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Tried to be part Stephen A. Smith, part Rick Reilly with the Agony of a Beatdown story but I lost steam towards the end...

My bad. Will do better.
718 09/09/08
No "TMS" for the duration of the Olympics. The FINAL one comes soon...and it's a 2-parter.
Watch for it.
Sorry for falling off. I am dealing with some things that have made me a little bit forgetful. I haven't forgotten. Need to get back on the grind.
718 08/06/08
Can I have blogging rights to this group? It seems that there is only one person doing most of the writing here and I am wondering if I can help
DC, I sent an email to GOAT informing him of your decision, and asking him to serve as the assistant Ombudsman.

I also humbly accept this position, and will be writing an introductory blog to introduce myself, hopefully GOAT as well, and explaining what my intentions are, my role and what I plan to do with it.

For simplicity and ease of handling this, I will be creating an outside email account. When I get that made, I will pass it along, and I ask that you forward any and all comments, questions or anything else there.

Thanks again! Let's get to work!
Neal Coolong 06/23/08
That is fair DC.
718 06/17/08
Our ombudsman gig has been filled. Steelercooz got it, but I need someone to find G.O.A.T. and tell him he'll be Cooz's assistant.
That's one decision I made unilaterally, just to be fair. (The assistant ombudsman, I mean.)
May I have blogging rights, I have my NBA Blog that I would like to put on this page
No "True Media Story" this week. I'm drawing a blank on what to write, so I'll come back NEXT week.
Besides, it'll give others a chance to do THEIR thing on here.
Can I have blogging rights?
The "Ombudsman" board is for the 3 administrators (Cincy, Hova and me) to decide on the matter.
Decision will come SOON, I guarantee it.
Thank you.
I got something for tomorrow. I need to research the story some more.
718 06/05/08
thanks Cincy
Da Masta 06/04/08
(Cincy) 06/04/08
And me??
Hemo and Da Masta,you can blog.
(Cincy) 06/04/08
I want a column, to be posted weekly.
thehemogoblin 06/04/08
hello? is anyone gonna answer me? can I blog?
Da Masta 06/03/08
DC: My share it function didn't work for 2 days. It makes me wonder...
718 06/01/08
Damn it, I just noticed. I wrote a "True Media Story" on here yesterday, and yet it's NOT posted.
A beautiful effort, wasted. ****!!! (They'll bleep it, I know, but goddamnit, I'm MAD!!!)
can i blog?
Da Masta 05/29/08
I want to blog
Dawgee 05/29/08
Just my luck that I would blog and the share it function would be down costing the article views and comments.
718 05/29/08
Until we get others to write, the "True Media Stories" series goes in "standby" mode. NOT punishment, guys and dolls, but just that we need others to start blogging here.
It'll be back, I guarantee it. (Besides, I couldn't come up with something for this week's installment. Hey, it happens...lol)
I can live with Tennessee-Memphis.
718 05/27/08
Yeah. That's what I'm talking bout. Lofton!!!
Hey, I said until somebody put up a BETTER pic...so there you go. lol
I'm changing the picture DC
(Cincy) 05/26/08
If you see "Blog Post", start writing. Everybody understand this??
Thank you.
All right, what's the problem, people?? I'm hearing from Cincy that this place is (in his words) a "mess".
Maybe Hova and me haven't made it clear, so I'll say this once AGAIN: we need to get this place up and running. You'll all get your chance to help.
Now can I please get some sleep?? It's 1 AM, and I just got back from the Nationals game.
Thank you.
Build it up and gradually add super admins and what not. I get it.
IrishR#1 05/24/08
DC and I are definitely on the same page. We need time to do this. No more apps and no more super members for a little while.
718 05/23/08
Maybe this is why Bloggers shouldn't get a magazine? In-fighting and whining has started and we haven't even done anything.
718 05/23/08
Haha. Whatever it takes, Ben.
Wow, why don't you whine about it a little bit more?
Big Ben68 05/22/08
Oh, so Esco gets blogging rights when I asked first?
OK, Esco, you got your wish. Start blogging. (But, understand THIS, folks: he's the LAST one I grant this to for awhile. GIVE US TIME to get this off the ground, OK?? Please??)
People, BE nice. Not that it MATTERS to any of you, but today IS my birthday.
And, the picture STAYS until something better comes along. (After all, as I've said before, this place is about SPORTS. Insults do not get you blogging rights...LMMFAO)
Well if I had privileges, I would put up a blog.

And can we put the old picture back?
Escobar Caesar 05/22/08
G.O.A.T. 05/22/08
On second thought, that Ohio State cover is looking pretty good right now.
All right, FanNation, I've changed the picture. Happy now?? LOL
(If you're asking, it's a T-shirt of my old high school. It stays until somebody puts up a BETTER picture.)
Now, how about some OTHER blogs on here?? LOL
Can I get blogging rights?
The FIRST blog on here went to me, Thug, seeing as how this was my idea. You're getting blog rights as of NOW. My oversight.
And can someone for the love of God, TAKE THAT DAMNED S.I. PICTURE DOWN??? Thank you.
I personally LIKE the current cover.
Escobar Caesar 05/21/08
If this is suppose to be a magazine, we need blogging privileges. Otherwise what's the point. Who started the group?
Hllywd: Olskool 05/21/08
I definitely wan't to write. And, as stated below, someone should really look into taking the Ohio State cover off.
How about Sean Taylor?
Big Ben68 05/20/08
The cover is making me nauseated. Let's change it to a picture of Raghib Ismail.
IrishR#1 05/20/08
All I had to see was that cover.
Escobar Caesar 05/20/08
Or giving everyone blogging privileges that wants them.
Big Ben68 05/20/08
We need another Admin in here to get things rolling. Cincy isn't giving EVERYONE the blogging privileges...
Big Ben68 05/20/08
Oh, and can someone PLEASE get that SI cover off?? LMAO
Aggainis, I got the word from Thug. When we signed on to FN, we ALL agreed to the "Terms of Use"...which means, what we write on here (more or less) belongs to FN. (And, by extension, Time Warner.)
This place is a compromise solution. In time, the suits @ Time Warner will see our point...while WE stay out of legal trouble.
Oh, and one OTHER thing: the FIRST blog on here goes to yours truly. Just so we understand one another...lol
I'm game...as someone who'd still like to move onward an upward at an advanced age, a print product (provided it's legal and doesn't jeopardize my relationship with SI.com as a live blogger) is pretty welcome.
Agganis Lives 05/20/08
I am down for raising hell. I need to start raising some hell.
718 05/20/08
As a Michigan fan (although I do respect Ohio State) can we please change that picture?
718 05/20/08
Yeah... this is private, right?
Wasn't there another magazine somewhere to use as the groups logo? Why do I have to look at Ohio State everywhere?
Hllywd: Olskool 05/20/08
We need to plan sections and the like in the magazine as well as decide on how to order it. Then if it's going to be all one blog or spread through multiple ones and whatnot.
Big Ben68 05/19/08
Hey, we're moving up now...all of 13 members.
And WHEN do we get to start blogging on here?? What good is this, if we're NOT able to blog??
Snap TO it, Cincy...lol
Yeah, if we're a magazine, let's enforce some objectivity...or a team other than Ohio State
Neal Coolong 05/19/08
Is this group public or what? Also, how long is one "magazine" going to be?
G.O.A.T. 05/19/08
OSU? I vote no LOL
Like I just told Cincy: I was wanting a PRINT version of FN, but this'll do until we can make that happen. (And NO telling when that happens...)
At any rate, I'm in. (Oh, crap, I just now got the joke on the group pic. Take it up with Cincy on that one, J.; I'll stay clear. LMAO)
Do we really need the Ohio State pic?
718 05/19/08
It was really DC's idea. I just agreed with it.
718 05/19/08

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