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adeboyer is the best in the premire league arsenal is going to definetley win the premire league
husky pride 08/12/08
They're gonna have to sell there stars for a while
jeevs BS 08/01/08
you guys see that rumor that said arsenal will be in debt on their stadium for the next 2 decades. thats crazy
cavman5 07/16/08
Well, Hleb is gone.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 07/16/08
good shout edwards07, Nasri hardly had a kick at the Euro's, Arsenal confirm signing today, dont know full details but it's finally confirmed.
K85 (Ocho Cinco) 06/23/08
Yeah, true. Wenger needs to dump that cash out! Hahaha
MH7KiNG (5-0) 06/14/08
Even though Vela is a young hotshot i still think we need more expieriance, especially if Adebayor leaves !!!
That saying, every one said Alex Ferguson counldnt win a championship with youngsters and well the rest is history.
Definatlly want to see Wenger spend some cash for a change, just not on some over priced/rated player that happens to have had a good European Championship..
K85 (Ocho Cinco) 06/11/08
Yes, he already acquired his work permit, K85.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 06/10/08
Check out my profile for news of the signing of Aaron Ramsey
K85 (Ocho Cinco) 06/10/08
Vela is a great young talent and is a star on the rise. He will be a great addition to the Gunners.
Cant wait to see Vela in the Arsenal team, has he a work permit yet ?
K85 (Ocho Cinco) 06/09/08
Carlos Vela scored a goal today in the Mexico-Peru friendly. He had a good match.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 06/09/08
The People news paper in England is reporting this morning that Arsene Wenger has added Roque Santa Cruz to his short list of transfer targets. Hopefully we can sign him as i rate him more than Adabayor and even though i would like to see them play together, it looks like Adebayor will leave for ??35 mil to AC Milan,which i dont think he is worth that and if we could get that kind of money for him let him go.
Wenger could buy a whole squad of players for that money.
Milan also have permission to talk to Drogba, so i think the Adebayor deal would be Milan's 2nd choice & with Mourinho at Inter i think Drogba would prefer to work with him again (remember he was in tears when "the special one" was sacked)
Hopefully Drogba goes to AC and Adebayor could form a strike force with Santa Cruz & the inevitable signing of Nasri will complete an awesome attack.
K85 (Ocho Cinco) 06/08/08
True but, Vela will be the better one.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 06/04/08
Vela and Walcott are the future, idk who is gonna be better, both have shown they can score
edwards07 06/03/08
Vela (player on my pic), will be better than Walcott.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 06/02/08
I think Theo Walcot will also be a contender for Golden Boot ! He started to come onto a game at the end of the season and think he will have a more prominent role next season. He has what every player needs in the Premiership and that is Pace. Stone wall young player of the year !!
K85 (Ocho Cinco) 06/01/08
Carlos Vela for the poll.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 05/30/08
Hleb and his agent are such tools
edwards07 05/25/08
i agree completely with everything u say. The wheels def. came off against birmingham. I do think we need a big time player, and Nasri seems to be the one. He is already highly regarded throughout Europe and has been christened the new Zidane. We could do with Villa, but i haven't heard anything about that in ages
edwards07 05/25/08
The main question is NOT which big name signing will join Arsenal ? but what next young tallent will Arsene Wenger turn into the newest premier league star ? the likes of Cesc, Henry, Anelka, Vieria,

Thoughts on the season was, not far away (only 4 points off Utd) , 3 crucial games cost us the league,
1) Birmingham away 2-2 Eduardo snaps leg & conceade late equaliser, team confidence was starting to slip.
2) Chelsea away 2-1
1-0 up with some 20mins to go & 2 late Drogba goals earn chelsea the win.
3) Man Utd away 2-1
same again 1-0 up, if the had got anything from the previous games they would have probably won this game and clinched the league.
Wenger will have the lads competative again next year even with the ongoing exedus of players, Let Flamini & Hleb seek big deals elsewhere, Beware the grass aint greener on the other side (JUST ASK HENRY)
K85 (Ocho Cinco) 05/25/08
i definately agree with sam, zlatan would be the sickest thing ever to have on arsenal. it would be UNREAL.
reddevil17 05/21/08
idk jeeves the only reason arsenal didn't win the title is because they dropped so many points because of inconsistent scoring. Ur boys played great of course, but with a top striker, it would be very very interesting next year
edwards07 05/15/08
jeevs BS 05/15/08
hahah i wish, i wish. that would be incredible. Almost guaranteeing an Arsenal title win
edwards07 05/14/08
Ibrahimovic to Arsenal, a dream signing
jeevs BS 05/14/08
i agree that arsenal needs a forward...i would prefer villa...cheaper than eto'o believe it or not, and villa would produce better. at least thats my opinion. And eduardo should be back in november.

I have heard vela is sick. I have heard many comparisons to Pato and the brazilian ronaldo. he has great speed and an eye for goal. i think he may need two years to adjust to the prem. i do see him as the next henry, if there is gonna be one. adeybayor is a good player, he just doesnt have the mental ability to handle the pressure. as mr. bendter said: "Shame adeybayor doesnt bring his head onto the pitch" (hahahaa have u heard about the training ground headbutt?)
but vela will be pure class, a top forward. Walcott and Vela are gonna be the next wonder kids. Van Persie prefers to play as a left mid anyway
edwards07 05/12/08
arsenal really needs a forward, henry is gone and Eduardo is like the equvilent to being dead. hes out for like 8 more months. they should try to get samuel eto'o or someone like that. any other ideas
cavman5 05/12/08
no, my team is SP Gunners. were not doing so well right now though. we lost big yesterday.
cavman5 05/12/08
My favorite player is Carlos Vela, which will be joining Arsenal for the upcoming season. Can't wait, should be a great one!
MH7KiNG (5-0) 05/12/08
Arsenal is my favorite team in the EPL, though.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 05/11/08
I wish we could be called Arsenal. But, a team already has that name. Right now I play for UNAM (Pumas), but we are thinking about switching to Fc Barcelona.
MH7KiNG (5-0) 05/11/08
hahah do u play for NJSA
edwards07 05/11/08
go gunners! my soccer team is named after them.
cavman5 05/11/08
Any thoughts on the final day of the season as a whole?
edwards07 05/11/08

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