Dan Patrick Locker Room

Dickie V kills it for Notre Dame too, he had children attend ND and he talks them up, and gives the haters to come out even more. Thanks Dick and Lou...
fratzner 03/29/10
Fritzie can you please get a hold of John Feinstein and get him on the show. Dan needs to explain to him what a Passion Bucket is!!!!!
xmiller 03/26/10
Big Ben.....Small Brain.....Time for Ben to start using his brain. Not a smart move putting yourself in this situation while you have pending sexual assualt cases. What is he doing trying to see how many pending cases he can have???He is at two!!!!!!!I think thats enough.
xmiller 03/08/10
Paulie's look while getting schooled on how to watch sports without your wife, by Dan was classic! He looked like a 1st grader getting chewed out by the principal
ChildPlease87 10/20/09
Please let Dan know that it was most definitely Ringo Starr who said "I've got blisters on my fingers!" at the end of "Helter Skelter"... Big Beatles fan- it was on the White Album.
Syzlak 10/12/09
I'm really becoming a huge DP show fan. Everyday, TiVo the 101 channel.
USCfanInMinn 09/18/09
Welcome to the group everyone. If you are interested in the DP LR get together, contact DD.
Elw00d 02/18/09
What in Gods name got into Peter King today!!!! he was like a crazy old man
The Centurion 01/26/09
Im the 120th member what do i get!!
The Centurion 01/12/09
And if anyone wants to find out about 'Cassidy' hit up this blog: http://www.fannation.com/blogs/post/275256?new=true
C-C-C 10/18/08
Okay you guys, I am in this group now so if anybody wants to talk sports, hit me up. -Cassidy
You got to know when to fold em, know when to hold em
Thanks for the invite I am on board
Anyone besides MM and myself doing the Medal Challenge? Would it be worth the while to make a group?
Elw00d 08/10/08
Come join our DP College Pick em League on Yahoo. Group id 2565 and password poochie.
N8Nole 08/06/08
Thanx 4 the invite
BradQZ 07/22/08
Thanks for the invite N8Nole
browns_dawg 07/16/08
Got the invite and ready to roll.
Sharpy 07/14/08
Thanx for the invite N8 I just noticed it today, can't wait to rap with ya a bit!
mickfish 07/14/08
Thanks for the invite. I just noticed it today.
horosh 07/10/08
Joined up and ready to rock and roll.
kletus25 07/08/08
what up everyone! Nice to be away from the non regular morning bloggers
Hackey 06/26/08
sup Dgengo! I just found this group myself. Nice to see the regulars listed.
micb 06/19/08
What up people? I have finally made it
Dgengo23 06/19/08
What up fellas, good move we do need our own little forum, kind of like home base away from the site.
orly198d 06/16/08

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