Guess I'm out, not an active group. Contact me someone if this gets going again, it was fun last season.
Miguel#94 12/27/08
Head to the PUCKHEADS Group... much more active!
Whoever is the creator of this group, give us blogging privelages
azcardsfan 10/04/08
Geez, NHL needs to promote a little better did you guys know season started today, for a couple of teams overseas, and no TV
azcardsfan 10/04/08
Hey all, sorry, I've been away for a while, but for a good reason. My first child was born last Sunday (9/21)! I'm back though, and ready to spread the game of hockey to the masses! So, let's hear it...Who's up for a new HPT TD Tournament?
bcbenzel 09/30/08
Hey, just in case you were wondering about the website, it will be down for the next few weeks. HPT version 2.0 will be launching around October 1, just in time for hockey season.
Hey all...We're still waiting for as many as possible for a new TD tournament! Go to the message boards to sign up!
bcbenzel 06/16/08
Check out my Stanley Cup Stories Blog...
Congratulations to Baun-ded on winning the first TD Tournament!

I'll be trying to set up the next tournament within the next few weeks, so keep checking in!
bcbenzel 05/22/08

Please use your vote on the arguments. This TD is over only voting remains on the final round of our 1st tournament.
no correspondets for the oilers that just sad i shall speak for the mighty oil if no one else will
dribby 05/19/08
Baun-ded was the winner over gonets...just before it might have gone to a shoot out....LOL
Here are the last poll results:

Alexander Ovechkin 69%
Jarome Iginla 15%
Evgeni Malkin 15%
bcbenzel 05/15/08
Made a error...the tourney TD for voting is...
My mistake, sorry gang
Round 2...
Round 2 done-voting remains
gonet vs baun-ded
Chicago, St. Louis, Vancouver, Edmonton, LA Kings, Phoenix, Florida, Carolina.

These are the teams that we are still looking for correspondents for. If any one here is interested in any of these positions, let me know.
bcbenzel 05/14/08
Only 4 hours left to vote on this great td folks...
gocan vs nyr
Baun-ded was the winner over Bostongm on this one.

i beat dyhard in the tourney
Despite the fact that there was no injury and that Osgood may have instigated it and exaggerated after the fact, you simply can't use your stick in that way, especially not after the game has ended. A fine should definitely be in order and if the NHL wants to maintain any level of consistency, he'll get at least a game suspension in my opinion.
bcbenzel 05/11/08
You think they're gonna suspend Ribiero? I'm a big Wings fan but I hope they don't. Fine em both 10k and play on.
mhwings 05/11/08
Well I'm ready to go and looking forward to the Tourney. Good subjects.
My 1st argument is up and my TD is up...the only problem, my opponent doesn't seem to be yet. WAKE UP BOSTON!
I sent a message to all the participants of the TD tournament...For those who didn't get in...Don't worry, we'll have plenty more!
bcbenzel 05/10/08
Hey...I noticed Otherone is a member here...That would be a laugh to get him on a TD.
Are we going to get this tourney going today?
Its tough to get a good NHL TD on Fannation these day...
The Flyers without Kimmo are done against the Pens.
Though I would love to see Detroit v. Philly in the finals, I agree with you Miguel
bcbenzel 05/09/08
DET vs. PIT in the finals. I think the Wings are a little deeper than the Stars, but the games will get tight going back to Dallas. The young talent in the series would be amazing.
Miguel#94 05/09/08

PENs vs. DAL
PENs in 6
I'm gonna go with a Flyers v. Red Wings finals. I like the way that the Flyers have been playing recently and I think that they'll give Pittsburgh all they can handle. In the end, I think the Flyers have what it takes to gut out the East.

I personally think that whoever wins the Detroit/Dallas series will win the Cup. Both teams have been playing fantastic hockey, but I think that the Wings will come out on top. They've got more experience than the Stars' first two opponents and a much more balanced attack as well. If the Stars keep on their game, they'll have a good shot at winning...But I think it's going to be Detroit that comes out on top.
bcbenzel 05/05/08
Lincecum= Beast 05/05/08
I've had a really crappy run with my predictions this spring. 3-5 in Round 1. 1-3 in Round 2. So now I'm taking Detroit and Philly.

I wouldn't be too upset if Dallas advanced but I just do not like Pitt. They are the new Edmonton to me. And I never liked the brash young Gretzky Oilers. Pitt matches well too. Crosby/Gretzky, Malkin/Kurri, Stahl/Messier, Laraque/Semenko, etc. Just no Paul Coffey.

Anyway after beating the Wash and Mtl (both picks of mine) Philly had better keep their game up and knock off Pitt.

And if Brenden Morrow play like he has Detroit could be in trouble. But Detroit has lots of talent so should be better off than the San Jose Tin Men. Why is Thorton so highly rated? Guy's a bum. Zero sense of urgency.
Hank Kingsley 05/05/08
The Avs/Det series wasn't even close.. the wings did a # on them...
After watching the Red Wings defile the Avs last nite, this Wild fan is probably one of the happiest people on earth! And a newborn Wings fan!
bcbenzel 05/02/08
1 Sharks fan till the playoffs start and they I can only hope the Penguins have what it takes to beat Detroit!
DIE7Z 05/01/08
Being as that my Rangers are going to be out of the playoff picture in under 24 hours, I don't really care who plays in the ECF as long as it's a good hard fought series. I'd always like to see my team go all the way, but I'd rather see a good hard nosed series. Thus I've stopped watching the Rangers this week lol.
nyr35 = PH 04/30/08
We don't prefer one over the other.... both can be beaten...only upside with Philli is the home ice adv...
1 Habs fan :) <---
Phifty 04/30/08
Welcome all! Glad you guys are here! Good to see some Pens fans showing their support.

Who would you guys rather play in the ECF? Philly or Montreal?
bcbenzel 04/30/08
1 Wild fan & 2 Pens fans
Good start...
Love the Wild jersey...

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