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lost to WA...AGAIN! :(
defense HAS to get better for the rest of the year.
SOCALGAL 10/03/10
Off to a good start. Beating up on Hawaii. Defense needs a lotta work though.
SOCALGAL 09/03/10
Lot of bad things have happened to USC of late. Lost a coach, got sanctioned and the baseball team is not in the CWS. Hope they can turn it all around and soon!
SOCALGAL 06/21/10
after the game w/ WA St, USC still needs to work on a lot of things.
SOCALGAL 09/27/09
It looks like Coach Carroll and the Trojans are the second best NCAA football program in the first decade of the 21st century. Urban Meyer and the Florida gators oar number one.
ogdocvato 09/21/09
Whooo hooooo. Trojans wore down the buckeyes and won on a late 4th quarter drive eating up the clock.
2nd win and the march to a national championship really begins.
SOCALGAL 09/13/09
no bcs championship, but another rose bowl. penn st goes down
SOCALGAL 12/30/08
Once again I am saying goodbye to a BCS Championship in Miami between the USC Trojans and the Champions of the SEC. For the third straight year the USC Trojans have crumbled like graham **** to another vastly inferior Pac -10 opponent. It looks like USC might be headed to another Rose Bowl birth against the champions of the equally pathetic Big-10. Except for the fact that if Terrelle Pryor returns to Southern California on January 1, 2009 it will not be as the green novice who stepped out onto the Coliseum turf of Sept. 13., and it will not be without Beanie Wells. I offer the following observations on USC's latest collapse:

USC's choking against decidedly inferior opponents in now so regular that it must point to ineptituedes in the coaching staff.
Mark Sanchez does not play well during "crunch time". Maybe Mitch Mustain would?
Defensive coordinator Nick Holt is getting consitently outchoached by lesser programs. USC's defense is undisiplined and easily fooled - unlike the Gator or Georgia defenses.
USC's offensive line is mediocre and prone to repeated mental mistakes when faced with a well coached and disciplined defense.
Rey Maualuga is the most physically intimidating player in the NCAA. Unfortunately for the Trojans Rey Rey is not the brightest bulb in the box - especially when he gets in the habit of popping a couple of Vicodin tablets before gametime.
Joe McKnight still looks like a skinny bedazzled high school player with butter fingers - not what I expected from the nation's #1 running back prospect in 2007.
Any idoiot could predict that on January 08, 2009 an SEC team will be crowned BCS champions for a third straight year.
ogdocvato 09/26/08
USC will win it all...
SOCALGAL 09/12/08
Some predictions for the OSU game.

1.) Boekman will be sacked four times all for losses.
2.) Beanie Wells will gain < 75yds; foot injuries heal alot slower than ankle injuries.
3.) Sanchez will throw TD passes to at least 3 different receivers.
4.) USC will rush for >150yds.
5.) USC's defense will get at least 2 takeaways.
6.) USC will beat the spread.
ogdocvato 09/11/08
I've been listening to and reading about??Ohio State coach Jim Tressel's thoughts and comments regarding the upcoming Ohio State vs. Southern Cal. football game on September 13 at the LA Memorial Coliseum at 5:00 pm PST.?? Tressel strikes me as a very intelligent and honest coach who comes across as a uniquely classy individual. I haven't forgotten the dignity with which he endured difficult losses in the BCS championship games against the Gators in 2007, and against the Bayou Bengals in Jan. 2008. Coach Tressel has stepped up his recruiting for the classes of 2008 and 2009 with arguably the best recruiting classes in the entire country for both of these years (go visit..., I am ogdocvato; Class of 1982, ,Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology at USC, and a Trojan fan for life!?? But I can't help admiring Coach Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes for their unusual excellence in all facets of the game of football and their uncommon sportsmanship.?? If Pete Carroll ever leaves for the NFL (I figure at some point he's going to want that superbowl trophy), the coach whom I would most like to take over the USC football program is Jim Tressel, followed by Jack Del Rio (of the Jacksonville Jaguars), Jeff Fisher (of the Tennessee Titans), Urban Meyer (of the Florida Gators), and Jeff Tedford (of the Cal Golden Bears).
ogdocvato 09/10/08
I am very impressed with our 2008 recruiting class. The only reason it was not ranked in the top 5 again is becase we didn't need any more running backs or quarterbacks. Pete Carroll did it again! We will be national championship contenders once more.
ogdocvato 02/07/08
Vote on this throwdown about #1 in preseason poll,I said USC!
way to go USC! next year will be even better!
SOCALGAL 01/03/08
I just got back from the Rose Bowl '08. Illinios was terrible. No way the Fighting Illini belonged in this game. The Georgia Bulldogs didn't have the courage to come to Pasadena on Jan. 1. Now Georgia has the nerve to claim that they are the best team after beating up on the "small fry" Hawaii Rainbows!
ogdocvato 01/02/08
Hey folks. Any Todd Marinovich fans out there? Check out my new Todd Marinovich fan club!
EastCoastKeith 12/10/07
onward to yet another Rose Bowl.
the team should have done better against UCLA. i think they will do much better against Illinois.
SOCALGAL 12/04/07
USC is favored by over 20 points against UCLA. They better annihilate them, the football team that is.
SOCALGAL 11/27/07
Check out my newest blog post (11-26) folks. I proclaim USC is the hottest team in the country currently among other things.
EastCoastKeith 11/26/07
Offense's clickin' now!
JackDaniels 11/23/07
right here, right now! Fight On!
JackDaniels 11/01/07
Maybe I'm wrong, but Sarkisian is killing the Trojans, dating back to last year's UCLA game.
TURFgeek 10/30/07
UPSET! wait til next year. :(
SOCALGAL 10/29/07
Nope its too spicy, need kaopectate!
JackDaniels 10/27/07
Peking Duck plz!!! and make it spicy!
JackDaniels 10/25/07
so how are the trojans gonna have it duck A'lorange (french) or peking duck (chinese) cuz were gonna be havingsome duck this weekend!!!
lito88 10/23/07
Duck season is on! Trojans primed!
JackDaniels 10/21/07
Booty's with the gloves - Fright On!
JackDaniels 10/17/07
o.k., USC got by AZ, one step back up the ladder...
but at least LSU lost too, just like i predicted...HA!
SOCALGAL 10/15/07
Way to play Stanford

Irish got yall this year. Yes we are 1-5 and im goin nuts

but that was horrible

JT izzle 10/08/07
better than expected. We'll be back!
JackDaniels 10/08/07
Oh! the pain! the pain! Man! my friends are gonna have a field day tomorrow. No escape!
JackDaniels 10/06/07
we lost to !@#$%^&* stanford.
at least it is still early in the season and we can get back up to #2
SOCALGAL 10/06/07
how do we activate/enliven/animate/generate/awaken this group? x*&%$#-up people!
JackDaniels 10/02/07
a win is a win is a win!
SOCALGAL 09/30/07
time to walk all over WA...
SOCALGAL 09/29/07
OCHO CINCO 85 09/23/07
LSU has their MS St
USC has their Idaho...
SOCALGAL 08/30/07
The only team that may stop USC in the Championship is maybe Texas. I love them both.
my time has come 08/20/07
USC rated #1 in pre season poll. now let's go out and show 'em we deserve it and hold onto it all the way. GO TROJANS!
SOCALGAL 08/18/07
Native American 06/28/07
John David Booty for Heisman!
USAF_ChargerFan 06/24/07
Lets go TROJANS!!!....go all the way!!
Native American 06/21/07
I need some help throwin down Brady Quinn
Shak 06/06/07
fight on my brothers
we rule.
skelez 05/09/07

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