The LA Lakers Fan Club

Where is everybody? the season is going strong already.Laker Lovers group is still updating.Check it out!!!!
Tee-Dub 12/27/08
See you all next season or for any good rumors during the off season!!
Tee-Dub 06/20/08
Yes sir! Lakers in cinco!
MH7KiNG (5-0) 06/02/08
It's Boston and Laker time again.Lets go lakers and stick it to them!!
Tee-Dub 05/30/08
Search engine made for Lakers's fans which uses Google infrastructure
this is the special search engine for Lakers fans
lakers20082 05/13/08
The Lakers put a Nugget up Denver's a** yesterday! Hahahaha
MH7KiNG (5-0) 04/21/08
Way to whoop the sonics.Once we get our injured guys back as long as we play d we will be looking good!
Tee-Dub 03/22/08
This group must be a bunch of fair weather fans. It seems like Gasol went down and none of t u guys have nethin to say about nethin. So they went on a 2 game slide but they hung on in Dallas and Utah is 2nite cmon guys be more active
09 CHAMPS LAKERS 03/20/08
Their defense has really been bad.It doesn't matter how good your offense is,No defense no ring!!
Tee-Dub 03/17/08
How are we going to get a chip with gasol and bynum hurt
09 CHAMPS LAKERS 03/15/08
The defense tonight against the Kings was disgusting.They better lock down or they are going to pay against the good teams.You cant let SAC score 71 points in a half and get anywhere.Pick up the D or pay for it later!
Tee-Dub 03/10/08
come and check out his td
DSA#24 03/08/08
join the revoltion join the group Down With NMI!
y wudnt he win the MVP???
DSA#24 03/04/08
Check the article on yahoo! about Kobe not being the MVP. The guy who wrote the article should not have a job writing about the NBA. It really pisses me off to hear even sportswriters hating on Kobe.
09 CHAMPS LAKERS 03/04/08
Kobe Bryant Blog Day March 11th just seen it on Yahoo!
09 CHAMPS LAKERS 02/29/08
DSA#24 02/27/08
Big game last night for Kobe it shows why he deserves MVP this year. ill be at the ESPNzone watching the Lakers-Mavs game on Sunday the game is gonna be intense
09 CHAMPS LAKERS 02/27/08
who changed the poll
DSA#24 02/25/08
Kobe got ejected? with a 31 point lead at that. oh well Lake show in 1st place
09 CHAMPS LAKERS 02/25/08
I love 1st place.Great job Lakers I think the sonics had too much coffee b-4 the game!
Tee-Dub 02/25/08
that was sick block by kobe it was disgusting
DSA#24 02/21/08
Quite the game last night. Kobe gets the best of the diesel, including an absolutely sick block to prevent the alley oop
AO24 02/21/08
nice pittburgh princess that is true bring on the cry baby spurs!!!1
DSA#24 02/21/08
Kicked those Sunz to da curb, even without Baby B!!!!! They and there fanz were like sooo cocky on us last year after the sweep, but now all they gonna do is watch Steve Nash git old while we win mad bling over the next six yearz. When Baby B comes back u wont even hear of Amare Staudimire when they play us. Bring on those cry baby Spurz and then Detroit or Boston!!! We gonna bust them up too!!! luv my lakerz!!!
hey we need 3 more people to get the tourney started!! so can some people please sign up???
DSA#24 02/21/08
Huge win 2nite. The game was crazy. Shaq did surprisingly well. Amare is a beast,the Suns are a little scary. But the Lakers are really scary when Kobe, Gasol,and Odom go off like this. Cant wait til Bynum gets back.
09 CHAMPS LAKERS 02/21/08
What a great game.The Lakers looked soo good but the Suns still scare me a bit.Good job tonight Lakers you stepped it up again.The difference with our team this year is that we are winning the close ones!!
Tee-Dub 02/20/08
Huge game tonight against the suns. It gonna be crazy 2nite. Shaq's big ass is goin 2 be runnin hard after how Coach Jackson dissed him
09 CHAMPS LAKERS 02/20/08
ty kobefan327 for actualy doing something
DSA#24 02/20/08
can anyone help me get this group more active
DSA#24 02/20/08
the lakers wooooped the hawks last night!!!
DSA#24 02/20/08
we dont have enough people too get a tourney goin yet so we need more people
DSA#24 02/18/08
i kno that place is goin to b crazy when pau comes home
DSA#24 02/17/08
Can't wait for Pau Gasol to make his home debut!!
Thomas 12 02/17/08
who wants in the tourney??
DSA#24 02/16/08
im workin on tourney so ill get it started
DSA#24 02/15/08
should :D
MH7KiNG (5-0) 02/15/08
yo we shouls start a tourney
MH7KiNG (5-0) 02/15/08
Ravii 02/15/08
tourney any1?
MH7KiNG (5-0) 02/15/08
cmon talk about how we beat the T-Wolves
Ravii 02/14/08
we need to get this group more active
Ravii 02/14/08
we could probalbly beat the Bobcats without Pau and with Kwame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ravii 02/12/08
does any1 want to blog???
DSA#24 02/12/08
7#bag _ Com 02/12/08
Whats up Laker fans another win another step closer to the championship trophy.
rueff15 02/12/08
Lets look to get more people into the group.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 02/12/08
Kobe for MVP. Who else gets MVP chants on the road?
09 CHAMPS LAKERS 02/12/08
Well this was against the Bobcats. When we beat teams like San Antonio, Dallas, ect. Then we can say that, but we are looking promising.
Thomas 12 02/11/08
Nice win again tonight.The difference with this team now is they are winning the close games when before they would lose them.I got a real good feeling about this team!!
Tee-Dub 02/11/08

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