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jeevs BS 08/19/08
I will help out too Jeevs
718 08/19/08
Alright, I'm going to help bring back this group
jeevs BS 08/18/08
jeevs BS 05/22/08
Tonights Starting 11:

Chelsea: Cech, Essien, Terry, Carvalho, A Cole, Makelele, Ballack, Lampard, J Cole, Molouda, Drogba

United: Van der Sar, Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Hargreaves, Carrick, Scholes, Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez
someone else 05/21/08
Here's some nonsense that circulating about the Final tonight:

(1) Vidic is unfit and will not play, meaning Wes Brown to centre-back, Hagreaves to right-back and a start for either Tevez or Chelsea nemesis Darren Fletcher.

(2) Ballack is dropped for Chelsea, with Avram Grant putting Essien into a three-man midfield with Lampard and Makelele.

(3) Rooney has been left out, with SAF going for Tevez as a lone striker having been impressed with his performance against Barcelona.

Don't expact any of this to happen though. My two-cents: 2-1 to United with Ballack getting the Chelsea goal.
someone else 05/21/08
Not only is Terry hurt, but Ashley Cole ankle may be a problem as well. Bad news Chelsea.
someone else 05/20/08
Well, Terry's hurt and we are in top form after clinching the premiership.
jeevs BS 05/11/08
I hope Chelsea takes it. Will be tough though.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 05/10/08
I think if Drogba actually played more rather then flop and complain, Chelsea will win
"U" 05/05/08

Yeah, if he would quit falling over, it would help. I also wish he would quit tripping people all over the field. You don't take out your anger by cheap-shotting people. Liverpool should have had a penalty once when Drogba tripped one of them. But nope, it's Chelsea and they get away with everything. Drogba is a baby and has lost my respect.
Keeper 05/06/08
depends on what vidic and ferdinand do
jeevs BS 05/05/08
I think if Drogba played more, rather then flop all over the field and complain Chelsea will win
"U" 05/05/08
I think if Drogba actually played more rather then flop and complain, Chelsea will win
"U" 05/05/08
Chelsea vs Man Utd final

the new big rivalry
jeevs BS 05/03/08
Ya but the 2nd leg should be great
Stauff Nation 04/26/08
The Man U and Barcelona match was a big let down.
"U" 04/25/08
cmon we can win at home
jeevs BS 04/24/08
Balla101 04/10/08
I'm a Liverpool fan from childhood in the 70s but have since toned down the intensity. The two penalties were definitely wrong. Arsenal were refereed out of the CL. I love Liverpool but Arsenal play the most beautiful football I have ever seen. I wish LFC would hire him when Rafa leaves.
maradonut 04/09/08
Is Messi back yet?
Stauff Nation 04/06/08
FC Barcelona will win the champions league!
MH7KiNG (5-0) 04/06/08
Hope you guys all liked the scouting reports. Ill figure out more stuff to write about in a bit
Stauff Nation 04/02/08
Fernerbahce and Chelsea, the two remaining teams, play Wednesday so Ill try to get their reports done tonight or tomorrow.
Stauff Nation 03/31/08
Haha, no problem. Just wanted to make sure everybody new his correct name.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 03/29/08
Ya sorry thanks for pointing that out. I think youll find Im not the greatest typer in the whole world.
Stauff Nation 03/29/08
On the Arsenal report, it is Carlos VELA not Vega. Carlos Vela s the athlete as my pic. He is on loan at Osasuna in the LFP.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 03/29/08
Ya sorry I havent been on in a lil while. Ill get back to them. Ill prolly do a few tomorrow just to try and catch up.
Stauff Nation 03/27/08
Hey Stauff, when are you doing the next Champions League Scouting Report Blog? I'm especially looking forward to the Liverpool one.
Keeper 03/27/08
Thanks for iviting me. I didn't know there were so many Soccer fans here. This is cool!
GoldenThread 03/22/08
MH7KiNG (5-0) 03/21/08
Go Arsenal! :D
Arsenal69 03/21/08
He's defidently got potential MH7. He's gotta score a little more often at Ossasuna if he wants to prove anything to Arsene Wenger but I defidently think he'll be good. After all, the kid's only 19.
Stauff Nation 03/21/08
I am having a little debate over Carlos Vela. Seriously, how good do you think he will be with Arsenal Fc?
MH7KiNG (5-0) 03/20/08
Im In
"U" 03/17/08
Hello to everyone!
MH7KiNG (5-0) 03/14/08
Cool I'm in too
I'm in.
718 03/14/08

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