Girl Advice

yup-outta here, too
Miguel#94 09/05/08
Dead. I'm leaving. I'll come back if you guys ever get active again.
This group is inactive. I have to leave. I'm in way too many groups.
NYFAN07 06/22/08
Thank you jeevs, just fm it to me and I will have it in the next column.
well, i'll ask a real question the next time you have a blog
jeevs BS 05/21/08
This group was great, and now its starting to suck.
Thats what I was doing Jeevs, but Ghost and Dawgee have turned the group into something else so Im gone.
can you guys give me REAL girl help?
jeevs BS 05/17/08
You must be looking for the "We love idiots" group. It's down the hall and to the right.
Girl Advice??? Advice about girls? Advice to girls? Advice from a girl?
I in the sky 05/15/08
New column coming out on Saturday, so if anyone has a last minute question please send it in.
Sure Ghost I bet you are.
I'm known as the hottest guy in the universe, ask me for the perfect advice.
Your td fails 05/05/08
This seems like a good group. You can never have enough girls.
I have joined the group, and I'll be glad to give advice to others. I'm known as the "hottest guy in the sophomore class" in my school...
jumpman23 05/04/08
i didnt vote in the poll, because its both for me, although i feel that a great personality is true beauty and can make a girl beautiful no matter how ugly she may be with her looks
i have joined, i will give girl advice gladly if anyone needs it
The first column will be posted on Saturday.
Thank you, Ghost!
Great idea Tracy!
Your td fails 05/01/08
In the poll personality is a great hing but the girl can not be ugly.
Assume we believe and adivise away thugmeister
The JOKER 05/01/08
Being 41 and also being the Man back in High School, I believe I have to give advise as opposed to taking it. I am married and very happy with my choice. so ask away gentlemen
The JOKER 05/01/08
What do you guys think about me posting a Dear Tracy column, and you can send in questions that I will answer in the blog?
lol funny group buc... oh about the poll above, it really sort of depends, I mean if a girl is ugly as **** then I wouldn't really spend a lot of time with her, but if she's not hot but not ugly Personality would be the way to go
NEMike 04/30/08
All of you can post blogs!
DisturbedTJ 04/30/08
Paddy26 04/30/08
I have no lue why I joined this group at the moment lol. No offence Buc BS.
"Cleveland" 04/30/08
please I am getting uneasy Dateline will knock any moment!
Your td fails 04/30/08
new pic.............................
Your td fails 04/30/08
agreed. lol.
"Cleveland" 04/30/08
Agree with Ghost
(Cincy) 04/30/08
(Cincy) 04/30/08
Ill do both,all depends the kind of mood im in
NYFAN07 04/30/08
What's up with that pic?! Makes us look like pedophiles dude...
Your td fails 04/30/08

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