here's the link for the TD leech and i are doing in the tourney:
UConn jumps up to 17th, ND to 18th. Wednesday is going to be great. i have class though. =(
did you guys see that horrible call against Nova with a tenth of a second left against georgetown,
azcardsfan 02/11/08
yea you guys said I was crazy when this poll was put up, and I said ND belongs in this poll
azcardsfan 02/11/08
Notre Dame is ranked.

UConn has been winning w/o one of their best scorers. they'll be fine. Adrien is on an absolute role and Thabeet looks like he may finally be coming into his own. i think the Huskies will come away with another win on Wednesday.
I sure hope Villinova beats Georgetown.That would be sweet!!! While UConn is playing good right now, they are due for a loss. And Notre Dame should get ranked. Big East is a very tough conference again this year. Should be a great tournament.

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 02/11/08
Villanova is not going to beat Georgetown.

as for UConn/ND, i can't go to the game since i have class but i think UConn will win this re-match. they're on an absolute role and i would not want to play them right now. they haven't lost in almost a month now and aside from ND this wednesday, i don't see a spot where they could slip up the rest of the season; unless of course Villanova rights itself.
I told you guys Notre Dame is gonna be a player, right now they are in 2nd place,and if they beat conn. this week, its 1st place for them, because villinova is gonna beat gtown monday
azcardsfan 02/10/08
UConn has to be considered in the top 3 in the coference!! Even without Dyson, they are winning ans winning convincingly!
JFKJR 02/10/08
UConn wins their seventh in a row! woo! Go Huskies!
They are ranked now. 21st and 22nd, and I wouldn't be surprised if they move up to the top 15 now.
IrishR#1 02/09/08
here comes ND again 2nd in big east standings, they should be ranked
azcardsfan 02/02/08
Way to go Rutgers!!!
becca e. 01/23/08
we need one more person so sign up!
yep you crazy!
i guess i am crazy ND got pummeled again today by Georgetown, Maryland beat North Carolina, game just ended
azcardsfan 01/19/08
i was talking about ND, i think they can make noise in big east, they have tough stretch coming up though, and they need some good road wins, they got smoked by Marquette last week, but they got some good wins, Kstate, Uconn, West VIRG.
azcardsfan 01/19/08
If the Cardinals keep playing like they did against Marquette, top 5 is doable!!!

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 01/18/08
yea they are good i bet they come in top 5 in conference
azcardsfan 01/18/08
The Cards beat Marquette's arse tonight!! GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 01/17/08
you serious cardsfan?
hey where is ND is this poll question
azcardsfan 01/17/08
people who are interested in the tourney sign up in the message board! so far we have
Anthony E.
fo mo and we ready!
you got it whitt! you want to blog for em?
Where's WVU at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SeanWhitt10 01/17/08
Sure Pittfan.
Bigdleech 01/16/08
can i blog?
Pittfan: USA!!!! 01/16/08
haha azcardsfan no i havent. but are you in the tourney or what?
any golden domers out there, thats fans not alum
azcardsfan 01/16/08
I'll do it sometime before school ends.
Bigdleech 01/16/08
yeah i told you this would be easy. yeah its bad. im going to blog about it on the big ten bball group. unless u want to.
I just read that Claxton is out for the year.
Bigdleech 01/16/08
Sounds fun. Already five members. Nice.
Bigdleech 01/16/08
hahahaha im in my acct. class! im just hanging out here haha.
I am. Just sitting on my laptop in AP US right now. "Taking notes."
Bigdleech 01/16/08
GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
becca e. 01/16/08
SOB i'm in school shouldnt you be?
Thats what she said.
Bigdleech 01/16/08
Lets do this Anthony!
Bigdleech 01/16/08

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