The Sports Throwdown Tournament Group

I'm sorry guys, but I'm out.
PackersLP21 08/07/08
Let's do this.
PackersLP21 08/01/08
okay lets do it
Yes please
Mets Fan: 07/24/08
new tourney?
jeevs BS 07/23/08
everyone sign up for the new tournament its gonna be all sports not just baseball
i meant returning friday
Just to let everybody know that i will be leaving town monday and will be returning monday and if were still in the current tournament then MH7King will take control and fanmail you your throwdown topics.
me vs force 04
jeevs BS 05/26/08
heres the link for my throwdown check it out
tgriff89 05/22/08
what do u mean?
alright how do we know how we play?
tgriff89 05/21/08
when will the tournament start?
tgriff89 05/20/08
Yes we do, i'll see what i can do.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 05/18/08
we need more people to be in the next tournament
Never mind I found it.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 05/12/08
Okay where?
MH7KiNG (5-0) 05/12/08
yeah u r now if u want to be in the next tournament sign up in the message board
So I am the Champ?
MH7KiNG (5-0) 05/11/08
Here is my throwdown against Lakers#1.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 05/06/08
who am i doin mine against my guy did his with someone else?
Fistofreak 04/17/08
If u dont have ur throwdowns started by tommorow u will automatically be elimated from the tournament so lets get it going
hey your leader u can go ahead and challenge ur opponet to the throwdown
I still haven't been challenged by my opponent yet...
sorry redli i will
TRENT still hasn't challenged me yet.
B-Redli 04/11/08
okay so whos got there throwdowns going
if he hasnt challenged u in about an hour or so u go ahead and challenge him to the throwdown
My guy has not challenged me yet. Bleedpurpleandgold Im ready when you are!
Lets get it started
they gonna be topics from basketball football and baseball
I'm in.
I'm in. What are the topics?
B-Redli 04/07/08
we need 2 more people so the tourney will probably start tommorow
I'm in.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 04/06/08
if they dont theyll get dq and whoever they face automatically is in the next round
u cant expect all 32 members to join the tourny
Ravii 04/06/08
Ill start the tounry when we get 32 members
The tourney's start..........
when does the tourney start
hoover 04/06/08
Ravii 04/05/08
After you join the group tell ur friends and stuff about it the more people we get the better tournament it will be

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