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Sunday, March 22, 2009
Don't Call It A Comeback results

Saturday, March 21, 2009

10.) Dave Cole def. Vincent Nothing - Hybrid Championship

9.) Irish Airborne def. The Best Around

8.) Dave Logan - Myke Quest; No Contest

7.) Myke Quest def. Bert

6.) Marion Fontaine def. Brian Lyndon

5.) Shawn Blaze def. Entapryze

4.) Johnny thingystrong def. Morty Rackem, Rufio Rapier, Flip Kendrick, Aaron Arbo, and Andy Harner

3.) Christian Faith def. Corvis Fear

2.) Johnny Gargano def. Luis Diamante

1.) Dustin Rayz def. Eric Ryan


Saturday, May 9, 2009
The American Legion
2000 Buckland Ave.
Fremont, Ohio 43420
Doors: 6:30 - Bell: 7:30

Hybrid Championship
Dave Cole Vs. Christopher Daniels

Jersey All Pro Wrestling is happy to announce that the current Hybrid Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Dave Cole will defend his title against Louis Lyndon on April 18, 2009 in Jersey City.

Hybrid Wrestling will also host JAPW Title matches to take place on their events. More information TBA.....


As reported this via Twitter, Hybrid Wrestling has come to terms on the release of Steve Shilson as of March 28, 2009. Hybrid Wrestling wishes Steve the best in all future endeavors.
yes you are now a super member
May I have blogging rights?
You don't have Spike, Jeevs?
Anyone here about the WWE roster cuts?

Theres been 12 i think, including shannon moore and stevie richards

I like TNA, WWE isnt very good anymore, but i don't have the channel to watch it, so idk what is going on, therefore i can't blog it
jeevs BS 08/18/08
sorry i havent been very active lately. if you want to blog about TNA then you do it yourself.
Nothing on the TNA PPV? The Angle-A.J. Styles match stole the show. Should be match of the year.
Miguel#94 08/11/08
i agree. he has one of the leargest fan-bases in the WWE if not the largest. Personally, being a fan of Batista I dont like him but againast other wrestlers I sometimes find myself rooting for him.
The WWE needs the Undertaker back. The industry has been taking a hit in popularity as it is. Losing the Phenom for good could potentially sink the WWE.
nedenhunter 07/26/08
What is everyone thinking about the Undertaker returning to the WWE. I think it's going to be great having the dead man back.
myrtlebeach, you can blog if you would like.
Hey guys, I just want you to know that we???ve just posted an interview that we did with TNA???s Eric Young.
You can view his takes on where TNA is now, when he got in the business, and what???s in store for his career on www.myrtlebeachlife.com.
myrtlebeachlife 07/17/08
i noticed how nobody is talking....but anyway on monday i will have a blog out on the post look of great american bash and then later that week a photo collection of the WWE divas summer skin series. Enjoy!
i have only seen one night stand and no way out and i am seeing great american bash in a week but all the hype around summerslam and the matches and just about summer gets my vote on this one.
yes a new member....batista if you want to blog on this group please feel free
i am gonna do a blog by friday about the WWE 2008 draft yay's and nay's.
and thats really what it is right now. do you want to blog for this group about TNA?
I believe the TNA is better for one reason: the people are hungrier. They have a edge to them that WWE had when it was going against WCW. I feel that the WWE has become to comfortable with no competition. The major issues TNA needs to watch are 1) not trying to move forward to quickly 2) keep developing the new talent and blend it in with older guys. I don't want TNA to become a place where fired WWE guys go.
n3dsports 07/11/08
fine ill be the ONLY blogger if you guys wont step up and help me.
also whoever voted TNA in the poll above please blog about the TNA for this group.
hey GA i am giving you blogging rights and would like you to blog about the MMA and UFC if possible. Also I agree with your comment.
jeevs BS 07/07/08
jeevs, can you blog for me?
jeevs BS 07/05/08
you too cincy. do you mind blogging?
ill let you blog josey. i need your help to get this group off the ground.
lets get this blog up.
yes same i can blog as well
If you want to blog

Let me know
7#bag _ Com 06/09/08
Bobby Lashley rules al!!!!
NYFAN07 06/09/08

Truth & Rumors


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    Woodson's next job
  2. 2
    'Melo wants to be wooed (like, Howard wooed)
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    Lee on the Yankees' radar (Burnett, too)
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    Farrell defends Fenway's 'sleep room'
  5. 5
    Rangers pegged as unsportsmanlike divers


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