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TheSportsIguana 06/30/10
Toyota Park, home of the MLS's Chicago Fire is in a suburb of Chicago.
GoldenThread 09/07/08
isnt the next game in chigago or is it columbus?
cavman5 09/07/08
And that's it! The US defeats Cuba 1- 0 for their 3rd consecutive road win.


U.S. Men vs. Trinidad & Tobago
09/10/2008 8:00 PM EDT
Live on ESPN2 and Galavision
Toyota Park; Bridgeview, Ill.
GoldenThread 09/06/08
On 39 minutes the US goes up 1-0 on a Clint Dempsey goal.
GoldenThread 09/06/08
I'm just wondering how much of an idiot Carlos Ruiz actually is? He's never been anything but a headache that increasingly gets worse.

The man picks up his paycheck from the MLS but in a CONCACAF WC qualifier, he feels compelled to do his part for God and Country and decides to give the USA National Goalkeeper a cheap kick in the head.

Way to go Ruiz, you'll always be remembered for the way you continuously conducted yourself as a stain to the beautiful game.
GoldenThread 08/21/08
Thanks to Carlos Bocanegra the US beat Guatemala 1-0. YES!!!!!
GoldenThread 08/21/08
Consider it revived jeevs. I was just waiting for the next match....which is tonight at 10pm.
GoldenThread 08/20/08
Yes, cavman's group will be all about the 2010 World Cup. Fom Qualifying Rounds to The World Cup Final in South Africa. Since we all have our eyes on the USA and the CONCACAF Region his group should be fun.
GoldenThread 07/10/08

come join the world cup qualifying group
cavman5 07/09/08
were doing pretty well. 22 members in a month is a lot
cavman5 07/09/08
Today we welcome seachickenhawk and irishfootball28 to the group. I hope we were easy to find. Our group was established a little over a month ago so we're still in the process of getting things up and running at full speed so it's really nice to see two new members join. Thanks.
GoldenThread 07/08/08
CUtigerssoccer, you are our 20th member! Welcome to US Soccer Nation. We're glad to have you with us. Please feel free to speak up if you have any thoughts or suggestions. We'd be happy to hear from you.
GoldenThread 07/07/08
Thanks Burgundy. We'll get you some views to your TD. Very best of luck to you.
GoldenThread 07/07/08
The topic of the throwdown between Burgundy and D-Wreck; who is the best soccer player, ever, born in the U.S.
Burgundy 07/07/08
MSFC3221 welcome to US Soccer Nation. It's nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy the group.
GoldenThread 07/03/08
Thugmeister, glad to see that you've joined the group. You're knowledge of soccer is recognized through out FN. Welcome to US Soccer Nation.
GoldenThread 06/27/08
USA vs Mexico
jeevs BS 06/27/08
I think the lack of goals was mostly due to the US starting its 2nd team. Still, the US looked good and they kept a clean sheet for the third game in a row. All in all, everything went well.
GoldenThread 06/23/08
SUNDAY JUNE 22,2008:

KICK OFF: 2:55pm
GoldenThread 06/21/08
So long Cincy" it's dark...". I haven't any idea why you felt the need to leave but I want to thank you for having been an integral part of our group.
GoldenThread 06/20/08
Minute 89: The USA goes up 8-nil on Brian Ching's 3rd goal. His second in 3 three minutes.
GoldenThread 06/15/08
Minute 87: The USA Goes up 7-nil from with an assist from Eddie Lewis to Brian Ching. Ching becomes the second US player of the match to score a Double.
GoldenThread 06/15/08
Minute 81: The USA goes up 6-nil from a a long pass ahead by Heath Pearce to Eddie Johnson
GoldenThread 06/15/08
Minute 62: The USA goes up 5-nil on Clint Dempsey's second goal. The goal came off the deflection of a Brian Ching kick at the Barbados Keeper back at Dempsey playing in front of the net.
GoldenThread 06/15/08
Minute 58: The USA goes up 4-nil on a Landon Donovan free kick from about 30 yards.
GoldenThread 06/15/08
Minute 17: The USA goes up 3-nil from a cross pass from Landon Donovan to Pablo Mastroeni. Mastreoni's kick was from about 15 yards out and touched team mate Brian Ching in front of the Barbados net.
GoldenThread 06/15/08
Minute 11: The USA goes up 2-nil on a circus round front of the net kick by Michael Bradley
GoldenThread 06/15/08
The US goes up 1-nil on a 54 second feed from Carlos Bocanegra to Clint Dempsey.
GoldenThread 06/15/08
Hello burgundy. Welcome to US Soccer nation.
GoldenThread 06/15/08
The 18th member of Sam's Army just arrived. Hello JagsStriker1. I love your Didier Drogba avatar. I'm a Chelsea fan myself.

I'm really glad to have you with us. As with everyone, your voice is important here. If you have anything to say, please feel free to say it. Thanks.
GoldenThread 06/13/08
Welcome beachland. I see that you just joined the site yesterday. Ok, here's the scoop. The USA is going to begin qualifying for the 2010
World Cup on Sunday June 15 against Barbados here at The Home Depot Center. Now that's 5pm Eastern time and you can see the game Live on ESPN2. If you have any questions please ask. Thanks
GoldenThread 06/13/08
Ah darn. It looks like MH7KiNG has left our ranks. Sorry to see that. Anyways, I want to welcome the newest memebers of US Soccer Nation. Hello to David James Brown, The Joker , RMadrid(Los Blancos), Tidaddy, Ed Reed Fan and Kpax. It's an honor to have you with us. Enjoy your stay and if you have any suggestions for us, please give a shout. Thanks.
GoldenThread 06/10/08
I'll have a match report published later on today.
GoldenThread 06/09/08
i cant believe we actually tied Argentina
i really thought that there at the end we would win. we had all of the chances in the second half
cavman5 06/09/08
Somebody is purging my blogs. Sorry about having to delete and repost. I'm truly sorry.
GoldenThread 06/09/08
US successfully forced a draw against Argentina Nil-Nil. Great match. The US looked good and Goalkeeper Tim Howard was flawless. The officiating was crappy but that didn't hurt us and Landon Donovan got his 100th cap at just 26 years old
GoldenThread 06/08/08
What the hell happened??? Pablo Mastroeni just got a Red Card??? That's some serious BS!!!
GoldenThread 06/08/08
Welcome SportsFan4 and MH7KiNG, you're just in time for the Argentina match. Glad to have you on board. Thanks.
GoldenThread 06/08/08
Welcome Dawgee Fresh. I'm glad you're here. I think you speak for all of us.."WTF"?
GoldenThread 06/07/08
Landon Donovan comes to mind here.
GoldenThread 06/07/08
Thanks J. I agree with you. Adu is a good example of the direction the team is heading in. We still need to tighten up the middle and develope an attack that doesn't give up the ball. Adu can do this but he really needs some help.
GoldenThread 06/07/08
I was impressed by the Spain game. Freddy Adu really impressed me. Too bad for his injury.
718 06/07/08
okay. you want to combine both of them. whatever you want. you join this one and ill give you privilages and group creator, and ill join yours and you can do the same thing for me and goldenthread u23
cavman5 06/07/08
It's fine with me to combine the groups and get some bloggers. cavman5 has to give the final say though cause he created this group. The USA is playing Argentina tomorrow night. We should try to make an agreement by then.

We need to start publishing consistent match reports.
GoldenThread 06/07/08
Hey his is underdog let combine our group?
i'll ask underdog champion about waht he thinks...
jeevs BS 06/07/08
but what you could do is just put everyone in this group into the other group becasue its only been around for a day and change the name and everything so its exactly the same, but you can already keep those who have joined the other group.

Just takeover the other one and move everyone there, i think that would be everyones best interest to keep the all the national team fans.

Change the name, put in these blogs and polls, i dont see any problems

Your very lucky to have the other groups creator still around, in other soccer groups the creator is gone and everyone who joined the group is left in the cold. I say get the fans while he's still here and you group will become bigger.

It would be YOUR GROUP, the SAME GROUP, but you can get the older fans... thats what I'm saying.
jeevs BS 06/07/08
The thing is the other group never even made an attempt. We've already surpassed it's output in just a single day. I just want a group that's active. So far we're the group. I'm always open to suggestions though. I don't want to cause any hard feelings.
GoldenThread 06/07/08
well, theres soccerplanet and soccernation. I belong to both and im fine with it. ill talk to goldenthread u23 about it. we should just do both
cavman5 06/07/08
you can change the name too...

you guys have to figure this out

two active groups based on the asme thing isn't good i believe, and the fans wont be united
jeevs BS 06/07/08
We have a probelm, both US Soccer Nation and USA Soccer Club are back up...

I think we should all go back to USA soccer club becasue thats were all the members are, and let Undredog give you group creator rights so you can keep it going and copy this blog and put this poll there.
jeevs BS 06/07/08
your welcome!!!
apperenetly they have white/blue vapors coming out soon too.
cavman5 06/07/08
Thanks for the invite cavman5.
(Cincy) 06/07/08
Yeah i've seen them and have to agree with you. They definitely are looking really sharp
GoldenThread 06/06/08
have you guys seen Ronaldos new green vapors. their AWESOME
cavman5 06/06/08
go to the group USA soccer club to get ppl
jeevs BS 06/06/08
I can get some work done on this later on this afternoon.
GoldenThread 06/06/08

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