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inactive group, gone
Joe Dew 10/27/08
Come vote for the 1st ever FANNATION ALL STAR TEAM
Joe Dew 09/03/08
Well, its been 2 months, and there's nothing new, so I'm leaving. Sorry, but I need to cut down on my groups.
Well Due to the inactivity of this group, and the fact that I am in way too many I must withdraw from this group.

If you need to reach me for more activity.

I run Tournament throwdowns

and the FanNation Community

Any of you are welcome to join either/both group.

Have a nice day!
7#bag _ Com 07/17/08
Plz check out this TD everyone.
"Cleveland" 06/14/08
Fannation PTI group site up and running come check it out.
who wants to start a fannation PTI?

Save the Sonics!
Dear NBA Fans,

With the impending vote from the NBA Board of Governors concerning the relocation of the Seattle SuperSonics to Oklahoma City, which convenes on Friday April 17 I would like to make you aware of efforts from fans across the NBA. As a long time Seattle Supersonics fan now living in Provo, I do not know, nor want to know, what I would do without my team and its history. As I type this message, and you read it, fans from across the NBA, of every team and creed, are uniting in an effort to keep the Sonics in Seattle. David Stern and Clay Bennett have orchestrated tremendous abuses against the fans of Seattle, and are on the verge of setting a dangerous precedent that would open the door to more of the same in any city, to any team, and any fan base. Please check this link out, it explains everything Any coverage you can give this will make an impact on how this situation SHOULD be viewed. Many are misinformed as to the current and previous situations in Seattle surrounding this conflict. I would hope that as a fan of the NBA you will give your support and do what is necessary to fight for those in this elite and sacred brotherhood that is fandome. We have already received a great deal of publicity from ESPN and coverage is mounting, we NEED you to lend your support. Join this powerful movement, be a part of history, Save our Sonics.

Thank you so much for your time,

Joshua Bell

p.s. and
CoachCrazy 04/16/08
next FN Sportcenter is coming tommorow!
Da Masta 04/05/08
I will have another surfing update soon. Do you want mens and womens?? Skate results too.
NORCALSURFER777 04/01/08
This group is starting to get less active, let's get moving people
I won't be able to post my FN Sportcenter Blog this weekend... I have one of my cousins Bat Mitzvah's and they live in California so I can't get on... sorry!
Da Masta 03/27/08
im getting to it Da Masta,just wait it will come once theres something new happing in the nfl
NYFAN07 03/27/08
c'mon people! BLOG, BLOG, BLOG!
Da Masta 03/24/08
YAY 50 MEMBERS!!!!!1
Da Masta 03/21/08
k, I finally posted my blog. I think that it is pretty good...
Da Masta 03/21/08
Hilarious TD for all to see:
Your td fails 03/20/08
Can I blog for you. I already have some pretty viewed blogs
Owlman1 03/19/08
That's still cool.
my first blog is coming tommorow!
Da Masta has 1000 comments! 03/17/08

sorry, I can only be on for like 20 min. today so it is coming either tommorow or Thursday...
Da Masta 03/18/08
I will blog for you sir.
Your td fails 03/17/08
LOL. You going to blog for us?
Fannation Sportscenter - Pleasant and refreshing surprise!
Your td fails 03/17/08
my first blog is coming tommorow!
Da Masta 03/17/08
You could copy and paste it here.
I wrote a blog for this site, but it didnt post. Its in my profile. how do i move it here?
NORCALSURFER777 03/17/08
That was before the UGA/ Miss State game.
I was just saying dwade
(Cincy) 03/16/08
I agree.
does anybody here think that there was no refs in the last 2 minutes of the UGA/Miss State game?
JDawg1447 03/16/08
30 members on the first day,this should be good
NYFAN07 03/15/08
lets do this
Alright. It was made today!

Give it time.
If this doesn't stay active I'm out.
(Cincy) 03/15/08
SEC refs do suck,but Kentucky(I'm a fan of them,)deserved to lose.
(Cincy) 03/15/08
Stop blaming the refs for Kentucky's loss, dude. That frosh just had a great shot.
why do SEC refs have to be so dumb?I mean, come on smell the coffee
Queen fan 03/15/08
You guys can start posting at any time!
Thanks. Invite all your friends, and let's get this group going!
good stuff
Stauff Nation 03/15/08
Looks to be a cool group. I might do some NFL blogs, if I ever find the time. But don't count on it. lol Thanks for the invite dwade.
Bandit97 03/15/08

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