The Living Dead

where is everyone?
Ghost, come on here and there.. but became interested in the Twighlight Zone ever since the July 4th marathon... maybe a survey could be the best TZ episode ever.. Eye of Beholder, To Serve Man?
Annie Wilkes, "Misery" 36% - Most Evil Woman.
Your td fails 05/22/08
Scariest Time - 3 AM with 63%
Your td fails 05/06/08
thehemogoblin 05/06/08
Ditka street won with 75%!
Your td fails 04/27/08
Hi everyone.
Paddy26 04/24/08
Your td fails 04/24/08
Night of the Living Dead

He started the "Dead" zombie movies (Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead)
Can anybody tell me a movie that George Romero has directed?
Best Sci-Fi TV show?

Star Trek 40% Battlestar Galactica 0% X-Files 40% Stargate 0% The Twilight Zone 20% The Outer Limits 0% Millenium 0% Supernatural 0%

1 hour of voting for the Living Dead Finals
this is now a real group.

Semifinal tournament TD, Dyhard hasn't argued yet, so it might be a while.
tru dat
B-Redli 04/09/08
True B-Redli, but Smallville will go under the next poll.
Your td fails 04/08/08
Can "Smallville" be on their? Clark Kent is an 'alien'.
B-Redli 04/08/08
Good poll...interesting question...its the X Files
Best alien movie? Aliens trilogy won with 33%
Your td fails 04/06/08

This is between me and RedSoxNation. Most Marketable Athlete.
I know it's and older one, but the movie, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" is pretty good too.
I think Aliens vs. Predators should have been on this list.
How come Preditor was not on that poll?
With sequels implied?
so was "They Live"
"Pitch Black" was a good alien movie too.
B-Redli 04/02/08
Aliens trilogy implied
Your td fails 04/01/08
For the poll, why wasn't the original "Alien" on their?
Ending was definitely controversial
Yeah Norcal..the Mist was great..but i have to disagree with my buddy Terpsfan..i hated the shocked the crap out of me and i thought it was uncalled for..check it out and let me know what you thought of it.
Harry Callahan 04/01/08
Poll #2
Who is the better killer?

Freddy won with 38%, Jason and Myers tied with 30%
Your td fails 04/01/08
Poll #1 Which is more scarier?

Zombies 68%
Aliens 32%
Your td fails 04/01/08
The Mist was good?? I was gonna rent it but didnt.
NORCALSURFER777 04/01/08
The Mist was really good, especially the ending.

I rented it, and I had already heard how it ended...I wish I didn't, the ending is so amazing, the movie was freaky w/ those creatures.
Check out the movies.."30 days of night"..and "The Mist"..both pretty new to DVD..both off the hook.
Harry Callahan 03/31/08
Freddy Krueger came to you in your dreams. Yeah, he had the best sense of humor of the three, but he got you when you were most vunerable.
LoveItHateIt 03/30/08
I'M BACK!!!!!!
Halloween is my all-time favorite movie. I gotta go with Myers in the poll.
B-Redli 03/29/08
If Xenu exists....
Your td fails 03/28/08
Why would go create the universe for just us? Aliens exsist.
Sorry, aliens aren't real, but zombies are recognized by the United States government as the #3 national security threat.
In the vastness of the universe aliens COULD and probably do exist. But the scary thing to me is right here on Earth--zombies. The possibility of a science experiment gone wrong that causes everyone to rage is much more frightening than the possibility of a the Jetsons.
FCB82 03/25/08
MH7KiNG (5-0) 03/24/08
I dont think Zombies are real but Aliens, you bet they are!
MH7KiNG (5-0) 03/24/08
Thanks for the invite Ghost...I'm in
Im in.......

Thanks Ghost for the invite

I gotta say aliens are more scary to me cause they might be out there

Zombies are pretty easy to evade because they are slow and lacking brains (lol)......

On another note, if u want a good read

"Dead Sea" by Brian Keane is pretty interesting

Published by Leisure Horror and their book club
DJRoxalot 03/24/08
this seems cool but like cheezhead i dont know what im geting myself into
NYFAN07 03/24/08
Paddy is in the house!
Your td fails 03/24/08
Cheezhead, you have to declare your love for me or else you're out!!
Your td fails 03/24/08
Paddy26 03/24/08
I guess I'll try this out.
Cheezhead 03/24/08
And you're a Lakers homer AA
thehemogoblin 03/24/08
32 members already!
(Cincy) 03/24/08
Just to remind you all...I'm Shaq on the block, Kobe with the rock & West with the shot...
I would have had spiders on that poll.
LoveItHateIt 03/24/08
Welcome all to the scariest group in FanNation!
Your td fails 03/22/08

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