in memory of Dale Earnhardt, the best driver ever

If your a Jr. fan check out DALE JR. NATION.
jake5373 06/27/08
I wish they would stop comparing Kyle to Sr......that is like comparing turds to apples. They do not compare.LOL
Don't tell me I joined another site that doesn't up date things, seems to be alot of that going around
WILD FAN 04/27/08
nobody did it like Earnhardt..and people learn to spell his name's the way I spelled it ...not this way...Earnhart (like on the blog post)
WILD FAN 04/27/08
Richard Petty is getting 100% of the pole up there, (for best driver after Dale). Guess we are all on the same page.
Hey I was a Dale Fan and i now i like Dale jr which takes after his dad but i have a movie about Dale and it is about His crash and everything so i thought i would join this group because i am a both dale and dale jr fans
#1 Tony Romo Fan 10/05/07
love Dale Sr, he had the best driving skills I have ever seen, he had a good attitude about everything, he also had the devil in hin in a humourous way. I watch everything on him that I can. Will always miss him.
I was or still am a Dale fan from way back. Switched to Tony and Dale jr. fan after Dale's death...We lost the best race car driver ever when he hit that wall in Daytona...
hey guys, check my profile. im in a td about dale earnhardt being better than richard petty
ilovefaith41 07/24/07
hey guys, we have a member that needs help in a throwdown. bulls #1 fan has a throwdown about whos better, dale sr or richard petty. lets all help him out.
KY #1 FAN 07/14/07
this guy thinks nascar isn't a sport check it out:
denner4 06/25/07
The Intimidator was awesome.It was a sad day for race fans on the day of that fateful crash...
denner4 06/21/07
hi from a newbe. glad to see people still remember THE INTIMIDATOR. visit my site.
theblack3fan 06/17/07
Glad to see a group that remembers the greatest man that ever drove in Nascar
Jr. Nation Fan 05/23/07
Hey guys, spread the word around about our group. we need more members. I kno there are more ppl out there who love and want to remember Dale Sr.
fightincolbs 05/22/07
Hey guys, check out my throwdown about nascar not being a sport. Some guy is nuts. Go through my profile and my throwdowns.
I guess, but still Junebug is not overrated.
thank you i couldnt believe there already wasnt a group for his memory. oo and good argument Bmoreravesnsfan111. that was one of the closest throwdowns this site has seen.
fightincolbs 05/17/07
This is the all time greatest group.

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