Milwaukee Brewers Fans!

I am gonna leave.

If anyone wants an active group come to the Milwaukee Brewers Fan Club.
PackersLP21 07/28/08
Is anyone here???
PackersLP21 07/25/08
Can I be an administrator? Every blog I do about the Brewers and the MLB will go in here. I will also just help out the group everywhere.
PackersLP21 07/15/08
as long as the offense scores runs they will win. CC + Sheets is freakin awesome. Bush has been pitching outstanding as well, Parra too. Suppan is on the DL hopefully he works his kinks out. McClung I would seriously hope they consider him for the 8th inning now.
Head Kick KO 07/10/08
Sabathia trade has been a little overhyped because adding one guy doesnt guarantee a playoff berth. however, he will be a great addition to a team that just keeps getting better he is a definite upgrade over whoever he replaces in the rotation
wenz91890 07/09/08
how does everyone feel bout sabathia?
FanMan. 07/06/08
Wow I thought I saw someone that Odorizzi was going to play college football...nice signing..and nice job by the Brewers for signing almost all of their picks.
Jake Odorizzi*

and yes that says just 1 earned run allowed
Head Kick KO 06/26/08
Jake Odirizzi , supplemental 1st rd pick by brewers won high school player of the year, check his stats as a pitcher / shortstop

.412 avg, 15 hr, 41 rbi, 33 steals in 39 games

14-0 record, 1 er, 146 k, 6 walks

must be nice

only lawrie and litz remained unsigned, everyone is on contract
Head Kick KO 06/26/08
My blogs will be here, but the full version of them will be at, when the site is finished. I will post them on the beta version, but I will give you a link. Everything Brewers will be posted there.
Nice game last night by Sheets...he was on fire. Glad we didn't have to use Torres.
series win vs orioles
fielder is heating up
Head Kick KO 06/22/08
crappy loss tonight
bases loaded 0 outs in the 9th and they failed.......also i really wish yost would never again pinch hit for branyon in situations like that, specifically putting in hall because that dude has no clutch in him anymore
Head Kick KO 06/21/08
I have had very limited time to post the game review. i will do one tomorrow for the nice win we got today.
not time to worry about that , they got him a few more years through arbitration, plenty of time to get a contract done

btw: nice 7-0 win tonight
Head Kick KO 06/17/08
What are your thoughts about the Prince situation? I think the Brewers need to do everything possible to sign him..he's the leader of the young core of guys...the Brewers essentially need him.
good win today
mcclung is legit
Head Kick KO 06/15/08
brewers look like amateurs
Head Kick KO 06/14/08
McClung is doing ok..but you're right we definitely do need to find some more arms to go in the rotation. Bush, well, he's never really been a guy who I've been impressed with..he can't seem to stay away from giving up a big inning..he has one pretty much every start.
Yeah but we cant always rely on power to get it done. We definetley need a pitcher or 2.

McClung cant go forever and Bush is starting to fail...again.
CiA is X 06/13/08
2-1 series win
both wins were crazy rock 'em sock 'em slugfests
Head Kick KO 06/12/08
I agree about getting rid of Hall...he got off to a hot start..but has suffered an amazingly brutal drop off.
think its time to dump cameron and hall. i like cam's power potential, but its like its few and far between and he doesnt hit anything else basically. not to mention his shotty rather see gwynn in extended PT. and hall has been doing nothing since april
Head Kick KO 06/11/08
I agree 100%. If his stirkezone is huge, but he keeps it the same the entire game I'm fine with it.
I agree Dyhard....I don't mind an umpires strike zone as long as he stays consistent with it. If it's relatively different for each the two starters then I don't like it.
I noticed that. Jeff Suppan couldn't buy a strike until the 6th inning. I'd rather have a small strikezone than an inconsistant strikezone.
yeah it was a small strikezone up until the 6th inning where it became inconsistant to say the least
Head Kick KO 06/09/08
Exactly, especially since we have gotten swept by the Astros IN Houston. Hopefully this momentum of this win drives us to win the series against Houston.
Nice win at the end of the Colorado series...we needed it heading into Houston
I thought that the Todd Helton SO with the bases loaded was pretty generous though.
lotsa close calls in that game
possibly the smallest strike zone ever
Head Kick KO 06/09/08
Brewers finally won today!
The Brewers just can not play well on the road at all.
lost again, no offense
Head Kick KO 06/07/08
mota and shouse with an epic fail in the 8th
Head Kick KO 06/06/08
Manny Parra is a good pitcher. He got enough run support, plus he didn't give up runs. He did very well.
keep bill hall
the platoon is working quite fine with him vs lefties and branyon vs righties
Head Kick KO 06/04/08
Manny Parra looked great today
Cameron is streaky...but Kapler is doing amazingly good. I say use Cameron as a back-up and Kapler has the everyday starter.
Kapler is 3-3 in today's series finale between the Crew & Diamondbacks...

Guy has a .302 BA 4 HR & 18 RBIs on 86 at-bats. Not sure how you cannot keep this guy as starting CF
I think Kapler needs to get more playing time...all year he's been incredible...he hasn't really had any prolonged slump..I'm mainly talking when Cameron was out..I know it was only 25 games but I think it's a decent indicator of the kind of hitter that Kapler is. Also the rotation has suddenly starting pitching up to their idea what happened but it's nice to see.
was at the game last night. fun times
crazy how the crew got those 2 runs off those errors and almost gave it away in the 9th with Torres having to get 5 outs AGAIN.
Also Hall apparently asked for a trade through his agent.
Head Kick KO 06/03/08
After Sunday's game & last night's (Monday) this is the lineup I'd go with (in batting order)

1. Dillon (2B)
2. Kapler (CF)
3. Braun (LF)
4. Fielder (1B)
5. Hart (RF)
6. Branyan (3B)
7. Hardy (SS)
8. Kendall (C)
9. Pitcher (P)

Weeks, not sure what was up with that 1st inning double and then getting thrown out @ 3rd. Cameron is whiffin at everything and Kapler is just as good, defensively as Cameron, with a better BA & OBP
True...he is really helping Tampa out though. Gabe Kapler was an excellent addition. I'm glad we got him.
gabe gross was the 6th outfielder on the team......
Head Kick KO 06/02/08
A lot of the decisions aren't that good. Trading Gabe Gross didn't really help that much. Ned Yost would be a good choice to be fired...but after the nice games against the Astros, I think the Brewers are fine right now. They just need to be able to win on the road.
Just saying, some of his personnel decisions...aren't very good at all.
come on now
Head Kick KO 05/31/08
True, Maybe, Doug Melvin needs to be fired.
well the rotation is made up of sheets, youth and not much else to be fair
Head Kick KO 05/29/08
It's really frustrating to see the offense on the brink of breaking out and doing big things. I do agree that Mike Maddux needs to go as the Brewers pitching coach..none of are starters can stay away from the big inning
crew eventually won the game in the 11th inning 4-3. props to villanueva, kapler and torres for locking it down
Head Kick KO 05/26/08
well seeing what happend in the 8th inning im all for instant replay.......pathetic overturn on young's triple making it a home run he did NOT hit which tied the game
Head Kick KO 05/26/08
The Brewers need a new pitching coach. Our starters can't go past the 4th inning without just breaking down, and giving up a ton of runs. Plus, our bullpen is problems too.
crew won tonight
Torres got 8 outs in the 9th..
Head Kick KO 05/24/08
they need 2 new starters you're right

also, they look like complete amateurs on defense, hardy blew the game in the 6th with that error that lead to 4 unearned runs....... seems to be a growing trend.
Head Kick KO 05/24/08
Dave Bush needs to go....I'm getting very angry with him.
theyll stick with him just like they stuck with every other tard that fails at his job the last few years
Head Kick KO 05/23/08
I wonder what is going to happen to Gagne now that he is injured.
I am really looking forward to the next series. let's see if the Brewers can win the next series.
crew won tonight in pitt
parra looked good, high pitchcount was his only knock
offense scored some runs, how bout that :D
7-2 with 14 hits
Head Kick KO 05/21/08
In my opinion, Gagne is back as the closer because who else is consistent enough to do it? I am deeply opposed to the closer by committee approach. My theory is you need to have defined roles in your bullpen and everyday having a different guy shutting the door gives absolutely no set roles, which in the long run is going to hurt this team. Also feel free to check out the blog I wrote about the Brewers
this team is way to inconsistant
even more than last year
Head Kick KO 05/15/08
Ryan Braun signed to a 7 year deal. Hip hip hooray!
I'm confused too...tomorrow will be the game recap blogs. They will come back tomorrow!
im so confused, hes back as closer and got the save tonight, nice win another comeback for the homestand
Head Kick KO 05/13/08
I hope not.
Hopefully Gagne isn't turning into Derrick Turnbow
Eric Gagne is finally out as the Brewers closer. Finally!!!
its officially time to demote Gagne, the guy sucks and blows way too many games

Put Mota in the closer role, hes pitching very good so far this season.
Head Kick KO 05/10/08
Very sad...
welcome back to sub .500 baseball......sad
Head Kick KO 05/09/08
There is no way that the Astros trade their ace in division..that would be just stupid
The bullpen is still struggling for us..
ummm...yeah they are...they already said he is on the market
CiA is X 04/23/08
Yeah...the Astros are going to trade their only reliable starting pitcher who just happens to be one of the best pitchers in the game.
LoS-I Am Torgo 04/23/08
Oswalt would be quit the upgrade, especially now that Sheets might be down again.
baron. 04/22/08
Roy Oswalt is a good pitcher. I wonder, if we trade for him, we gotta trade some talent.
Surprising news...Brewers may in the trading market for Roy Oswalt...
CiA is X 04/16/08
After last night if Dave Bush isn't gone I will cry
If anyone knows any Brewers fans, please tell them to join this group.
I agree badgerfan07.'s been nice seeing some Brewers fans at Shea though
With the best record in MLB, I think fans will start coming out of the woodwork.
I don't know why....
there arent too many brewer fans on FN
CiA is X 04/03/08
Let's get more peeps in this group!
If anyone wants to blog, just tell me.
ive been to 2 brewers games,both in milwaukee,they have a good ballpark but an average team,should be a good group if dyhards running it
NYFAN07 03/31/08

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