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ATLfan7 08/30/08
Dang, I mean less than 24 hours to kickoff......and I haven't even started drinking yet....sad.
ATLfan7 08/29/08
Less than 12 hours to kickoff......GO DAWGS!!!! :-)
ATLfan7 08/29/08
Has anyone seent his?
Teabag Tebow! 08/18/08
Anyone seen the smack Urban Meyer is talking about the GA celebration in his book? What a weasel pansy. It will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer and it will be a big deal. What kind of pompous **** refers to himself in the third person and why didn't he call Richt and tell him personally that he was going to hold a grudge? Oh and if that celebration sparked such animosity, why didn't the gators do anything about it on the field that day? I believe that GA scored another 35 points after the house party. Lets face it, UF should bring it, and GA will be ready. Don't talk a load of self aggrandizing sh!# in a book to make yourself look stoic. What a ****!
dawgdayafternoon 07/25/08
checkout my throwdown
g_dawg00 07/20/08
I can't believe somebody is beating me in a throwdown about OSU beaying UGA
Check out my Throwdown about why Georgia would beat Ohio ST
Check out my group True Gator Haters. Bulldogs and Seminoles are my favorite fans.
Let's do our talking (or barking) on the field. Don't worry about LSWho..Let's go one game at a time this year..Go Dawgs Sick-Em!!!
BR549 07/14/08
GO DAWGS sorry about that got a little excited left out the G
DAWG4547 07/13/08
guys and gals there are alot of tiger fans out there talking obout our mascot and us every one out there who is a true dawg fan needs to let the little cats know what the DAWGS are all about, GO DAWS
DAWG4547 07/13/08
Uga VI--May he rest in peace....
Dam good dog.
Go Dawgs Sic-Em...
BR549 06/30/08
Amen! That was not a Cinderella team playing against us. That was a NCAA Champion team playing against us. Got nothing to be ashamed about.
BR549 06/26/08
Still proud of our Diamond fellas had a GREAT year! :-)
ATLfan7 06/26/08
Join the Group Diamond Dawgs 08'
TebowsKryptonite 06/24/08
Oh yeah and BR549 they won the men's tennis national championship too!
TebowsKryptonite 06/24/08
TebowsKryptonite 06/24/08
I figured it out...

BR549 06/24/08
hey BR549, our Dawgs are definitely on a roll.....what a GREAT comeback win last night! Only one more to go fellas.....GO DAWGS!! :-)
ATLfan7 06/24/08
Is this the year of the DAWG???
Sugar bowl win.
Won the SEC in basketball.
Finals of the CWS.
Lady Dawgs win Gymnastics.
BR549 06/23/08
I'm looking forward to a DAWG eat Dog match-up between fresno st. and UGA. May the best dog win and if UNCdoes happen to pull it off SEC over ACC all the way. GO DAWGS!
TebowsKryptonite 06/22/08
Oh yeah!! Way to go Diamond Dawgs......sitting pretty for the CWS championship. :-)
ATLfan7 06/22/08
Our Diamond Dawgs came up BIG against Miami last night......keep it going fellas! :-)
ATLfan7 06/15/08
CONGRATS to the Diamond Dawgs.....Omaha bound for the College World Series.....GO DAWGS!!!
ATLfan7 06/08/08
why is their an lsu fan makin comments on a bulldog page and besides dont listen to what he says on everything that i have checked to find the rankings we have been rated either 1 or 2 athlon the magazine is the only who who has uga rated outside of that . dont buy that magazine buy the tom lindys magazine that magazine is correct for the most part
videocrap11 06/06/08
Hey Athlon has yalls football team at 5 in there preseason poll
*LSU* 05/29/08
SEC Champs 2008!! Man, what a tourney......go Dawgs! :-)
ATLfan7 03/16/08
as if SEC players, coaches and fans had any say in the some READING about the BCS before you come on here and trash the bowl matchups.
ATLfan7 12/17/07
UGA and Uf is NOT "scared" to play anybody in the country. The Rose Bowl people got a team USC can beat. They did not want thie little trojans to look bad. You can even say they were "covering thier Booty".
BR549 12/13/07
Many fools have cited tradition in the Rose Bowl matchup for Jan. 1, 2008 - USC vs. Illinois. The fact is that the Big 10 has never been weaker than in 2007. At the end of the 2006 NCAA football season Michigan and Ohio State were unmasked as lightweights by USC and Florida respectively. In 2007 the weakness in the Big 10 continues. We Trojan fans are bored with the Big 10 teams with the exception of Ohio State who will play in the BCS championship game on Jan. 8, 2008. The "Trojan Nation" wants to see our USC football team take on one of the elite teams from the SEC. Pac 10 vs. Big 10 Rose Bowl tradition is outdated in the new BCS system! The new rivalry should be Pac 10 vs. SEC in NCAA football - especially after LSU coach Les Miles shot his mouth off and called the Pac 10 weak and USC's strength of schedule "weak". College football sportswriters call the SEC the nation's best conference. Well, the nation's best conference should not be so afraid to play USC in a bowl game. Georgia would rather play Hawaii, and Florida would rather play the "toothless" Michigan Wolverines. Face reality SEC players, coaches, and fans; you guys all have big mouths, but when it comes to stepping out on the gridiron with the mighty USC Trojans you lack cajones and intestinal fortitude.
ogdocvato 12/09/07
Georgia fans Unite
Whos better Tennesse or Georgia
go here and voice your opinion
Happy Thanksgiving! :-)
ATLfan7 11/21/07
Go you Hairy Dawgs! Way to hunker down against UK! :-)
ATLfan7 11/18/07
wow, what a game on Sat. night! Moreno and Brown are an awesome 'one-two' punch....go Dawgs! :-)
ATLfan7 11/12/07
Hey guys im new to this site but im doin 2 throwdowns about the dawgs. if you could check em out and give me a vote, that would be awesome
PaytonGrizzly 11/09/07
What's the word by the so-called experts on the GaFl game? Who is favored to win?
tmonee 10/16/07
Our youth and immaturity became evident with the advent of SEC play. As was predicted by some pundits, this IS going to be a rebuilding year. Next week should be a win, hopefully, then another test will come at Alabama and maybe with every game thereafter. A faith, true fan will stick with the team no matter what and keep the faith that Richt will pull the team through the rest of the season.
tonylay 09/10/07
We certainly looked like a young team this week. I think we may be in for a lot of up and down this year with so many freshmen playing. Hopefully the ups will be when we play Florida, Tennessee, Auburn and Tech. I think they will get better as the year goes on.
I am real tired of Spurrier's crap. Talking about what an average team we have, did he notice he barely beat an average team and was lucky to come out of there with a win. That was a game we had several opportunities to win and didn't. Next year we are going to be a very tough team.
bdawg1987 09/10/07
well we dropped the 2nd game of the season. South Carolinas defense stepped up though. Our run defense didn't look all that great
The team looked great. But I did see something that I thought was bad. I saw a bunch of students (I guess) with their shirts off,and painted Go Bulldogs on the front.They turned around and it said HaHa Michagan. Don't yall remember last year? Loosing to Vandy and UK in the same year?? Just becareful, what goes around comes around.
BR549 09/03/07
Moreno and Stafford looked awesome...Hope this is just the start of a big run at the national championship. If the freshmen can hold up then I think we have an excellent chance.
1johnboy1 09/03/07
That is what I am talking about! Just like two years ago, I was a little worried, but Mark Richt does it again. Moreno looked awesome. I can't wait for next week to see if we are as good as we looked or if Oklahoma State is just not that good. The freshmen stepped up yesterday. Go Dawgs!
bdawg1987 09/02/07
Is anyone else getting sent soccer e-mail by keeper? I really don't care about his soccer stuff, but he keeps sending it.
How 'bout 'em 08/10/07
I bet they will produce this year b/c them and the QB are older and better. Last year made all of the difference.
How 'bout 'em 08/09/07
i'm telling ya. the only thing that hurts the dawgs every year is their inability to catch a football... the receivers have to produce and i would like to see some better numbers from the running backs. if they can produce, the sky is the limit for the dawgs.
dawgfan_1977 08/05/07
I'm thinking we will be 11-1 this year. But give the defense a year, Stafford coming back next year..UGA 13-0 and National Champs. And going out on a limb, Stafford a good chance at the Heisman...Go Dawgs Sick-Em...
BR549 07/25/07
I love DJ but i am afraid that he is even in danger of not making the team... they can three qb's and right now they have three ahead of him on the depth chart... Vick, Harrington, and Redman
johnthedawgfan1 07/24/07
What do y'all think about Vick and having a replacement for him? I was thinking that DJ Shockley should fill in, but it still may be too soon for that. Petrino may still try to get Brohm at the end of the season too. That would be awesome to see DJ play again tho.

And yeah, GO DAWGS!!!!

What do youse guys think?
How 'bout 'em 07/20/07
I don't believe I'm saying this but the "O" will have to carry the "D".Very unusal for the Dawgs. what we must have is some of the speed guys like Sean Bailey to step up and catch the ball so we can stretch the field. If that happens and we win our 1st two games then I think CMR is right. We'll be in the hunt for ALL the titles.
Buck 05/22/07
oh yea..we definately got a great chance...Stafford finaly got into rhythm at the end of the yr last year and if that carries over...we r going to dominate! Massaquoi has got to have a big season tho

and the D has got to come up BIG
Prado > Johnson 05/12/07
With Richt as the coach, we always have a shot. I hope that Massaquoi has a good year. His freshman year, I thought he was going to be great, but he really regressed last year. It is time for him to step up. We didn't lose much to the draft so hopefully this is the year we actually beat the gators. I am so tired of hearing about tebow and the gators. We finally have a bye the week before we play them, so hopefully this will be the year. I certainly hope we don't have a year like last year again. Winning Gymnastics three years in a row is great, but this is the South and we know what sport really matters in the South. Football, specifically Georgia Football.
bdawg1987 05/11/07
oh man i hope so i really want to see the Dawgs beat up on those Gators, Tigers, and Yellow Jackets. i'd love to see them win one!
godawgs2071 05/09/07
you friends went to the scrimmage game where they played each some good news...He said they looked really strong on D and with Stafford, Massaquia(however u spell it), and the running game they r going to dominate...
and did u hear what Mark Richt said...he said that they r makin a run at the National Title and they got a good chance!
Prado > Johnson 05/08/07

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