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I am a UK grad living in Tokyo. I am desperately looking for a video of the UK v UL game on the web. Anyone know where I can find one? Thanks in advance.
Satcheluk 09/03/08
These CATS will be the death of me - they always make a game interesting. This should give them a lock for the ncaa tourney and hopefully a good run in the SEC tourney. GO CATS !!
WILD FAN 03/09/08
did any of you watch the game against USC? Crwford did awesome tonight.
Aaron#26 03/05/08
Is Ramel Bradley trying to break the record for the most turnovers in a season? Or is it just me?
UK Fans are getting what they wished for. The lose to UAB was clearing bad coaching. Everyone in the country saw this coming except for the selfish UK fans. GOOD LUCK BECAUSE YOU GUYS NEED IT. Your only hope for a season to brag about for the next several years is beating UofL...Big Deal they are horrible as well.

The Country is laughing at you, how do you like it?
USC Fan 4 Life 12/16/07

check this out guys......
Now that there is real leadership in the Big Blue Nation, I think Carter and others will step up. No more yoke. The guys will actually be allowed to display their talents. The tub should have been fired. But he tucked his sorry tail and skulked off before he could get what he deserved.
heretic 09/23/07
Tubby was worthless. I had been saying since 2001 that Smith would do nothing. He did nothing and certainly nothing to prove me wrong. The guy deserved to be chased out of town on a rail. I can't wait until the media catches on to his sorry act. H will be fired by UM in 4 years or less. He won't recruit. And he certainly won't be able to half **** it in gopherland like he did at UK. The tubs was, is and will always be a guy who lucked into a team. Sure he can coach. But he can't manage and he won't recruit. Screw Smith...he fooled the gophers into paying him a fortune to come north and do absolutely nothing. One of the greatest days in UK history was when Tub tucked his sorry tail and ran away from the mess that he created.

Funny thing about it is that Gillispie will have it fixed in under one season. Tubs couldn't do it because he was and incompetent ****
heretic 09/23/07
BIGBOY859 09/16/07
We will have one of the best Football seasons this year in the history of Wildcat football. Lets keep them chrged with our support
Cats Fanatic 09/08/07
tubby got some great players some didnt pan out marvin stone,jason parker,carruth,azibuke left early,estill could have came back,billy g is a beast though b ball is his life,good luck to tubby but hello billy g
onemaco 08/05/07
hey guys, im in a td about billy g. is a better recruiter than tubby. i need some help. this dude is dumb and don't know nothing about billy g.
ilovefaith41 07/24/07
Hey guys take a look at this and vote its about Kentucky makeing the sweet 16 I am down by 1 and as always thanks and go big blue !
KentuckyFan#1 07/24/07
Billy G is a recruiting fool. He has got more top players in 4 months than Tubby did in 10 yrs. It is going to be a great year for the Cats.
KY #1 FAN 07/03/07
we're gonna win the sec this year. with pp and a good shooter like alex leigon i think we can. our only place where we could use some help is at center cuz jared carter is not very good.
ben#3 06/22/07
Next years class is looking good take a look at
KentuckyFan#1 05/22/07
PP came to lexington, that is great, hey uk fans help me by voting on this throwdown against florida gators
ukwildcats213 05/17/07
Patterson is getting ready to make his announcement, hope he comes to Lexington. As for Lucas I think Florida is the place for him, guaranteed to start and Billy the Kid will cater to his every whim. Who'd a thought that our returning guards could keep such an outstanding point guard from committing to UK...
lcradd7325 05/16/07
i think jai lucas made a stupid move in going to florida, i really think that billy donovan will move up to the nba by the time he will graduate.
I think that Patrick patterson will come to uk even though jai went to UF. he is the far superior one when it comes to playing basketball, i really think it is uk though.
I was shocked when hamga and sanchez both made there decision yesterday i thought it was a lock to get hamga.
but if we dont get patterson its not coach's fault, he only had amonth, but i also expect a tough year for us.

i expect us to be really good next year and the years to follow
ukwildcats213 05/15/07
abs - UK has struck out on three of those four, and Patterson is no sure thing. Backup Billy is no substitute for the real deal at UF!
FleaCDP 05/15/07
I can't speak for anybody else, but if Lucas or Patterson has to think about coming to a top university like UK, then we dont need them. Don't get me wrong, I hope we get both but we could miss out on some prime players waiting on them to decide if they want to play ball together. It should be a no brainer on playing for UK.
KY #1 FAN 05/07/07
I wouldn't say that that makes our class Top 5, but it would definetely make it Top 15. With as deep as our backcourt is though, we really need to work on the frontcourt. But a frontcourt of Hamga, Stevenson, and Patterson would be dominant.
crazycat91 05/03/07
Coach Gillispie has really been hitting the recruiting trail hard. Already bringing in Legion, and we have good shots at Lucas, Patterson, Sanchez, and Hamga.

Take a combination of any of those two and add them to the already decent recruiting class we have coming in, and I think it's a Top 5 class automatically.
absknicks 05/03/07

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