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And now I've changed it to something a little MORE pleasant on the eyes...LMMFAO
You'll note I've changed the group picture. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, football season is upon us!!!
Hey, now ME...I have to disqualify myself from picking my OWN blog in this poll. But I understand why you picked yours (and I DO get the drift on why it would be a LITTLE hard...pardon the concentrate on Thug's entry...oops, pun #2...LMFAO).
I didn't put restrictions on this vote, so why do it now??
Is it bad that I voted for myself? In all honesty I would rather see Thug's blog in a magazine, but I'm unsure how much of it I would read. If you catch my drift.
718 05/08/08
dyhard, I didn't think you CARED about this little group of
At any rate, glad you joined.
Reppin Loudoun County, VA!
And the member list KEEPS LIKE me, you REALLY LIKE me!!! LMAO
Well, they react in a manner that they feel is necessary, and since we are like family in that group, we support each other whether he/she is in the right or wrong. As I stated in my previous post, life is way too brief to be having enemies. We don't necessarily need to be friends, but we do need to cease all of this foolishness NOW!
Wahoo 1 03/15/08
Wahoo: I know not EVERYONE in your group behaves like "certain" people. Apology accepted.
And yes, it IS Page ('76). I live in Luray, but I went to Page. So I do know about Spotswood.
Also, welcome badgerfan07.
DC, As a member of REAL NASCAR FANS, I would like to apologize to you for harboring a derisive attitude for which I am deeply embarrassed. I also want to say that I have not one racist bone in my body, and I dare say the others of my group don't either. I don't expect you to accept my apology, but I would like it if you did. Life is too short to be having enemies.

Page County, huh? Home of the Panthers and Bulldogs. Personally, I was a Trailblazer.
Wahoo 1 03/13/08
FLETCH346 03/13/08
Hey everybody..I like the blogs I've read posted by this group.
Hey thanks. I like your work too. Just give me a little while to plant my feet and I'll help you out.
Krobe 09* 03/11/08
Krobe, you are now an administrator. I like your work.
Blog away, pal.
PAGE County!!!
Loudoun County!!!
Welcome, sportsframer. Now I don't feel so lonely in here...
Maniac, I've lived a long life. That affords me the right to challenge the status quo.
This place is designed to ENLIGHTEN the masses...NO lemmings allowed.
The more you read what's on here, the more enlightened you (and anyone else) will be.
That's all.
Lol. So is a seriously sensored news site by our dictator, Dan Snyder?

Here it is, people. Time to get this sucker running.

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