FN Clowns

I'm back, as it is active again.
I'm leaving the group due to inactivity...if it gets active again...I'll rejoin.
And you were right Cass..nothing slips by you.
Harry Callahan 05/29/08
I knew Callahan would be part of this circus. LOL
I agree Ghost..lunchtime laughs is lame-o.
Harry Callahan 05/08/08
Does anyone actually LAUGH at these stupid lunchtime laughs by the SI Staff? I mean I could do better while suffering from a free-flowing bowel movement...
Your td fails 05/06/08
Very funny TD... from way back

Congrats to FN Clowns being voted the 13th best group on Fannation even though we've only existed for 2 weeks!

rstowe-GONE 05/04/08
Silly TD Tourney poll results:

Yes 43%
No 12%
Who cares about TDs 43%

So no tourneys BUT feel free to do all the silly TDs you wish. Moon has started a message thread above with some ideas.
rstowe-GONE 05/02/08
Porkins. 05/01/08
v yea!!!
We're just F'N clowns./
thehemogoblin 04/30/08
Plenty of stuff about your face as well.
Your td fails 04/29/08
I think we should do a tourney about your mom. Plenty of meterial there.
Porkins. 04/28/08
I donated the proceeds to the 'save Latrell Sprewell's family' fund...a move deemed assclownish which I mention in my book.
Moondizzle 04/28/08
But you got paid well for it didn't you Moon?
rstowe-GONE 04/28/08
Because I wrote the book on assclownology...I must own up. I'm sorry for that.
Moondizzle 04/28/08
Stauff isn't funny!! What the hell?
Your td fails 04/27/08
New poll - vote if you want....
rstowe-GONE 04/27/08
Per the poll results, any blog for this group does NOT have to be sports related....so blog on!
rstowe-GONE 04/27/08
I bet half the ppl that eventually join this group turn out to not be funny at all... that would blow cus this is actually a good group idea... shoulda closed it though
Stauff Nation 04/26/08
Sure it is, Ghost.
I have found my home!
Your td fails 04/25/08
Are puns welcome? If not, boot me.
thehemogoblin 04/25/08
Feel free to post any funny blogs you guys wish. Everyone has blogging permission.

Remember to send my your top 5 funniest TDers, bloggers and commenters by Sunday.
rstowe-GONE 04/25/08
Lol, this is kinda funny...
Great group idea
Paddy26 04/24/08
I will just wait until I am invited.
Chengy: bye FN 04/24/08
thx for the invite!!!

wait this is a group for real?
As the 17th Member of FN Clowns, I'd just like to say that 17 is my favorite number....well before this induction, but none the less, a great coincidence.

First off, I'd like to thank rstowe for the invite. I'd like to thank NCshvDavid for keeping it real. And thank Porkins...just 'cause. I'd like to thank Frank for his obsession with Nicole Bass. And I'd like to thank Pacman for making it rain. I'd like to thank Guru for taking a chance on me when no one else would. And thank Hyped78 for his vast MMA knowledge. (cue the "get the f#@k off the stage music) Uh, who else? Umm, I'd like to thank The Ram for his snarky, yet funny remarks. And Corey Stringer, for teaching us all that hydration is the key to vitality. I'm out.
RobertMenn: 04/24/08
Thanks for the invite, rstowe. I think you have misread me...I am not funny. And I would appreciate it if you guys would stop thinking that I am. And wipe that smirk off your face!
It's All Mine! 04/24/08
Yeah LW....we're laughing with you.....

and if you believe that I've got a a bridge in NY to sell you cheap!
rstowe-GONE 04/24/08
No LW...they're laughing *with* you, not *at* you.
Oso Famoso 04/24/08
Wait... I'm funny?

I thought people just laughed at my sadness.
Lilwound 04/24/08
I'm hoping this group runs itself......right into the ground....
rstowe-GONE 04/24/08
Good lord, what now? Don't you have enough groups yet?
Porkins. 04/24/08
All members will have the ability to blog.
rstowe-GONE 04/24/08

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    Bryant headed back to Germany
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    Shakeup looms for White Sox
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    Lightning may be swept aside
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    Leonsis leaves coach, GM twisting
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    Manning eager to get started all over again


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