NL Central Banter

Well, home field advantage is now locked up, and we have a shot at getting 100 wins. It's a long shot, but still doable. We swept the Brewers on their turf once this year already, and our pitchers have been doing well. Zambrano got rocked his last time out, but considering the circumstances, it's understandable.

Some great news is that Johnson has had success against Santana before, going 10 for 19. We can really use that advantage going into tonight's game, as young Marshall takes the mound for us. But if he's effective, and limits the runs to 2 or 3, then we may be able to win tonight, and be guaranteed of at least a series split.
cubs/bears 09/23/08
Wow, I am really pumped! even when the Brewers tied us, we didn't panic, and built up a comfortable lead, as well as maintaining the best record in the NL (and the Majors.) I don't see us losing the best record, so I look forward to having home field advantage. This Cubs team is scary talented, and we have a very good chance to go all the way. It's not very often that we can say that!
cubs/bears 08/29/08
I have an idea, every week which ever central team fares the best gets to be our pic.
Poll #1 Results-

Yes- 45%
No- 54%
Paddy26 05/10/08
I couldnt find a pic with all the teams... sorry
Paddy26 05/10/08
Are you kidding me the cubs are better in every aspect of the game than the reds.
Reds over cubbies!
(Cincy) 05/05/08
I think the pic should be the cubs winning the central, they deserve credit for their accomplishment. I would say the same thing if it were the cards, reds etc....
Are we going to be allowed to blog?
Those are the cubs...take them off our pic!
CiA is X 05/04/08
good group but the group is about the NL Central.. CHANGE THE PIC!! lol
my time has come 05/03/08
Wait...why is the group logo the Cubs?
RHATER is Gone. 05/03/08
This is a good group idea.
IrishR#1 05/03/08
Woohoo! Good group idea. I might be able to blog for the group over the summer.
RHATER is Gone. 05/03/08
If any of you want to send out invites to friends who cheer for teams in the Central, go ahead.
Paddy26 05/03/08
Cards blow, the Pirates are the Pirates, the Brewers have Gag-Me, and the Reds aren't ready yet. They will be soon, though. It matters not. This is our year. GO CUBS!
cubs/bears 05/03/08

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