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7#bag _ Com 09/11/07
wrote a blog on ufc 74 predictions if anyone cares for a read
Head Kick KO 08/21/07
Hey Guys, come check out my blog on my page to see my predictions for Saturday's UFC 73. Please leave a comment!
Rampage23 07/06/07
hey guys go to espn and vote on fight of the year rampage v chuck or randy v tim nedd to show people were for real and not going away
UFC fan 06/29/07
Benoit is a murderer
llBIGGll 06/28/07
I will be posting a blog on Chris Benoit
Rampage23 06/26/07
This has nothing to do with the MMA and I don't care and please take this seriously and with respect. I know alot of you grow up watching wrestling and call it what you will but. Chris the Crippler Benoit and his wife and old year son where found die in there home last night.

He was a great wrestler and I loved watching him wrestle and I know alot of you did too.

All Hail the Crippler!!!!!!
Randy Couture was in town this weekend signing autographs before a local Ultimate Cage Wars card. Got to meet him and a buddy signed up to train with him the day after for 3 hours, said he was a nice guy. He answered a bunch of questions about other UFC fighters, said Rampage is as strong as he looks.
llBIGGll 06/25/07
Help me out in this UFC vs. boxing throwdown
UFCfanatic899 06/22/07
HEY GUYS! Be sure to check out my latest Blog which previews UFC 73: Stacked with my predictions. This is part one and part two will be coming soon!
Rampage23 06/20/07
UFC 72 is gonna be a horrible card... I'm waiting for 73
UFCfanatic899 06/16/07

sign up for my new site

its a messege board/ SIM FIGHTING LEAGUE..

it should be alot of fun
Mayhem83 06/16/07
Hey Fellas, these are my UFC 72 Predictions. I'm 11-3 in my last three UFC:
Okami def Franklin*
Griffin def Ramirez
Quida def Griffin
MacDonald def Singer
Herman def Smith

*I'm only picking Okami just to see if the Upset Bandwagon is still going strong after Rampage's win at UFC 71. My gut tells me Franklin by TKO 2nd Round but I want to stand by this pick because Okami is a dangerous opponent for Franklin.
Rampage23 06/16/07
Nate and Manny ?Wow what a fight that will be ,really can't choose a side on that one both guys looked good on the final show.I just think nate will be a little to quick for manny.
UFC fan 06/15/07
I'm excited for next weekends StrikeForce/XC Fighting... Phil NYBA Baroni vs. Frank Shamrock! Should be a good fight and the card is sick too! I just gotta find someone who has showtime and is willing to buy the PPV, becasue I'm broke as a joke!
aepifeds 06/11/07
steve80984 06/08/07
haha and OH ****..Karo and Nate almost get into ...Karo would whoop his **** at this wouldn teven be close
Mayhem83 06/08/07
Nate looked bad last night...but I think he just wasnt used to the size of someone like Corey Hill...I think he will look better next week and still make the finals.....

and I hgave a feeling the blue vs blue and yellow vs yellow isnt true....that they are just trying to mess with us....
Mayhem83 06/08/07
Cavs Fan ...UFC 74 has COuture Gonzaga as healinder and GSP and Koscheck as coheadliner...also UFC 75 has Quinton JAckson and Dan Henderson headlining....and Mirko CroCop vs TBA. as the coheadliner
Mayhem83 06/08/07
What's up guys, glad to see we are getting some followers in the group. I just wanted to see what everyones opinion was of last nights TUF5. I think Manny kicked **** over Wiman, which was a little surprise, but once he got on the ground he was far superior. I also think Hill did a good job against Diaz, he just got caught, his submission defense needs work, but he was throwing Diaz around the ring. With some training, I think Hill will do well in the UFC. Next week will be good with blue going against blue and gold against gold. Those should be a couple of good fights. Right now I have to go with Louzon, he's just too strong, and Diaz, his ground defense is better than Wimans.
cdbbigdaddy 06/08/07
I've heard couture vs gonzaga is going to be sometime in august
UFC fan 06/08/07
I did see something about couture vs gonzaga probally in august .
UFC fan 06/08/07
Do you guys have any predictions on what the ufc 74 main event will be,and btw can you guys please help me out on my throwdown ufc is the most underated sport in america.
Faber Is A Beast 06/06/07
I said that Matt Hughes is the most dominant champ, not the best fighter
jlhendrix23 06/06/07
If any of you guys think that matt huges isn't the best ever vote for me.
gotwood 06/06/07
this guys i s a moron
fatalbert 06/05/07
Brock Lesnar won in his official MMA K1 debut

Gracie beat "the Grace Killer"

and Johnny Morton got KO'd bad....and supposedly refused to take a **** test for the CA athletic commsion post fight..and has been suspended
Mayhem83 06/03/07
I cant wait for all the possibilites, I feel that Henderson will beat Jackson, but it will be a war..and a very close fight, but then I think Shogun will end up with the belt at LHW...

It kind of sucks though, because PRIDE doesnt really have anyone to contend with the UFC welterweight there will not really be any "big" PRIDE vs UFC type matches in that divison.. St.Pierre, Hughes, Kos, Sanchez, Karo etc..will still pretty much run that class
Mayhem83 05/31/07
Yeah rua lit him up something bad. I agree with you just the combination of fights I'm just stoked to be a MMA fan.
Elohgnub 05/31/07
this guy says fedor isnt the best heavyweight come school this guy
fatalbert 05/31/07
Henderson is no joke at all but I feel he's a much bigger threat at 185 like I've said before. I mean the matchups are intriguing. Henderson-Silva III, Shogun-Rua, Jackson-Rua II, Liddell-Henderson and so on and so on. I just feel that Rampage is way better now then he was eating those knees from Rua and Silva. But it seems it's the year of the upset in 2007 so we'll see what happens.
Rampage23 05/31/07
You really think Rampage is going to kick Hendo's ****? I'm not saying he cant win but Hendo is a bad **** too. And one that beat Wanderli which is something Rampage couldnt do twice.
Elohgnub 05/31/07
yo if yea boys like rampage then hit my club up at Rampage kick A?? club. If rampage ain't kickin we ain't winning. O yea his going to kick hendersons a??
Marlon Sims and Noah is officila for the Finale opener now...haha ..I hope Sims wins although both are a bit rediculous
Mayhem83 05/31/07
Man.....The first MMA monopoly is starting to take effect...not that Im complaining....
syndrome 05/29/07
its now official as of last Friday ZUFFA now owns PRIDE....and is currently working on the contracts for all PRIDE fighters
Mayhem83 05/29/07
****! theres not much Okami love here...haha

that will be a good fight though.
Mayhem83 05/29/07
That would definately be cool if Henderson fought middleweight in UFC...although I am a big Silva (spider) fan....haha...but I think he will focus on the LHW division...atleast for now
Mayhem83 05/29/07
Hey guys if you haven't checked my latest blog please do so on my profile page. The blog talks about Rampage's monumental win last Saturday night!

Oh yeah as for the upcoming Hendo-Rampage fight. It's going to be a war no doubt but I do see Rampage taking it in the 3rd via TKO. Henderson won't have that much of open space to strike like he did against Wanderlei at PRIDE 33. It's going to be a grappling war though, I would've liked Rampage to had faced Shogun Rua and have Hendo fight the winner of Silva-Marquardt. I mean look at the matchups: Silva-Henderson, Franklin-Henderson, Franklin-Silva II. The possibilities are endless!
Rampage23 05/29/07
rampage is awesom cuz he has to coolest name!
haha yeah those typos **** suck..I always get em, and cant tell
Mayhem83 05/28/07
I think it'll definately be tough...but I think as far as overall game goes Hendo has the upper hand...and he's getting up there.but he just handled Wanderlei....and Wanderlei KO Jacksopn it should be interesting
Mayhem83 05/28/07
**** typos...font is so small i cant even see when i mess up....
syndrome 05/28/07
You think Dan can handle Ramoage? I think itll be a great one,but I dont know how much more steam he has,he is 36....
syndrome 05/28/07
Oh. and I hear rumors that Cro-Cop signed on to fight at UFC 75 but his opponent is not known yet.....Arlovski maybe??...and the winner will face the winner of Couture vs. Gonzaga setting up a potential Cro-Cop Gonzaga rematch??
Mayhem83 05/27/07
he will dominate most of the LHW divison...but I think the addition of Hendo will be even beter...he will end up with the belt and hold onto it for awhile...
Mayhem83 05/27/07
or is it reign??? either way,Rampage is here to dominate
syndrome 05/27/07
Eat it Liddell.......Ladies and Gentleman,Rampages riegn has begun
syndrome 05/27/07
well crap........ haha 71...that was crazy
Mayhem83 05/27/07 guys gotta check it out
HardAbs05 05/26/07
I think all UFC, MMA, and Pride fans only watch those sports so they can see those guys in spandex short-shorts.
BackInBlack 05/26/07
just voted.
Mayhem83 05/25/07
I said its time MMA got its due..come vote
B0mb3rs (HoF) 05/25/07
Hey guys could y vote for me when I said ufc will have a better card then the mayweather oscar fight please.
Faber Is A Beast 05/22/07
****. I cant believe we have 30 members on here already...this group is getting
Mayhem83 05/22/07
Yeah chucks definately got an "awkward fighting style...but it works for him I guess....Wanderlei Silva also has a really weird style/stance when he fights
Mayhem83 05/17/07
I'm taking Rampage on this fight. I have met chuck a few times and he is a great guy I just dont care for his fighting style. Especially since he randy :-(
Elohgnub 05/17/07
JKD is one of the most efficient and versatile forms of Martial Arts I have ever looked into..he basically took a bunch of styles...dropped the **** and took the stuff that worked..and put it all into one style....the man was a genious
Mayhem83 05/16/07
i like the idea of bruce lee as the group profile pic. not many people realize it but he really is the father of MMA. yall should look into his martial art of Jeet Kune Do aka JKD.
Patton217 05/16/07
yeah that might work pretty do I do 2 polls at once??..haha Im new at this
Mayhem83 05/16/07
Maybe we should put it to a 5 currently active and a top 5 ever (for the nostalgic Gracie fans).
plumbloco 05/15/07
I started out making the list as now of days... but then I added Gracie, and Silva and Couture could kind of fit in the older ones too I guess......
Mayhem83 05/15/07
Not exactly how I would've created this list, but it's good to see you guys all on an MMA group! Also is this list based on best P4P fighter ever, or nowadays?
Mauler 05/15/07
bugsy 05/15/07
ahh i so didnt even see him. Yeah feder is a beast and GSP was "shocked" by serra.
Elohgnub 05/15/07
George St Pierre is on there 2nd on the list..haha he would be my second choice after Fedor as PnP best fighter
Mayhem83 05/14/07
Yeah but to have him up there and not GSP is not a good. GSP is a very skilled fighter and i think would easily take Royce in a fight.
Elohgnub 05/14/07
I agree with him being out of his Prime, but he is a well known name in the sport and the Gracie I added him into the 15
Mayhem83 05/14/07
I dont think you can royce up in the top anymore. If this was back in the day I would say hell yeah but today he just not the same fighter.
Elohgnub 05/14/07

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