Ur Typical Fans

If anyone wants to blog, hit me up and ill make it happen
NYFAN07 03/26/09
Lets get it back to that level
NYFAN07 03/05/09
Just a few months ago we were voted as a top 5 group on fannation
NYFAN07 03/05/09
Were going to make this active again
NYFAN07 03/05/09
Hey everyone
NYFAN07 03/05/09
Worst MLB Uniforms in History blog coming tonight!
Check out this TD
"Cleveland" 06/14/08
Did anyone see game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals? Amazing
Can I get blogging rights?
I didnt vote,but ill do it now,since we are the only active members of this amazing group
NYFAN07 06/01/08
I'm pretty sure the only people that have voted in the poll are me, Real Sports, NY, Buc, and Cincy, because there have only been 5 votes and we each have one. Ballot stuffing, anyone? LOL

Link to me and PhillyEagles tournament TD.
thanks to everyone for voting for this group in the Fannation top 25 thing. I would have boosted it ten more points had i been here.
Junoyeop 05/10/08
forgot NHL my bad,if you want you can blog about it?
NYFAN07 05/08/08
WOW,4th best group!
(Cincy) 05/06/08
Why no NHL in the poll?
No offense, but for the poll, it's European soccer by a mile and a half...

The passion of both the players and the fans makes the league just so much better than any American sports league...

How many NFL Fans are passionate enough to start a riot?
Super Squirrel 05/02/08
I think it was a good choice.
"Cleveland" 05/01/08
Anyone shocked by Avery Johnson getting fired? I'm really not..he lost that team
it shouldnt be private. NMI is for the elite of FN, this is for typical casual fans...anyone should be allowed
it shouldn't be private.
"Cleveland" 04/24/08
I dont think the group should go private either.
I don't think its necessary to make this group private. I'm tired of the "Private Only" option. NASCAR, for one, is trying that approach and I think it STINKS to high heaven !!!
NASCARQueen 04/23/08
If you do make this group like SIFS than you need to cut back on members
indycolts2113 04/23/08
Do you think the Phins' made the right choice with the #1 pick in Jake Long?

Yes 66% NO 0% Too soon to tell 33%
Junoyeop 04/23/08
What is your favorite major sport?

MLB 38% NFL 33% NHL 11% NBA 0% MLS 0% other 16%
Junoyeop 04/22/08
Fav sport = NHL
i have decided from now on, everyone in this group has blogging right but must be considerate of one anothers blogging. The only exception is me and that will only happen of there is an update on a torny or a notice relevent to all members

Junoyeop 04/21/08
We are 31 members shy of 200!!!Lets invite some people and get to 200 members in the 2 short months that this group has been in existence. It has been among the most actie groups that i have been in and i hope you like the group i started as well.
Junoyeop 04/21/08
GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT pic, I was yelling "Stray-Rod" at A-Rod lst night at yanks o's. And I was saying to Giambi, "Side affects- Blind, lacks of plate vision".
i dunno. leave it to redsox repat to blog it..
Junoyeop 04/18/08
When is the Tourny starting
lets get some chatter strted up
Junoyeop 04/17/08
thank you everyone for getting so many new members,pretty soon well have 200!
NYFAN07 04/15/08
150th member checking in one time.
Uh, for the tournament, I beat Mike4redsox.
if u want to be on the committe,send me fanmail and i may send u an invite
NYFAN07 04/13/08
a link to the new ur typical fans commitee
Junoyeop 04/12/08

NYFAN vs Wade
NYFAN07 04/12/08
sorry, here's the real tourney TD link between me and 0x NBA/NFL Champion, the first one didn't work out

NEMike 04/10/08
yesterday was our two month anniversery. 145 members in 2 months is very impressive peopl. that is 72.5 people per month!!!!congrats goes to everyone.
Junoyeop 04/10/08
Hot new group, come join
NEMike 04/10/08
here's the tourney TD between me and 0x NBA/NFL Champion

NEMike 04/09/08
Well, I was hoping UNC would win it all...but I'm glad Kansas did...my hatred of John Calipari runs deep
Who will win tonights game?

Memphis 75% Kansas 25%

i was right being the only person who voted for kansas!!
Junoyeop 04/08/08
hey everybody
What is wrong with live blogs?
Junoyeop 04/06/08
yall go to my throwdowns and vote for me
Pro01 04/05/08
When you see this, could you all invite at least 5 friends? thanx..
Junoyeop 04/03/08
new blog,please read
NYFAN07 04/01/08
Do you think Davidson is this years CInderella team?

yes 77% no 22%
Junoyeop 04/01/08
I go the final 4 perfecto and i have UCLA winning ti all
Junoyeop 03/31/08
poll results
Do u think that UR Typical Fans deserves to be the 17th best group on Fannation?

Yes 31%
no:( 0%
It should be higher 63%
it should be lower 5%
Junoyeop 03/24/08
I beat KG fan in a good TD for the second round of the tournament.
PhillyEagles36 03/23/08
vote for this throwdown on Matt Ryan.

Junoyeop 03/22/08
Have a throwdown in progress, show me some support. Its the Elite Eight picks. Thanks
Mike 1030 03/22/08
everyone, when you seee this, please invite as many friends as possible to this group. I want this group to be seen by everyone her at fannation.
Junoyeop 03/22/08
Glad to belong to a rel group of fans who know sports ad understand how to argue points. Lost last two td's because a bunch of retards voting not understanding anything about sports. Beasely took over the game like I predicted and proved USC wa overrated. Lost that one. Also said George Mason was going to get crushed . they did, what happened two years ago doesn't carry over to now
Mike 1030 03/21/08
Hey you guys wanna do me a favor and check this TD out and vote on the better argument or wht ever
Footballfan4 03/20/08
hello everyone.
This idiot is challenging my fanhood . He thinks my recent post about matt walsh is stupid an thinks that i am not a good new england sports fans. Help crush this retard.

Junoyeop 03/19/08
Poll Results

Do you think Lil' Romoe will be a star at USC?

Yes 14% NO 85%
Junoyeop 03/17/08
heres a warm welcome to #1 boston fan,georgiafan1000,NYY lifer SF49,Eazy Street,Locke
,Demosthenes,jeevs BS,Buccaneer4LifeST(21) BS* ,nickb23, and JDawg1447
NYFAN07 03/17/08
Romeo won't be a star. He'll be OK but not a star.
718 03/14/08
Poll Results

Which new MLB game will you buy?

MLB 2K8 14%
MLB 08 The Show 38%
Both 14%
Neither, don't like MLB games 14% Neither, MVP Baseball is still the king 14%

i don't care 4%
Junoyeop 03/13/08
since almost none did there tds,and drainer doesnt want me to blog this,heres the next round of the touny

philieagles36 vs KG wants 50 wins

cincy vs ravii

td can be on either NCAAB or NBA,winner moves on to the championship game......good luck
NYFAN07 03/12/08
Hello Everyone.
I would like to say that our group is going well. We have a slight problem though. We have recently seen some blogs posted within 24 hours of the blog before it. Would u please be courteaus and PLEASE do not post a blog if there had been a blog less than 24 hours before it. Instead of posting it on here. PLease post on your own personal blog. IF this problem continues, we will have to cut down on bloggers and u would have to send an appication to be able to blog here.

Thank you everyone...

Junoyeop 03/11/08
Yes the Jets finally did something good
NYFAN07 03/07/08
We talk about whatever we want
you can talk about anysport and somebody will reply
Junoyeop 03/06/08
What do we do in this group
WADE 03/06/08
here is mine and Central 3-PEAT PLEASE's td

Ravii 03/05/08
i'm gonna write a blog tomorrow on Cal Tech. The Division III team that hasn't won a game since 1985. Gotta do some research!!
Junoyeop 03/03/08
anyone else wanna blog
NYFAN07 03/03/08
Poll Results

Who is the team to beat in MLB this season?

Red Sox 33%
Tigers 0%
Yankees 0%
Indians 0%
Rockies 0%
D-Backs 0%
Mets 16%
Phillies 16%
Cubs 0%
Brewers 0%
Angels 0%
Mariners 0%
Marlins(lol, just kiddin) 33%
Junoyeop 03/03/08
Hey everyone, if you have gotten a fanmail on the best sports group, please vote this one. Of all my groups, this is the most active.
Junoyeop 03/03/08
NYFAN07, thats a good thing.
Da Masta 03/01/08
Damit Vilma got traded
NYFAN07 03/01/08
Final Poll Results

Who d u think the MLB rookie of the year will be?

Jacoby Ellsbury 40%
Clay Buchholz 18%
Joba 18%
Jay Bruce 13%
Other 9%
Junoyeop 03/01/08
ellsbury will win ROY
Da Masta 02/29/08
CWS blog check it out

NEMike 02/28/08
vote for this td between me and drainer

NYFAN07 02/27/08
i mean within 24 hours ago
Junoyeop 02/22/08
hey guys,if there is a blog that was posted 24 hours ago, please do not posta new one..
Junoyeop 02/22/08
heres the link for the torny td between me and eaglesfan
NYFAN07 02/20/08
Thanks Drainer.
718 02/20/08
Ellsbury is a stud.
Gone 02/19/08
JHOVA,u and hllywd are both great bloggers for our group..
Junoyeop 02/19/08
Sorry for posting a blog so close to yours Hllywd. I was going to post it on my page, but I decided to make it my initial offering to the group.
718 02/19/08
What is topic?
u guys should start ur tourny tds
NYFAN07 02/18/08
We now have a premier blogger in our club, Hllywd..welcome..
Junoyeop 02/18/08
in the tournament..
Junoyeop 02/18/08
Drainer has beaten 0xnba champion..
Junoyeop 02/18/08
NYFAN, soccer has an incredibly SMALL amount of rules compared to football, basketball, and baseball....
Super Squirrel 02/18/08

You need to have ONE player ahead of you, if you are on the opposing half of the field.
Super Squirrel 02/18/08
I 4got bad
It should say Soccer is not that BAD
Hey socce is not that
If you wanna play soccer u need to play it for the passion
dwade, i agree with everything u said,there are so many rules in soccer,and i will never no half of them
NYFAN07 02/16/08
this club is starting to get big..lets aim for 100 people by the end of this month..
Junoyeop 02/15/08
It's not that easy. Rules:
Offside- Have to have two players on the other team ahead of you if you are w/o ball
Out of Bounds- Stay in the boundaries(body can go out, just not ball)
Hand ball- don't touch the ball with your hand
Penalty kicks- Goalie stay on goal line, kicker stay at certain incriment on field
Throwing the ball in- Bring hand behind head, darg back toe, feet can't cross line
And that's pretty much all.
Soccer is pretty easy to pick up. Just put the ball in the other team's goal.
Thank you for the invitation. I love sports. Still trying to learn the rules of soccer and hockey. Maybe you all can help me.
everyone please invite all ur friends. we already have a pretty big club going her and it would be great to have more.
Junoyeop 02/12/08
fanmail me if u want in on fantasy nascar
NYFAN07 02/10/08
hey everyone, invite all your friends. u can discuss all you want in this club. any sport, any subject, any time. I would love to have the biggest club on Fan Nation.
Junoyeop 02/10/08
everyone can blog in the blog!!!
Junoyeop 02/10/08

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    Woodson's next job
  2. 2
    Lee on the Yankees' radar (Burnett, too)
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    Rangers pegged as unsportsmanlike divers
  4. 4
    Heat rising on new sheriff Quintal
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    Geno insists he'll beat out Vick


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