"Told You So!!!"

If this group ever becomes active, invite me back. But this is dead and I'm leaving.
Cheezhead 06/23/08
you are right BillieJoe, I put that up before Housron even had a shot.
BSchwartz07 03/17/08
On the poll above the Rockets should be up there,
EMIN3M 03/16/08
We can get this group up and going again, just wait until March Madness, The Draft, and the Playoffs. Also NFL predictions.
BSchwartz07 03/09/08
I'm leavin this group cuz I'm da only one doing anything.
Da Masta 03/08/08
an by this page i mean this web site, SI.com. not the writers of this group haha
bkelly 02/28/08
is anyone else sick of how the main writers for this page will only discuss those who impressed at the combine as the original top 10 picks they'd been writing about all the time?? i want to hear about the players that have raised their stock, not players who are already known to be top 10.
bkelly 02/28/08
PS- those are not what I want but what I think.
Da Masta 02/28/08
Baseball= Indians win world series
Football= Chargers win SB
Basketball= Celtics win championship
NCAAB= UNC wins March Madness
Other Sports= I don't care
Da Masta 02/28/08
Lakers all day.
Dylan623 02/24/08
I made my first big prediction!
Da Masta 02/24/08
for the poll ive gotta go with the Jazz in a big upset.
Da Masta 02/20/08
yah can i blog to
NYFAN07 02/18/08
Cheesehead, you got it
BSchwartz07 02/18/08
Hey I just joined and I'm looking for some blogging privleges.
Cheezhead 02/18/08
2nd the suns one...
Elway4Prez 02/18/08
The Suns will win the NBA Championship.
I am the cure for cancer.
bkelly 02/17/08
Religion will be proven right or wrong within my lifetime.
thehemogoblin 02/17/08
The Denver Nuggets will trade for Ron Artest and Win the Western conference!
Dwight Howard takes the Dunk Contest AND the game MVP
BSchwartz07 02/16/08
Boobie Gibson wins 3 point shoot out.
Elway4Prez 02/16/08
(Yes that prediction was what I hope will happen)
Da Masta 02/15/08
Heres a prediction for all of you:
Next year the Jets will win the SB and the Pats will go 0-16!
Da Masta 02/14/08
jamal charles might better learn how to keep the ball off the field and how to talk as well.
Never really know,maybe in 15 years I can say,"I told you so"
(Cincy) 02/12/08
Cincy, there is 0 Chance that AP stays healthy. He will be out of the league in 4 years. Write that down. If not out of the league he will average about 8 games a year.
BSchwartz07 02/11/08
Bold prediction #2 from me...Jamaal Charles will have the biggest impact of any rookie next year...
Super Squirrel 02/11/08
Going out on a limb,:Adrian Peterson will be considered by many the greatest RB of all time,considering he stays healthy.
(Cincy) 02/11/08
This group is really active so far...
Da Masta 02/11/08
Cincy- Just refresh the page and vote again, or just vote again when you come back to the group page, it will change your vote.

Elway- tell me about it, we are getting CRAZY amounts of blogs, this is going pretty well so far.
BSchwartz07 02/10/08
With all the blogs on this page, mine has been pushed off the home page.
Elway4Prez 02/10/08
Accidentally voted east on poll,ment west
(Cincy) 02/10/08
Gone. 02/10/08
This group should be interesting as well as challenging when the 2008 NFL season arrives. We definitely should have weekly picks.
Bandit97 02/10/08
this is turning into a great group!
Da Masta 02/10/08
My internet here is acting crazy, I have added all members to this point as bloggers.

If you join from here on out, just sit tight I will add you as soon as I can.

I'm happy to see how many members we are getting this quickly
BSchwartz07 02/10/08
All right! Great idea.
King of Bold predictions is in!
IrishR#1 02/10/08
Just updated everyone to bloggers, can't wait to see some bold predictions.
BSchwartz07 02/10/08
alright im in!
Da Masta 02/10/08
Hey I won ten bucks saying the Giants would win. Sounds like a told you so to me.

Can everyone create blogs?
Elway4Prez 02/10/08
Good idea BS

Prepare to be amazed
Paddy26 02/09/08
Cool idea, BS.
G.O.A.T. 02/09/08
I'm just going to add all members as bloggers. So far I have everyone, but as people join I'll check in
BSchwartz07 02/09/08
Thanks Cincy, I'm going to work on a blog with my predictions. Should post tom or Monday.-
BSchwartz07 02/09/08
I would like to be a blogger as well BS.
Bigdleech 02/09/08
I'm in. Can I be a blogger?
Sounds cool BS.
(Cincy) 02/09/08

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