This Group Won't Die!

DEAD lol
travis31 01/10/09
That must suck lol
PackersLP21 07/22/08
Not going to say it....
Cardsox 04/06/08
erwin, where's the live-saving equipment? The boat's sinking really fast.
Cheezhead 04/05/08
Less than a month after it was made, this group broke the promise from which it is named after.
Cheezhead 04/02/08
Holy SIHT that was fast...
Super Squirrel 04/01/08
It smells like dead group in here.
Escobar Caesar 03/31/08
hey, this group died quickly
Nomarfan5 03/31/08
Ok, we are dead. I am OUT!
RHATER is Gone. 03/26/08
Are we dead yet?
Cheezhead 03/24/08
Come on, help!
We are dying!
under. If nothing happens by tomorrow, I'm out. How about you guys?
RHATER is Gone. 03/19/08
Ok, we're starting to die...
RHATER is Gone. 03/19/08
I'll be optimistic and say over.

BUT: realistically, unless something big happens, I'llt ake the under.
RHATER is Gone. 03/17/08
over/under on this group dying: 45 days
Nomarfan5 03/17/08
Are we going to do anything to get this group active?
RHATER is Gone. 03/17/08
Alright! 15 members!
This is good. We've existed 2 datys but we've got 14 members and lots of applications. I'm very proud of myself.
No, Nomar. It's me.
RHATER is Gone. 03/14/08
is App #1 me?
Nomarfan5 03/14/08
I just changed it.
Hey, the blog is private i think.
RHATER is Gone. 03/14/08
That's a start. Post in the thread.
Our theme should be:

"I will Survive"
How can we get this group really going, then? Any ideas?
We're not dying, but we're not really living either. We're still in our mother's stomach, so to speak.
RHATER is Gone. 03/14/08
What kind of concept then?
We are not dying!
Do you think this group can live?

Results as of 1:56 CST, March 14th, 2008

Yes: 25%
No: 37%
Maybe: 25%
Possibly: 12%
RHATER is Gone. 03/14/08
Well then we're lucky you aren't running this group, Cardsox.
Cheezhead 03/14/08
Dang...I have a feeling we're dying already
RHATER is Gone. 03/14/08
Um...Humongous Group died because I'm lazy and didn't take the time to keep it up.

Cardsox 03/13/08
I'm here.
Cardsox, where is the Humongous Group now? Exactly. We need some kind of concept, no matter how small, to keep this group alive.

Oh, and This Group Won't Die! won't die unless erwin 'dies' from the site again.
Cheezhead 03/13/08
I won't mess it up.

This guy just sent me a fanmail and asked to join a group. I said to him what group. Idiot.
See, this is why you're a n00b, Cheez. Remember Humongous Group? Did that have any relevance to any earthly ideal? No. And people got interested. Same concept.
Cardsox 03/13/08
So what's the point of the group? Maybe we should make a "This group is for..." blog to get people interested.
Cheezhead 03/13/08
In the Atroo it's a month, you're going easy on me (not complaining)
Cheezhead 03/13/08
A rule: A n00b is considered a n00b when he has not been in the group for at least 2 weeks. So technically we're all n00bs.
I invited...hiya, G.O.A.T., Mac, and a bunch of other people. I'm not trying to make another Atroo Group.
The group, I mean.
Cheezhead 03/13/08
Is this Atroo-ish... or what?
Cheezhead 03/13/08
So who else is invited?
RHATER is Gone. 03/13/08
A group. What do you think?
What is this supposed to be?
Big Ben68 03/13/08
At least someone's happy.
This is sorta random...I have a feeling we're gonna die...
RHATER is Gone. 03/13/08
...unlike the Atroo, once this group builds up I'll be calling people noobs, not the other way around. Ha! I love it!
Cheezhead 03/13/08
Wow Lifer, I never would have guessed...
No we won't. At least I hope not.
I'm dead, like that Die Hard guy.
We'll die by tomorrow...

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