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i am the 80th member give me blogging rights i love them!!!!!!!!
I just signed up ..Time to talk Tennessee basketball. Girls #1 seed, Boy's #2 seed in the NCAA . I keep reading and hearing they can't play in Tennesse, I don't know about all that. Let's see Austin-Peay,Belmont,Memphis,Tennessee,& Vanderbilt. 5 boys team's in the big dance. Now to the girl's....Chattanooga,East Tennessee State, Vanderbilt, and oh yea....that girl's team that always seems to be in the new's ...ranking's...winninest coach in NCAA history!!!! THE Lady Vols. Ugh how many National Championships??? To all our teams from Tennessee...best of luck in the 08 tournament...kick some butt!!
88isgreat 03/19/08
The Vols may have gotten off to a rough start but we have lost to 2 perennial powerhouses. After this week off we will regroup and whip the crap out of Georgia who even though the score doesn't represent the game, a close call against Ole Miss.
volsfan430 10/04/07
Let's talk about Fulmer... Top 10 recruiting classes every year, Great talent at every position. National Championship...

I am not even a huge Vol Fan

Read 'em and weep. Hamilton - do the right thing and fire Fulmer.


Years without SEC title: 8
Years without BCS bowl: 7
Years without top 10 ranking: 5
Years without AP Top 25 ranking: 2000, 2002, 2005, (2006-25th)
Years with 3 or more losses: 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (5 straight years and 7 out of 8 )
Years with multiple losses to unranked teams: 2003, 2005
Years with loss in last 2 games of season: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (EIGHT straight years and counting)

4-8 (.333) vs. Spurrier: (2-3 since 1998 )
2-4 (.333) vs. Richt
1-3 (.250) vs. Tuberville
1-2 (.333) vs. Saban
0-3 (.000) vs. Meyer

9-17 (.346) 1999 - present vs. FL, GA, LSU, AUB (thank God for Zook!)
7-16 (.304 ) 2000 - present vs. FL, GA, LSU, AUB
5-15 (.250) 2000 - present vs. FL, GA, LSU, AUB excluding games vs. Zook
5-13 (.278) 2000 - present vs. FL, GA, AUB
3-12 (.200) 2000 - present vs. FL, GA, AUB excluding games vs. Zook
5-10 (.333) 2000 - present vs. FL, GA
3-9 (.250) 2000 - present vs. FL, GA excluding games vs. Zook
2-5 (.286) 2000 - present vs. GA

8-16 (.333) vs. Top 10 teams 1999 - present
1-6 (.142) vs. Top 10 teams at home 2000 - present
6-14 (.300) vs. Top 10 teams 2000 - present
17-21 (.447) vs. Ranked Teams 1999 - present
2-5 (.285) Bowl games since 1998 (all double digit losses)
2-7 (.222) Postseason record since 1998 including SECCG (all double digit losses)
SRSTitan 09/17/07
GO VOLS, Beat them Bars out in Flaky-ville CaliforniA!!!
GIJoeJarhead 08/31/07
Gator Hater Fan Group

ChadNole 07/23/07
i hope eric ainge wont choke under the pressure this year
countryboy123 07/18/07
can someone help me out by voting for me in a throwdown about the most faithful fans in the nfl
countryboy123 07/15/07
can someone please go help a guy that is in a throwdown that the vols have put better talent in the NFL in recent years then miami.....
vols2259 07/11/07
WOW, I guess this whole group is pointless, I have a throwdown as to why the Vols will make it to the final four and there are only 6 votes in favor. I NEED YOU GUYS!!!
Vols101 06/21/07
I need some help on my throwdown as to why college football is better than the nfl. Come help a vol out.
Vols101 06/14/07
its easy to be a womens national champion :all u need to do is:
run faster, shoot better, defend harder, rebound more, block the weak stuff, and WEAR ORANGE!
Hey fellas I'm in a throwdown right now with some idiot named Yung_Cards_of_da_Ville. Who thinks Cardinals QB Brohm is gonna win the Heisman. Now dont get me wrong I'm not asking you to vote for me, I'm just asking you to vote on whoever makes the best argument. Anyway check it out and you make the call. BOC

BigOrangeCrush 05/10/07
Alright Its official, the Mighty Vol Nation has all fronts covered. Our troops.. the Vols themselves on the ground, Off Cord. Cutcliff has brought back our air support, the Vol Navy protecting our shores, and now in cyberspace. As with any other front we must take the fight to the enemy just as we must remain vigilant and defend our Mighty Vols against attacks!

Now it is my opinion that we are the best **** fans in the country, We pack! Neyland every weekend to prove it and I see no reason why this arena should be any different. So log on share some Vol news with fellow fans, because in this ring, knowlege IS power. So lets destroy every gator, elephant, bulldog, chicken, tiger and anything else that threatens OUR NATION!!

BigOrangeCrush 05/07/07
Well, we stunk it up against Penn State!
Rocky Top 01/01/07

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