Atroo: Public Division

Hey, I'm trying to get an application. Whoever is in charge of the admissions process, get at me.
pecotafreak 08/22/08
You what on Atroo, Dan?
G.O.A.T. 07/28/08
I **** ON ATROO!
So sorry once again...
G.O.A.T. 07/04/08
farkin' Goatse.
thehemogoblin 07/04/08
OK, who's the d*uche that made the font this way?
a friend on this site said to post the link here caues some people might laugh
FAVREistheman 06/29/08
Oh, alright. Whatever.
G.O.A.T. 06/06/08
We want to space it out GOAT...not like the Sounds of the Atroo....
Super Squirrel 06/05/08
Is anyone else going to do an Atroo Spotlight blog?
G.O.A.T. 06/05/08
That's why... I commented... in it... you twit...
thehemogoblin 05/31/08
Hemo, did you even read the thread? haha
G.O.A.T. 05/30/08
I think we should do the Dogs of Atroo and stuff like that... The Atroo teams too.
thehemogoblin 05/29/08
No matter what we do our blogs will be sarcastic. I vote spotlight it.
I think both sarcastic blogs and the Atroo spotlight.
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/29/08
Dude, it's Jenna Jameson.
G.O.A.T. 05/29/08
What's the deal with Jenna Jameson?
Exactly, hiya.
Big Ben68 05/25/08
Wow, I knew a couple people would be a little upset, but not like this. Some are taking this way too seriously. I never see the other rankings get this kind of heat.
G.O.A.T. 05/23/08
I definitely have to vote next time. I apologize for missing it this time.
Big Ben68 05/22/08
DJTG_2010 05/21/08
G.O.A.T. 05/21/08
I have ten people who have sent in their rankings. Two more would be nice, but the blog for it should be up tonight around 8:30 or 9.
G.O.A.T. 05/21/08
This is fun.
Escobar Caesar 05/21/08
So, how are we doing in getting the rankings in?
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/19/08
It's deleted.
thehemogoblin 05/19/08
Don't leave the group, that would be bad.
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/18/08
And dont worry, there are no plans to continue our little Debate. It's done. Finished. In the trash.

Hemo isnt planning on deleting the post until Ben sees it. Which wont be until Monday I'm sure because he's out at bars and livin' it up.
You want us to leave the group? That'd be fine if need be.
For the love of god, delete the apology too.
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/17/08
God. Way to go, guys. Now we are d0uchebags.
IrishR#1 05/17/08
No kidding.
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/17/08
I put the poll up. Couldn't think of anything else.
And, basically, I did.
Big Ben68 05/15/08
Come on, the B(c)S rankings are totally worse.
thehemogoblin 05/15/08
How come no one has invited me?
Big Ben68 05/13/08
Are we doing group voting too?
Super Squirrel 05/13/08
I'll get it done tonight or tommorow.
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/13/08
Other people are pusssies.
IrishR#1 05/13/08
14 people in the group, but only 8 have voted? I need at least 12 to vote before I can close the voting. C'mon, guys...
G.O.A.T. 05/13/08
haha, we were kidding, Cheez.

By the way, we have 13 people in the group and only 8 have voted.
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
Nobody likes fighting in a group before 1 day of it even being made.
Cheezhead 05/11/08
No one likes a super-tool, hiya.
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
UPDATE: In less than one hour, we already have six people who have voted.
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
I'll keep the polls open for a few days.
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
Like tomorrow night?
DJTG_2010 05/11/08
I'll vote eventually.
DJTG_2010 05/11/08
I won't be able to vote right away, I have to do some research.
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/11/08
Somewhat, I believe.
thehemogoblin 05/11/08
Escobar Caesar 05/11/08
Do they have to be active still?
Super Squirrel 05/11/08
I don't know enough about these to be a knowledgeable voter. I'm out.
thehemogoblin 05/11/08
Remember guys, people can see what we say in here, so let's keep chatting to the Atroo.
DJTG_2010 05/11/08
But if we let them in here, they would be an Atrooite, right? Or are we not accepting any apps?
Cheezhead 05/11/08
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
No...keep gives them false hope....
Super Squirrel 05/11/08
Should I not? It's not like I'm going to allow in a non-Atrooite.
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
Why did you allow applications?
Super Squirrel 05/11/08
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
thehemogoblin 05/11/08
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/11/08
We will not start the voting until everyone agrees to what Wallace has said in the thread started by himself.
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
Heat Lampo
Coletrain 05/11/08
This is epic journey
Coletrain 05/11/08
Yeah, him, too.
Escobar Caesar 05/11/08
We're just doing top users?
thehemogoblin 05/11/08
And DJ?
Cheezhead 05/11/08
And Coletrain.
Escobar Caesar 05/11/08
G.O.A.T., let's start it up. Maybe a blog could make it official?
Cheezhead 05/11/08
I vote chrono, Irish, hiya, Mac, Wallace, hemo, GOAT, LoS, Ben, Cava, Cardsox, Nomar, Cheez, LIFER, raven, EH, Cooz and erwin.
Escobar Caesar 05/11/08
Very nice!
IrishR#1 05/11/08
And, I, for one, do, Goat.
thehemogoblin 05/11/08
Ben won't care.
thehemogoblin 05/11/08
Who wants to start the voting right now?
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
Let's make magic.
Escobar Caesar 05/11/08
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/11/08
That's the idea of posting it here, Cheez.
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
Fine, get him to do it.
Cheezhead 05/11/08
Ben made the pic
Coletrain 05/11/08
Are we going to keep this blog open to public so they see what true rankings look like?
Cheezhead 05/11/08
Aught to be a parrrtay.
thehemogoblin 05/11/08
Soon. Possibly tonight.
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
Maybe we can get chrono to make a pic for this group. Kind of the same layout but it says "Atrooian Rankings".

So when do we start, anyway?
Cheezhead 05/11/08
This group was made one day before my FN 1 year anniversary (and erwin's). Speaking of erwin, did he disappear again?
Cheezhead 05/11/08
Chrono made the pic, right?
Cheezhead 05/11/08
Ha! Member #3 in the group! Now I can call everyone but hiya and G.O.A.T. noobs! Muahahahah!

But I'm not that mean.
Cheezhead 05/11/08

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