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Anyone here go to WVU, if so, fanmail me
NYFAN07 07/24/10
I'm back too Fellas. How ya been?
CenLA Tiger 09/22/09
C'mon Guys! It's football season!!! Why am I the only one blogging???
JDawg1447 09/07/09
Hey, wha'ts going on everybody?
im back
I am back after a ten month hiatus, can anyone fill me in on what I missed, bleacher report just wasn't doing it for me, I had to go back to my first love. Expect some opinon blogs to roll out soon
What's up fellas? Been a long time..............
CenLA Tiger 04/28/09
Glad to see this hasent died, send me your blog links and ill surely comment
NYFAN07 03/28/09
Georgiafan, you're back! Just in time for a good ol' UGA TD.
TebowsKryptonite 01/15/09
yeah lsu that is some bull, thanks for shutting up those tech fans for us
GeorgiaFan1000 01/13/09
Hey guys..I'm back.
Has anyone cheked the final poll, Georiga Tech is still ahead of LSU.
*LSU* 01/09/09
I think this Group had dwindled into Obscurity. It was a bad move for everyone to bail when they changed the format of the site. You may want to rethink the opening on here. "We put out 3-4 blogs a quarter". Too bad, I like the guys on here. Need to get it rolling again with a few friend invites - CenLA
CenLA Tiger 01/06/09
i wish the Dawgs were too CenLA
TebowsKryptonite 12/03/08
What's up fellas? Hope you are all doing well. Looks like LSU is shopping for a new D coordinator. Think we can hire Saban to coach our D? Ha!
CenLA Tiger 12/03/08
Come on guys, all of you high schoolers have the week off, it's time to try to liven things up a bit, if anyone wants to chat I'll be in the new FGCFF thread every0day at 12:00
*LSU* 11/26/08
I'll start blogging in here...
PackersLP21 11/15/08
Undy, what made you come back
GeorgiaFan1000 10/14/08
Well, guess who can't seem to stay away?
307 blogs and counting!
GeorgiaFan1000 10/13/08
Nice..that's exciting
just got some info on mike, he may return, later on though
GeorgiaFan1000 10/10/08
Daily trivia is back!
*LSU* 10/08/08
In the poll above, I'd might want to start talking about Charles Scott, he's been over 120 yards in each game so far and in the one he got less than 120 yards in he got 107 yards on 7 carries!
*LSU* 10/08/08
Slowly but surely this group is gonna rise again! Welcome back guys!
84 10/08/08
Not officially, but I didn't really use the site for a while..the new version is ok I guess
Great, did u ever leave
GeorgiaFan1000 10/07/08
The badger is back and in business..let's talk some football
Well it's about time you patsy's got back with the program. Let's get this group going strong again. There are some rally good new guys out here on the site I think that we should nominate. One of you guys needs to do one of those blogs where we nominate new members and then send them invittes.
CenLA Tiger 10/06/08
Guys I'm back and I'm determined to reviving this group!
*LSU* 10/04/08
hey guys with some thoughts of regret, i make my return, lets get this group active again
GeorgiaFan1000 10/04/08
Hang in there guys. Don't throw in the towel so quickly. This too shall pass. CenLA
CenLA Tiger 09/24/08
Guys I am thinking about leaving as well, for now I am staying, but I really am not liking the new website.
scarletbuckeye 09/21/08
The new FN screwed everything up.
PackersLP21 09/21/08
Same here, but i have a break this week, finnaly no stress, i think undefeated has also left, i have been talking to mike, he may come back later in the year!
GeorgiaFan1000 09/18/08
Not dead, but getting there Georigafan
*LSU* 09/18/08
I have been working on a blog, but I have been busy with school and football, I am gone from 7:00- 6:00, and I have homework to do.
scarletbuckeye 09/18/08
did you guys die or something?
GeorgiaFan1000 09/18/08
I know if your old enough to be on the sight the why not let us sign up for the pick 'em and stuff, its really gay
GeorgiaFan1000 09/17/08
i wanted to sign up for that BCS championship sweepstakes but you have to be 21 to win and you can't sign someone else that is because they can only bring someone that is 21 or older...that sucks!
TebowsKryptonite 09/17/08
See ya later CenaLa, Hope you were allright after IKE
GeorgiaFan1000 09/17/08
By the way, WHat the Hell did they do to this site? I can't find anything. It's like learning to read a knew language. I would like to know how many members this site has lost with the new format?
CenLA Tiger 09/17/08
Just a quick drop in to say I will be back as soon as we are released from duty for IKE. Hope you guys are doing well and I hope I can find someway to watch the LSU Tigers play Auburn this weekend. Take it easy.
CenLA Tiger 09/17/08
I would do the pick em but with school and conditioning everyday after school plus my job of mowing, I won't be able to find the time...
mj122345mcm 09/15/08
With the depature of Mike some new guys are gonna have to step up to keep us active,

i'll take over the top 25 if someone will take over pick 'em, and we're bringing back daily trivia starting tomorow
*LSU* 09/14/08
So if Mike4Redsox is leaving who is taking the pick'em picks now?
wildbill21475 09/12/08
We'll miss you Mike....good luck.....

Anyone watching the UNC game, they are looking great, just as I predicted
mj122345mcm 09/11/08
I'm sorry guys but I'm out of here, I've got plenty of other stuff going on in my life and the new changes only spark up more of a reason for me to leave. Anymore info you want to know is in this blog:

I'm really sorry about the sudden retirement, but you guys really kept me here. This was the one great thing I had on this group and you guys just kept keeping me here and I thank you for that. See you guys around
NEMike 09/11/08
Well everything is in limbo, Beanie is doubtful , and it appears OSU is now officially screwed if he doesn't play.
scarletbuckeye 09/11/08
I think we lost the blog about the next TD tourney with the new changes, unless I just can't find it.
How 'bout 'em 09/10/08
Some is ok, but we think we hate it, but its only cuz its new to us
GeorgiaFan1000 09/10/08
I don't like the new look...and that sucks about the website, good luck when you find the time...
mj122345mcm 09/10/08
not diggin this new look
TebowsKryptonite 09/10/08
Dude, what happened
*LSU* 09/10/08
What do you guys think off the new look
scarletbuckeye 09/10/08
Yea not well, first off it costs too much money to start one, unless we want a free one. I worked on it for a couple days had everything set up, then boom it all disappeared said everything is corrupt. I have given up on it for now, but I plan on working on it when I have more time
scarletbuckeye 09/10/08
I don't think OSU losing to Ohio would have been on the same level as Mich-AppST because Ohio is coached by Frank Solich who probably should never have been fired by Nebraska. I mean who fires a coach after a 9-3 season who never had a losing season as head coach. He just had the misfortune of following a legend in Tom Osbourne.
wildbill21475 09/10/08
any news on a website?
mj122345mcm 09/09/08
I agree but Fresno is the "underdog" with a chance to be great so they are getting lots of attention
mj122345mcm 09/09/08
Ya know people have only been looking at the Wisc-Fresno State game this coming weekend only from Fresno's perspective..this is a chance for a major statement for us. We have a chance to go out west and beat a potential BCS "buster" which we've got a great chance to do...again just my thoughts..of course it's always scary going on the road..but we can do it if Evridge can be efficient passing the ball..maybe I should write a preview blog soon...hmmm good idea me.
Ah yes, good point.
How 'bout 'em 09/09/08
Alabama wasn't a top five team last year...
mj122345mcm 09/08/08

App St is a FCS team while Michigan was supposed to be a NC contendor. USC vs Stanford was a Pac 10 game too which made it more meaningful. If Ohio St loses to Minnesota, then that'll be on the same level of USC vs Stanford. Losing to a MAC team would be on the same level as Bama vs La Monroe.
How 'bout 'em 09/08/08
PackersLP21 09/07/08
ASAP Pitt Panther
NEMike 09/07/08
Mike4redsox, when should we FM you our top 25 rankings?
This is pretty anoying
*LSU* 09/06/08
Here's a link to the Gameday thread
*LSU* 09/06/08
Wow OSU looked horrible today, no fire just going through the motion, we need to step it up big time next week.
scarletbuckeye 09/06/08
I got the Vandy-SC game but I need Navy to pull this out
mj122345mcm 09/05/08
Pack, it's not a thread, it's like an AP Poll, made by members of the group. In fact, I just posted it, if you want to check it out
NEMike 09/03/08
Sounds good. Let's do it!
PackersLP21 09/03/08
It's just the weekly top 25 poll
mj122345mcm 09/03/08
11 ET? I might be able to make that.

What's the topic about?
PackersLP21 09/03/08
Later tonight, I'm going to wait til 11 EST, and if we don't have anymore by then I'm going to post it
NEMike 09/03/08
When's the FGCFF top 25 gonna be posted?
mj122345mcm 09/03/08
The Gameday thread will open tomorow at 12:00 PM.
*LSU* 09/03/08
WAAAAHHHHH! WAAAAHHHH! Georgia's not #1 anymore. WAAAAHHHH!
sure, just send me your top 25
NEMike 09/02/08
Small group of members that puts together a Top 25 poll
Mike4redsox: GO BIG RED! 09/02/08

Can I do it?
JDawg1447 09/02/08
Small group of members that puts together a Top 25 poll
NEMike 09/02/08
What is the poll squad for?
JDawg1447 09/02/08
That Tennessee-UCLA game was solid..honestly I thought Tennessee blew that game in the first half...I mean if a quarterback throws 4 interceptions it shouldn't be when it got to half I was thinking to myself that UCLA definitely has a chance to win this one.
I agree mj. That 30 second drive to force overtime looked to be a Tennessee win, but UCLA held on. Sorry for your team's opening loss Undy
NEMike 09/02/08
That was a great game...
mj122345mcm 09/02/08
Sorry guys, but I cannot track West Virginia anymore. I'm soo sorry!
PackersLP21 09/01/08
Big 12 was 10-2!!!

These are the current members of the poll squad

1. Mike4redsox

2. Georgiafan1000

3. Undefeated

4. RaBDawg

5. NY

6. Scarletbuckeye

7. LSU Rocks

8. Wallace

9. CenLA Tiger

10. Coltslaxer32

I know Coltslaxer and RaBDawg aren't very active for this group, so Pitt Panther and mj, if you guys are wanting to join be my guest and just send in your Top 25 after tonight's game
NEMike 09/01/08
Am I on the poll squad? I don't remember.

If I'm not, can I be?
Is there a way to join the poll squad?
mj122345mcm 09/01/08
im cheering for the vols! that way the SEC will be 11-1 in season openers!
TebowsKryptonite 09/01/08
yeah, that's who I picked for pick'em, I want Fresno St. to win also
NEMike 09/01/08
I'm sure everyone will be cheering for the Vols tonight?
yeah it should come out tomorrow, by the way, everyone in the poll squad should send in their votes after tonight's game
NEMike 09/01/08
that's what I was thinking, it's wierd having monday night games
*LSU* 09/01/08
Not sure about this but i think it comes out tomo
mj122345mcm 09/01/08
LSU, I'm not sure about this, but since there are games on Monday, there might not be a poll for a few days.

I could be wrong, though.
Has anyone seen the new AP poll, I can't find it
*LSU* 08/31/08
Mizzou looked good except for the secondary...but they did the same thing last year, although not as bad.
mj122345mcm 08/31/08
Alabama was most impressive by far. Holding C.J. Spiller and James Davis to 20 yards? Incredible. Their D was the big question to start, and Wilson and Julio Jones played great as well. As much as I hate to say it about the Tide, they are good.
Dan Lefevour got the most votes in the poll.

Other got the next most

Brian Hoyer for Michigan State got a couple

And Joe Ganz got one
NEMike 08/30/08
they did badger, Wisconsin is looking strong going into next week's matchup against Fresno St.
NEMike 08/30/08
Also, I actually got more out of Michigan than I'm sure most people are going to say. But, I watched that game after I caught the ending of Pitt-Bowling Green as I talked about in my last comment, anyways I think it's clear now who Michigan's qb should's gotta be Steven Threet. Also my beloved Badgers looked terrific for the most part..I wrote a blog about it for the Big Ten football group.
Pitt was really unimpressive. I know I probably shouldn't overreact as it's just one game, but maybe people were wrong about Pitt, I'm starting to think that they won't be as good as people think.
The poll is missing Willie Tuitama of Arizona. This QB and team have a great chance of surprising a lot of teams.
DO_WORK_SON 08/30/08
What an opening week!

My La Tech Bulldogs beat Miss State, LSU beat the crap out of App state, Pitt choke as I said they would, Clemson didn't win the big games like I said they would, and the SEC aside from Miss. state rolled.
*LSU* 08/30/08
That's good news for Beanie. I like him, and he should just take next week off. Yeah, I saw that nice td run by Pryor, he's going to be a great future qb. The upsets only mean one thing... The Preseason AP Poll is just a HUGE joke
NEMike 08/30/08
I just got back from the game, yeah Beanie is hurt and u could've heard a pin drop after that, but he was dominant, the X-rays were negative, so it seems minor. I expect him to miss next weeks game, to stay healthy for SC. I think the real story was Terrelle Pryor, he was a freak in the game. What about the upsets though in week 1, I get home and see ECU over Va Tech, and Bowling Green over Pitt.
scarletbuckeye 08/30/08
Virginia Tech and Pitt upset? This is going to turn out to be another suprising year I think
NEMike 08/30/08
well beanie is hurt scarlet, sorry
GeorgiaFan1000 08/30/08
that's pretty cool, our guys can't join the girls volleyball team, so things are a little different in Nebraska
NEMike 08/30/08
Nevermind, it's working now
mj122345mcm 08/29/08
dp169 would like to join
GeorgiaFan1000 08/29/08
I go to High School so of course we have a team, the YMCA usually has a ton of rec leagues or just start one up yourself, most high schools in Saskatchewan accomadate adult leagues and provide them with equipment(balls&net) but of course for a small sum
I won't be able to blog today because my Internet is down...I am currently on my phone.... They said it could be September 5 before we get the Internet back....
mj122345mcm 08/29/08
Well I was really against Oregon State, I had them going 4-8, which was a surprise to a lot of people, but I did not see a weak stanford offense being able to knock off Oregon State
scarletbuckeye 08/29/08
Pick 'em was a success, we got 17 entries out of 18 people, and only 3 people guessed the Oregon State Stanford game right. That would be me, badgerfanl, and xxx84xxx
NEMike 08/29/08
bballguru, where do you play volleyball? I play beach a ton, but I'd like to get into some regular volleyball
NEMike 08/29/08
Nate Davis of ball state in the poll...
mj122345mcm 08/29/08
I have missed everything until now because my power went out.......
mj122345mcm 08/28/08
Weekly Thread to come out wedsenday, no BCS preview, sorry I have been busy with volleyball lately
College Football has BEGUN!!!!
NEMike 08/28/08
That really sucks CenLA......Do we have some sort of top 25 poll?
mj122345mcm 08/28/08
good luck cenlatiger. at least you won't have to watch the same commercials 5 times.
How 'bout 'em 08/28/08
I agree with badgerfan.
PackersLP21 08/28/08
Well my opening football weekend has offically been diverted. I have to respond to a possible Hurricane hitting my state. I hope I get to watch it on tv. I guess I can flush these tickets. Gotta go set up the DVR now. See ya!
CenLA Tiger 08/28/08
Just a fun little fact about our blog total. You guys know Poll Dancers, Ur Typical Fans, NMI, those groups? Guess who has more total blogs than them?
NEMike 08/27/08
in the poll it kinda depends on the if your talking about the AP poll, because I beleive that JP Wilson will lead Bama into the top 15 by the end of the season
*LSU* 08/27/08
For the poll I think it's Dan LeFevour...why on earth is Drew Weatherford on the list? DW is average at best, he's not going to lead FSU to a top 25 finish..I highly doubt he'll be the 'Noles quarterback by week 5.
TebowsKryptonite 08/27/08
I say Rusty Smith for the poll. If FAU can knock off Texas week 1, they could be in. It's not likely, but they've got a shot
The poll for the Member of the month has closed, I'll announce the winner in a blog tomorow
*LSU* 08/27/08
now we only need 2 people for auburn or USC
TebowsKryptonite 08/27/08
we need 3 other members to signup as bloggers of clemson, auburn, or USC for the 2008 is the link:
TebowsKryptonite 08/27/08
Sorry, it made our page really long....I'm not sure how to fix it?
mj122345mcm 08/27/08
does anyone know of a site that I could post my predictions on that supports is way easier to read with highlights
mj122345mcm 08/27/08
I started tracking my team: Missouri
mj122345mcm 08/27/08
Ok, that's what I was thinking...looking forward to the Big 12 Preview....
mj122345mcm 08/26/08
I would post it tomorrow morning, it should get plenty of views then, I think that's when I'm posting my Big Big 12 Preview, but it depends on how much of it I get done tonight
NEMike 08/26/08
I finished my predictions for every single game, but do you think it will get more views if I just post it in the morning tomorrow?
mj122345mcm 08/26/08
sometime today
GeorgiaFan1000 08/26/08
When's the next FGCFF thread?
PackersLP21 08/26/08
Oh I see....
mj122345mcm 08/26/08
It's just the way we did it last month, because we want the blog to be released the day of the new month
NEMike 08/25/08
Personally, I think we should vote on the Halfass Heisman at the beginning of the next month as there are still six days left in August, almost 20% of the month....
mj122345mcm 08/25/08
sounds good FCF
NEMike 08/25/08
Preview is coming tomorrow, already have my picks made.,
JW, how did you come up with the finalists
mj122345mcm 08/25/08
My Idea
*LSU* 08/25/08
check out my "idea for season" topic
TebowsKryptonite 08/25/08
My impact freshman is AJ Green wide receiver from Georgia.
As of Sunday night at 9:43 PM central, I have predicted the entire schedule of every ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, and C-USA team. That makes 55 and I should finish the Independents and six MAC teams for a total of 64 teams, over halfway there.....
mj122345mcm 08/24/08
whenever you want.
*LSU* 08/24/08
What day should I put out my college football preview?
As for upsets, it's not over a ranked team, but I like North Texas @ Kansas St.
mj122345mcm 08/24/08
No FGCFF This Week, next one will be this Wedsenday and 7 PM EST, just FM me if you want in
In the state of Louisiana coaches can get 2 get two free tickets two every LSU home game, and my dad's a coach, so lucky me.
*LSU* 08/24/08
I wish, Nebraska's tickets sold out like 30 minutes after they were for sale. My aunt has season tickets, but my uncle and her go to most of them
NEMike 08/24/08
Yep OSU against Youngstown State
scarletbuckeye 08/23/08
I cant apparently UGAs tickets are pretty much sold out all season, plus athens is like a 4 hr drive from my house
GeorgiaFan1000 08/23/08
Anyone going to there teams opening day?
*LSU* 08/23/08
Bama over Clemson
*LSU* 08/23/08
So... Seasons a week away any upsets in the first week do you think?
GeorgiaFan1000 08/23/08
Ouch, didn't realize that
scarletbuckeye 08/23/08
Scarlet, I think that we are the only one's in the league who are in the group
*LSU* 08/23/08
Guys Remember, if you are in the fantasy college football league the draft is
TODAY, at 6:15
scarletbuckeye 08/23/08
we're doing our next discussion tonight, so you can get in on that. If you go to my profile and check out my recent blogs you will find the Pick'em blog
NEMike 08/21/08
I know, but I haven't heard anything on them recently, just wondering .....
mj122345mcm 08/21/08
Read them. You will find out.
PackersLP21 08/21/08
What about those ideas up there?^^^^
mj122345mcm 08/20/08
Sorry about all of the sudden blog posts, I forgot I could post them on here...
mj122345mcm 08/20/08
Guys! We didn't get enough members in our league yet again, so I'm gonna make it public this time and if you don't get to it in time, too bad.

Here's a link to the league, if you don't make it to bad, get over it.

The League is public, so no pasword is needed.
*LSU* 08/20/08
It is going to be a great season. Watch out for a serious run again for the SEC in the championship and the two teams to watch with their schedule for a championship shot is Clemson and Missouri. Clemson has issues with Tommy never finishing but this is a loaded team. Missouri has to get by Oklahoma and KU but this team is loaded and they have a real shot. LSU, Florida, UGA, Auburn; all have real shots and Alabama and Tennesse also could make allot of noise. Getting thrugh the SEC with one loss may be very hard this year. I do pick South Carolina at 5 wins- Sorry "old ball coach".

USC and Ohio State both will be in the race. Of course if they played one solid SEC team during the year.. Ohio State may actually learn how to finish.
drj0514 08/18/08
dribbling the basketball in the house
*LSU* 08/16/08
Man how did u do that?
GeorgiaFan1000 08/16/08
Well guys, I just broke my parents Flat screen HD tv on accident, so you probobly won't see me on fannation for a while, so I'll see you guys around I guess.
*LSU* 08/16/08
Sorry I just found out that thursday can't happen for me because it's our Jamboree.
*LSU* 08/15/08
Yeah Thursday is a pretty solid choice.
Thursday would be great for me, because that's walkthrough day and I get out of practice early
*LSU* 08/15/08
I think do the show on a different day, that is easiest, thursday is probably the best
scarletbuckeye 08/14/08
The Fantasy Draft is at the same time the weekly show is, so we may have to postpone the show or have it on tuesday or thursday. Give me your ideas people
Where's this weeks thread?
*LSU* 08/14/08
It's a good idea, but I cannot make it. I will be gone till about 9 ET
PackersLP21 08/11/08
That sounds like a solid idea basketballguru..
Yeah put CenLAs friend in, is anyone interested in a weekly college football chat that would be turned into a blog?
we've got a TD Tourny going on guys and the votes are pretty low on the TDs...mine are all labeled FGCFF so you know which ones are which...VOTE!!!
TebowsKryptonite 08/10/08
Hey guys, I feel that our defendig National champs are very under represented in our group, so I want to kow if it's ok to invite WarDog6,

He and CenLATiger attend all of the home games together and he is an avid LSU and sports fan. His dad is even looking into buying one of those condo's down by the stadium so he'll be closer to the stadium on game weekends. He play football at Northwestern State in the late nineties and when CenLATiger was a Commander in Baghdad, he was CenLATiger's executive officer. He's a good guy, and a good blogger, he'd be a fine edition to the group
*LSU* 08/10/08
Alright, the fantasy League was a failure, not enough people signed up, so the league was delted by the site.
I made the League again, everyone sign up again, same League name, FGCFF Fantasy League, and the pasword is 12345, the draft date is 8/20/08 7:00 PM ET, this time if we're short a week before the draft, we'll make it open to the rest of fannation.
*LSU* 08/09/08
We have chat threads in here?
PackersLP21 08/09/08
New Proposal to make these Threads way more organized, everyone should arrange a specific time once a week during college football season to do a chat thread, who is in?
HAHA!!! LSU, you got me laughing on that one.
PackersLP21 08/08/08
Wow LSU..I know that was a joke..I hope that was a joke.
*LSU* 08/08/08
Who do you think will win the Big Ten?
PackersLP21 08/08/08
Let's TALK!!!!!!
PackersLP21 08/08/08
I was doing that, but talk to mike about it now
*LSU* 08/06/08
When are we facing the other college football group 5 on 5?
Most Likely FCS over FBS upset of 2008:
TebowsKryptonite 08/05/08
Oh, alright Mike.
PackersLP21 08/05/08
better than LSU's?! no way?!
TebowsKryptonite is 25 DAYS 08/04/08

Thank you Tebow!
*LSU* 08/04/08
It's just the way I say it Packers. For some reason, my family always spells it that way, it's just a habit
NEMike 08/04/08
Missouri or Mizzou* (look at the poll)
PackersLP21 08/04/08
better than LSU's?! no way?!
TebowsKryptonite 08/04/08
So if we're putting out a weekly Top 25 poll, can I still put out my own poll?

And oh yeah, at the end of August, i will present you with the greatest college football preview ever.
it was inspired by my own quote
*LSU* 08/04/08
Thanks I thought it was a good one
GeorgiaFan1000 08/03/08
I like the slogan too.
PackersLP21 08/03/08
Love tha new slogan
*LSU* 08/02/08
Ok thanks GeorgiaFan and Mike.
PackersLP21 08/02/08
you do have blogging rights Packers, so if you start becoming more active, you could work your way up to an admin
NEMike 08/02/08
Sorry Packers we have 3 creators, and like 4 admins, ur new and i personally dont think we need more, our group runs great now, why change
GeorgiaFan1000 08/02/08
When am I going to be an admin?
PackersLP21 08/02/08
I like that pic, LSU.
PackersLP21 08/02/08
soory couldn't resist, but i changed it to the logo, for next years BCS national championship, how's that?
*LSU* 08/01/08
I don't mind changing it, just as long as it's not a coffee cup.. LSU
NEMike 08/01/08
lets change the group pic
GeorgiaFan1000 08/01/08
PackersLP21 08/01/08
5 more spots left in the fantasy league
*LSU* 08/01/08
150 blogs!
GeorgiaFan1000 07/30/08
Change of plans, something went wrong with the old league, so we have to make a new one,

It's called FGCFF Fantasy League

Here's a link

The Pasword is 12345

Before you do this though, you have to sign up for college fanatasy football on the main fanasy page for, it is free.

The Draft is August 9th at 7:45 P.M. ET

My account name is LSUs's finest
*LSU* 07/30/08
CBS Sports is now live for Fantasy college football, whos handling creating the league?
RaBDawG 07/30/08
NEMike 07/30/08
We are going with Mike's list!!
We don't really care which is larger, I would take thi smaller very active group over any of those three groups.

We put out 3-4 blogs a day, have TD and Blogging touni's all the time, no other college football group can make these claims
*LSU* 07/29/08
Just letting you guys know that FCGFF is NOT the biggest college footbal group on FanNation...Big Ten Football, Blue and Grey College Football, and College Football Fans are all larger...the latter two may be inactive, but they're still larger
Super Squirrel 07/29/08
yeah that sounds good....Crabtree or Wells for Heisman?
TebowsKryptonite 07/28/08
Sounds like fun.
nice idea
GeorgiaFan1000 07/27/08
it's not gonna be a tourni, we're just gonna match up our top 5 TDers against there top 5 TDers
*LSU* 07/27/08
That is a greaqt idea LSU, but make it a throwdown tourney just to be fair, I personally think that a blogging tourney would have to much disparity
The final votes have been talied for the member of the months for July, I'll reveal the winner Wensday in a blog.
*LSU* 07/27/08
Hows this for an idea, let's get together with the other (not as good) college football group on fn and do kinda like they do with the the Big10-ACC chalenge in basketball with TD's, what do you guys think?
*LSU* 07/27/08
I'll be in for a blogging tourney
NY you only beat me because I was out of town and I couldn't finish my last argument
NEMike 07/26/08
I'll be in the blogging tourney. NY, you beat me by one vote!! And I am 2-1 against you all time.
Hey, when are we doing another bloging tourni
*LSU* 07/26/08
Richt vs Meyer
i'd like the name to stay as it is, but atleast if you rename it, name it after the mber's real name, because the scarletbuckeye award, or The LSU award, sounds kinda stupid.
*LSU* 07/25/08
when did I vote against you?
*LSU* 07/25/08
In the poll

I cant vote for Undy or Mike because i beat them in college football tds, and since LSU votes against me in most of my tds, vote to Buckeye
NYFAN07 07/25/08
I would be down for that, but please start it after August 3rd as I am gone starting Sunday
ah it got cut off. we should do a 32 member tourney that would be crazy becuase this group is so active.
heres an idea. we should do a group tourney. a 32 member one. that would be crazy cuz this group is
How about the winner picks the group picture. And then the award is named after him.

Such as if I win, it will be known as the Undy Award!!!!
Voting will be up for the next two days, then we will declare the winner in a blog July 30th

We haven't exactly specified what the prize will be, but as the name for the award indicates, we never really think things through, we just make stuff up as we go along, so We'll just go with that.
*LSU* 07/25/08
Yea me and my buddy are already members and we signed up for the email to let us know
RaBDawG 07/24/08
I've got an account, I'll let you guys know when they let us start creating leagues
*LSU* 07/24/08
When you guys make the league send me the info on it, I would love to play
NYFAN07 07/24/08
I thought that they just did NFL
*LSU* 07/24/08
I agree, its free, not blocked by companies websense programs, and probobly has a better interface then U Sports ha
RaBDawG 07/24/08
LSU, is free if you want a free league i think that is the way to go
Here's a copy of the email an Athlon writer sent in response when I asked when the sign up started.
Hello, is handling the creation and management of all college fantasy leagues. They started signups for the 2008 season earlier this summer and will continue until the start of the season.

Thanks for your interest in college fantasy football,


So Sign up on that Web site.
*LSU* 07/24/08
I e-mailed one of the Athlon writers and asked him when They would let us create our league, I'll let you guys know when he gets back to me.
*LSU* 07/24/08
yeah Ny, it's similar
*LSU* 07/24/08
Ok bball guru. You got blogging rights.
i never heard of fantasy college football, is it like NFL or what?
NYFAN07 07/24/08
Just finished my Big 12 Preview......and my College Football Preview was a few days ago, please check them out
mj122345mcm 07/23/08
Am I going to get blogging rights or what?
That sounds cool
Yeah, I noticed, I think we should make it a Mid_August Draft
they're still doing the previews
*LSU* 07/23/08
I don't think you can make a fantasy league on Athlon yet
*LSU* 07/23/08
*LSU* 07/22/08
Of July or August?
The 30th
*LSU* 07/22/08
We need to determine a date that everyone can make, and is free to register so there is no worries about people having to pay to join.
When will this draft be, and what is it, just a college football fantasy draft? If so and it's free I'll join in if allowed
scarletbuckeye 07/22/08
We will use for the NCAA Draft
NCAA for now, maybe NFL if the NCAA draft is a success
Is Athlonsports free? Because if we do this college draft we need to make it as easy for the majority of the members who are interested to join
I personlay play on and play college fantasy football on
*LSU* 07/22/08
*LSU* 07/22/08
I dunno I prefer cbssports, but they usually do not have the names of the players. Do you know any sites that actually have the players names for the draft lobby?
Who wants to make a FGCFF fantasy league?
welcome MJ any questions about us ask me or Mike4redsox, I would like to see you blogging for us
GeorgiaFan1000 07/22/08
This should be the new picture
Yeah, this one's kinda gay
*LSU* 07/22/08
We need to change the group picture.
I do tuesday, Wednday, and thursday, and mike handles the rest of the days, I'll go ahead and post tuesdays
*LSU* 07/22/08
May the best halfa.sser win.
The nomination for The Half **** Heisman for the month of July are as follows-

Scarlet Buckeye

We will begin voting in the poll area on the 25th
*LSU* 07/21/08
check out my idea
GeorgiaFan1000 07/20/08
definately in a poll. all you have to do is click a button and your vote is in. some people might foget to do it by fanmail and a blog is not good either cuz you might not find the blog cuz this group goes through blogs so quickly.
Try to chime in on the new idea I had in the message board
*LSU* 07/17/08
GeorgiaFan1000 07/16/08
We know have 108 blogs!
GeorgiaFan1000 07/16/08
is it just my computer or is everything in italics and underlined
*LSU* 07/16/08
I'm gonna do that if that's alrigh with you guys
*LSU* 07/15/08
Tebows kryptonite, I agree,
scarletbuckeye 07/15/08
i think the next thing we should do along the lines of the "best uniform" thing should be "the top 10 hardest places to play"
TebowsKryptonite 07/15/08
Good blogging day fellas
GeorgiaFan1000 07/15/08
Howdy guys. please don't throw things at the Gator fan.
Small Town Gator 07/15/08
ill do it
GeorgiaFan1000 07/15/08
I've recomended him a few times, but I haven't invited him
*LSU* 07/15/08
has anyone invited Tebowskryptonite?
GeorgiaFan1000 07/15/08

It's the True Gator Haters
Check out my groups the The Gator Hators and Hurricane haters
GeorgiaFan1000 UGA is a much better team then UF. What was that guy thinkin?
Noles is new but he shows promise and knows his stuff
GeorgiaFan1000 07/14/08
I am Nolesdominate, How ya doin man?
Come check out my throwdown
Who is Nolesdominate? I have never heard of him.
Good to have you Pitt and Hemo.
Hi everyone, it's good to be here
We can have it done before Friday.
yeah scarlet, Undefeated and I are almost finished, we should have it out later this week.
NEMike 07/14/08
So are we gonna do the college gameday idea I think that would be awesome.
scarletbuckeye 07/14/08
nice to have you Hemo
GeorgiaFan1000 07/14/08
I like it Hemo, I've actually seen the trophy in person, It's enormous
NEMike 07/14/08
I've got a great idea for the picture for the group: Since we're the biggest college football group, why don't we have the icon as the biggest football trophy? I present to you, the Fremont Cannon, given to the winner of the annual UNLV-Nevada winner.
thehemogoblin 07/14/08
Ahem... it's THEhemogoblin... with the the.


Call me Hemo.
thehemogoblin 07/14/08
Hemogoblin wants to join the group, should we put it to a vote.
*LSU* 07/14/08
My mom let me off for good behavior so i'm back!
GeorgiaFan1000 07/13/08
when are we doin another TD tourni
*LSU* 07/12/08
yes, i know i mispelled that
*LSU* 07/12/08
If you would of partisapated, maybe they would of gotten in
*LSU* 07/12/08
whoaaaa. best uniform list without tennessee?
I had like six typos in that one post
*LSU* 07/12/08
Ok, well we haven't had comment in days, so i'm just throwing this out there, we're getting less active, so to livin us up, I think we should bring in some new guys and maybe cut off some of our dead weight, or in other words the people who aren't bloging, contributing ideas, or at least partisapating the tourniments.
*LSU* 07/12/08
Haha - what are you grounded for? You gotta give us some details man
RaBDawG 07/10/08
hey guys im grounded and won't be on for a while
GeorgiaFan1000 07/10/08
Who's day is it ot do the freakin daily trivia,
Don't sign up for it if your not gonna do it
*LSU* 07/07/08
See ya later then
GeorgiaFan1000 07/07/08
Sorry been busy, and won't be able to blog for a week, with my vacation.
scarletbuckeye 07/07/08
Guys its was July 4th, everyone was away!
RaBDawG 07/07/08
This isn't a ghost group, just slowing down. We couldn't keep turning out blogs like we used to.
The mebers of this group are very passionate and it hurts guys like me to see this group slowly turn into a ghost group.

That's the reason why we're making a big deal about it.
*LSU* 07/05/08
were making a big deal over nothing, so what no blog in two days everyones away so it makes sense that we didnt have any, plus were still one of the more active groups on this site so dont make a big deal out of nothing
NYFAN07 07/05/08
I'm Back
GeorgiaFan1000 07/05/08
This group is dead without Georigafan, we've had 1 blog since he left.
*LSU* 07/05/08
I think that all of the great College football fans on this site are already here, so maybe we should stop taking applications and just offer people membership when they know alot about college football
*LSU* 07/02/08
Fausto would like 2 join uguys vote while im gone
GeorgiaFan1000 07/02/08
every group has their off days, i'll have a new blog out tomorrow, and scarletbuckeye usually puts one out everyday, we should be back on track.
NEMike 07/01/08
Today's just been a sad, inactive dauy all-around, there was probobly more activity in the ULM indian fan group (yes Fannation still thinks they are the indians)
*LSU* 07/01/08
today has been a sad blogging day
GeorgiaFan1000 07/01/08
Don't worry Undefeated and I have something up our sleeve.
NEMike 07/01/08
Porkins and Lakers#1 of the College Football Fan Group
NEMike 07/01/08
Whos the competition?
RaBDawG 07/01/08
yeah we need to really put in an effort
GeorgiaFan1000 07/01/08
yeah I found out about that yesterday... We need to show them who is the dominant college football group on this site,
NEMike 07/01/08
Sorry, guys. Forgot the trivia. Thanks LSU.
I just found out that we have competition for the college gameday so we better do a hell of a job, lets put them out off bui sness
GeorgiaFan1000 07/01/08
oh we-need, never mind
*LSU* 07/01/08
What does weneed mean
*LSU* 07/01/08
It was Undefeated's he must've forgot because he was on earlier... Thanks LSU for doing that though.
NEMike 07/01/08
Ha! another newbie wanted to join, I already told him to try again
GeorgiaFan1000 07/01/08
Thank You LSU, weneed something to get us back ontrack but What
GeorgiaFan1000 07/01/08
Nobody did todays daily trivia so I took it over
*LSU* 07/01/08
Who's day is it to do the trivia
*LSU* 07/01/08
the activity in this group has seemed to be slowly decreasing over the last few days,
*LSU* 07/01/08
I agree. Give him time to get used to things.
thats what I was thinking, I'll tell him to try again in a month
GeorgiaFan1000 07/01/08
*I think he might be a little to new to the site for this group
*LSU* 07/01/08
I think he might be a little to the site new for this group
*LSU* 07/01/08
N8 Nole would like 2 join
GeorgiaFan1000 06/30/08
Mine and Terps Rematch is almost over so we should be good to go for tommorow
RaBDawG 06/30/08
we r in the middle of it now
GeorgiaFan1000 06/30/08
when does the tournament start?
I'll vote for him to be in. I checked a recent td of his and it looks like he knows his stuff about NCAAF
NEMike 06/30/08
Hmm, name sounds familiar
RaBDawG 06/30/08
TurboLegend would like to join
GeorgiaFan1000 06/30/08
one person missed I think, but not sure
GeorgiaFan1000 06/28/08
great, did everyoe get their polls in? Or did some not make it by the deadline?
NEMike 06/28/08
sounds good, the final should be out by monday
GeorgiaFan1000 06/28/08
thanks undy, yeah I was just really bored last night and it just came to me.
NEMike 06/28/08
i will have it done by wednesday
yea thats really cool. also although we might have regulations, i am not quite sure, I do think we should put a big regulation on how good of a throwdowner or blogger you are. just some thougts. Also, I am working on my second WAC blog georgiafan1000, just telling letting you know.
I'll bet. Mike, I also like the Coach's spotlight blog.
Gfan knows, we should have only like 1, but it takes a long time to add up, it should be out from this evening to tomorrow afternoon. Gfan said his brain is like on fire though with all the adding.
NEMike 06/28/08
How many more top 25s need to be turned in before the final comes out?
Sounds good Mike
*LSU* 06/27/08
ok, I think we're just waiting on like one or two more, then I'll have the new updates.
NEMike 06/27/08
I won my TD with How 'Bout Em
*LSU* 06/27/08
sounds good mike i have seven polls in so far
GeorgiaFan1000 06/27/08
I finally wrote a blog for the group!!!!!
NYFAN07 06/27/08
Gfan and I will make a deadline for when all lists must be in and whoever's isn't will just not participate in that poll
NEMike 06/27/08
When will the Final results be in of the top 25?
Can't every supermember remove and add a poll? I can in a couple of my groups and I'm only a supermember.

And Undefeated, try to get the Top 25 in ASAP
NEMike 06/27/08
How soon should the Top 25 be in?
Well RaBDawg said he couldn't do the poll himself since he isn't a administrator or something like that, because some people can't remove the old poll, or replace it with a new one
*LSU* 06/27/08
what do you mean
GeorgiaFan1000 06/27/08
It's not as difficult if you can change the polls yourself
*LSU* 06/27/08
This poll is alot of work but its worth it, no group has ever done it before
GeorgiaFan1000 06/27/08
Alright just mailed you the question
RaBDawG 06/27/08
since ur not an administrator fan mail me or mike4redsox the question and its answers
GeorgiaFan1000 06/27/08
Hey its my day for the Trivia Question ha how the heck I do it?
RaBDawG 06/27/08
haha i like the date pictures
Well it looks like How 'Bout Em's and my TD is gonna end in a tie because there is like 16 hours of voting left and we're the only 2 who have voted, so you the 4 of us can just swap opponents and redo it if that's alright with you...
*LSU* 06/27/08
RaBDawg, both of you will advance, I'll figure it out once everyone finishes.
NEMike 06/26/08
Hey Terp and I Tied in our tourney throwdown..... ha what the heck we do now?
RaBDawG 06/26/08
I know but we still arent recogzied as a top group
GeorgiaFan1000 06/26/08
We've dominated the blogs over the last few weeks
*LSU* 06/26/08
Man we dominated with blogs today
GeorgiaFan1000 06/26/08
You have them blog away
GeorgiaFan1000 06/26/08
yeah Wallace, I just gave you blogging rights
NEMike 06/26/08
Can I get some blogging privs then?
Last time I checked, 75% of the people thought that Wallace would be worthy of being in the group. So Georgiafan, are you sending him the password?
NEMike 06/25/08
I really like the idea of a daily trivea question
*LSU* 06/25/08
We have 50 blogs
GeorgiaFan1000 06/25/08
I know we have had fivx in the past 24 hours
GeorgiaFan1000 06/24/08
The group is putting out blogs like crazy.
thats why we are all voting for members, that way no idiots will be in check out the message board for details
GeorgiaFan1000 06/24/08
I'm all for letting new members in, but please don't let this group go too the idiots, that's the main reason I like this group so much, it keeps the idoits out.
*LSU* 06/24/08
We will start having votes on applicants to the group.
This group is very active.
Nice blogs today Undefeated and CenLA - ha we dominated the College football Blogoshpere today!
RaBDawG 06/23/08
I made the mistake of making everyone an administrator, so I put every one except for me, Mike4redsocks, and Jdawg back at super member,
GeorgiaFan1000 06/22/08
why am i no longer an administator
this week we have had alot of blogs, keep up the good work
GeorgiaFan1000 06/20/08
sorry I don't have enough time to blog this week, so I will make it up with 3 next week
NEMike 06/18/08
This is a link to mine an d how bout'ems championsip TD
GeorgiaFan1000 06/18/08
Interesting site JDawg
check out this website
JDawg1447 06/15/08
no prob guys remember to keep check on this group we are very activ we have new blogs almost every other day
GeorgiaFan1000 06/09/08
me too
Mets Fan: 06/09/08
Glad to be a part of this group!
RaBDawG 06/09/08
*LSU* 06/08/08
LSU both of you will move on
NEMike 06/08/08
I tied with Dyhad in our TD in the tourniment, what do I do now?
*LSU* 06/08/08
mike ill be in that too
i like the new members
Thanks for the invite everybody
Not sure, we might do a blogging tourney before we do another TD tourney
NEMike 06/07/08
Are we going to do another tourny after this one ends if so id like to be in
lol. I go to the group page and see a huge picture of Chase Daniel.

Thanks, Mike.
RHATER is Gone. 06/04/08
GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!
Da Masta 06/04/08
yeah that's fine LSU
NEMike 06/04/08
If I can find a clearer picture of the college Football hall of fame logo, can I replace our current blury one?
*LSU* 06/04/08
yeah no problem guys, we need some new members to help with this group so I thought you guys could help.
NEMike 06/04/08
Thanks for the invite Mike. I'll try not to peee on the rug.
Thanks for inviting me.
718 06/04/08
I'll blog. Thanks for the invite.
'Ey 06/03/08
Ill blog when I feel like it cause im normally out of ideas
NYFAN07 06/03/08
i agree, this week invite anyone who could be a help to this group
GeorgiaFan1000 06/01/08
sure as long as they will blog for this group and make sure it stays active.... I think I will change my day to blog for the Big 12 to Monday AND Wednesday, so I should have a new blog for the group tomorrow
NEMike 06/01/08
guys we need some more members, i say we allow 5 more in this friday, anyone agree?
i know every time i invite someone i ask them if they want them
GeorgiaFan1000 05/30/08
It would make the group much more active- just a tip.
i agree undefeated if someone wants blogging rights who am i to deny them
GeorgiaFan1000 05/30/08
I think everyone should have blogging rights.
Why not? More group participation=more popularity, better quality.
RHATER is Gone. 05/29/08
dont make everyone able to blog that is stupid, tjhey will go by too fast, only make a few, cut them down
Darius Heyward-Bey will win the Heisman
Yes! another fellow comrade to share big 12 blogs with
NEMike 05/28/08
I really hope this group stays active. I love college FB and I'd hate to see this group die away.
RHATER is Gone. 05/28/08
Don't fear, mike! I'm here too! I diehard Mizzou fan to represent the Big 12 w/ you!!
RHATER is Gone. 05/28/08
yay Da Masta, except it will be Daniel that will win the Heisman this year... Sorry I'm just a Big 12 Homer
NEMike 05/28/08
Tebow will repeat and win heisman again
Da Masta 05/28/08
I do agree, in fact I just posted mine
NEMike 05/27/08
i will do ACC but you will have to wait until thursday for it.
sounds good everyone agree
GeorgiaFan1000 05/27/08
Make the incomers tell there favorite moment of there favorite collage football teams,true fans will write long ones while facks will just tell the game
NYFAN07 05/27/08
any one want to blog for the pac 10
GeorgiaFan1000 05/27/08
I think I'll do a Big 12 blog every Wednesday, and a Big 10 blog every Friday if that's ok.
NEMike 05/26/08
Can I get blogging rights?
MD's the best,invite him a good old southern biy so many chatroom memoires of me and him going at it like good friends always do,and jhill i have people fanmailing Pats rule ever day but I learned to ignore it,hes a good guy so invite him
NYFAN07 05/25/08
I sent an app,vote for me and I give yall twenties
NYFAN07 05/25/08
can i invite two big college football fans of mine, MDPRIDE111 and raidersb06?
give me blogging rights, i am a big football blogger
what is the passowrd, you were supposed to send me it

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