Predictions r us!-15th best group on FN!

if i am the last person that left a comment and its been 2 months, i am gone
Joe Dew 10/27/08
Come vote for the 1st ever FANNATION ALL STAR TEAM
Joe Dew 09/03/08
Dead group! FM me if this ever gets active again.
Another dead group,ill try and make it active again
NYFAN07 06/03/08
Thank You
This is a great group,and should be higher
NYFAN07 05/11/08
Heres some of my predictions,
FanMan. 05/02/08
Not with the cubbies in their division dyhard.
Bold Prediction:Brewers will win the NL Central by 2 or more games!
Poll Results:
Who will be the best of the newly drafted quaterbacks?
Matt Ryan 38%
Joe Flacco 23%
Brian Brohm 30%
Chad Henne 0%
Other 7%
NEMike 05/01/08

That is me vs. Papi's#1Fan
PhillyEagles36 04/28/08
Erik Ainge
NYFAN07 04/27/08
Poll Results:
Most Overrated Player

Derek Jeter-22%
Chris Bosh-0%
Carlos Delgado-22%
Matt Ryan-33%
NEMike 04/27/08
for other i chose....

Miguel Cabrera
In the most overrated player poll, I chose other, and it said to state the other in locker talk, so here it goes:

whenever you all do the next tourney, count me in
ok we'll start the next round when the last two throwdowns are finished
NEMike 04/23/08
I beat yanksfan in the tournament td.
here's the tourney td between Phillyeagles36 and I
NEMike 04/21/08
for the tournament* my bad
NEMike 04/20/08
post your links for the TD here.
NEMike 04/20/08
Just joined this group so I could tell everyone there is already a group exactly like this one:
Elway4Prez 04/20/08
O-kay here are the results from the AL MVP poll:

Arod 28%
Maggs 0%
Papi 28%
Vlad 0
Jeter 0
Other 14%
Poll Results
66% say Tigers will win the WC
33% say Tigers will finish 2nd and not make the playoffs
0% said that they wouldn't be first, 3rd, or lower
NEMike 04/11/08
what a game, and ended up how everyone thought it would, Memphis missing free throws down the stretch
NEMike 04/08/08
i had texas,louisville,UCLA,Georgetown and Louisville vs Texas for the championship,another great pick that failed
NYFAN07 04/07/08
Kansas baby,they win it all.I had them in my bracket.
(Cincy) 04/06/08
Ravii 04/06/08
may I start a signup sheet(unlimited).
Ravii:welcome home grandpa! 04/05/08 Delete

reyes is going to win MVP
NYFAN07 04/06/08
yea u will win that by a whole lot!
Ravii 04/05/08
ill win the wacky pick tournament,mine are the wirdest
NYFAN07 04/05/08
great idea Bandit
NEMike 04/05/08
This seems to be a cool group. Come NFL season, we should have a weekly picks tournament.
Bandit97 04/05/08
may I start a signup sheet(unlimited).
Ravii 04/05/08
Ravii 04/05/08
Sure but that means you will be the director of it.
do I have permission to start a prediction game for the Nba during the playoffs?
Ravii 04/04/08
AL Predictions next week
NEMike 04/04/08
NL East Predictions tomorrow
NEMike 04/03/08
Thanks Papi, just posted one
NEMike 04/02/08
People as founder of this group I will give all members blogging rights so please make some predictions, after all that is the purpose of this group.
Prediction 1: Davidson loses this weekend.

Prediction 2: Your MLB power poll will prove to be foolhardy to have underestimated the Dodgers down to 14.

Truth & Rumors


  1. 1
    Woodson's next job
  2. 2
    'Melo wants to be wooed (like, Howard wooed)
  3. 3
    Lee on the Yankees' radar (Burnett, too)
  4. 4
    Farrell defends Fenway's 'sleep room'
  5. 5
    Rangers pegged as unsportsmanlike divers

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