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this group is lame
NYFAN07 02/24/08
sing up for the tornament
NYFAN07 01/25/08
Just back from the Jan 12th Pistons game. It was maybe the toughest game I've seen the Bobcats play. They had no PG at all. Wallace and Carroll did most of the PG duty. J-Rich had the most assists.

Once again the refs gave the game to the bigger market team. Okafor made the go ahead tip in with seconds left in OT. A ref calls offensive gold tending effectively ending the game and giving it to Det.

Stern really has to fix this officating issue with the bigger market teams having games given to them. If that were the case in the NFL, Green Bay would not have a chace. The situation is totally out of control in the NBA.

It will be interesting to see what the investigation yields of the finances of the ref who made the call and his relations. People in Vegas would pay a lot of money for that call.
cltbobcatsfan 01/12/08
January 2, 2008 Bulls game:

The horrendous referees aside, Vincent really blew it against the Bulls.

The Bulls new coach kept throwing players at us until he found that none of the Bobcats who were in the game could handle Wallace and Noah at the same time. Noah is extremely quick and big.

Does Vincent counter Noah with a young and energetic Dudley and/or Hollins???? NO!!!

Vincent acts like he believes in Super Heroes and he thinks our starting 5 are the X-Men.

Let's play grownup ball and use every asset on the bench to our advantage. Every game will be different and we may need to adjust just like the Bulls did tonight.
cltbobcatsfan 01/02/08
The Bobcats should start Dudley.He is a great player and would help the bobcats play with the best.He also is a good rebounder and with him and Okafor they would have many more fast breaks,more points,and more wins
NYFAN07 01/01/08
Just got back from the game. J-Rich was awesome until Granger elbowed his face. Hopefully J-Rich's eye will not swell shut tonight. Granger was the same guy that almost killed Wallace at the beginning of last year's season. He is not on my favorite player list.

Lots of different players contributed in this game even if it was not points. An Excellent sign in my view.

I thought Felton had some nice assists and did not force the ball too much. He challenge the defense about once per quarter but the Pacers contained him pretty well. Kicking the ball out to J-Rich and Wallace was smart.

Only 12 turnovers for the entire team. Not bad compared to the Pacers 23.

Carroll was on the floor for the comeback. Not a lot of points put quality play on the court. It was good to have his stout frame to go against the large Pacers team.

Vincent's plan and the players execution did the Pacers in by going right at their hot shooters 17 and 3. When those guys fouled out, the Pacers were on the ropes.

Overall it was a great TEAM performance and very entertaining. Worth a vacation day.
cltbobcatsfan 12/31/07
With Primoz gone, I think the team should speed up the game and try the run and gun. That may fit the current players abilities better. What do you guys think?
cltbobcatsfan 12/31/07
Make noise at bobcat games. I hear more noise at a rutgers basketball game than i do at your games.For other teams its like practice because u guys dont make noise. Your the 6th man so make more noise or our team will never play like champs
NYFAN07 11/24/07
check my TD
tefpetti 11/21/07
Anybody think Brandon Wright will be better than J-Rich? I actually do and even though for now it is a good trade for the bobcats I dont know about him in the future because even though wright might not win the slam dunk comp as many times as J rich I think Brandon Wright has the talent to be a better player
(Cincy) 08/17/07
48 days left....

eflatt 09/14/06
I heard Adam might start this season. Has anybody else heard that?
eflatt 09/14/06

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