The NFL Dream Teamers

Panthers vs. Giants was the unanimous winner of GOTW poll.
Steelers/Ravens won the poll unanimously. I had the Steelers winning by 4. What was the final?
Steelers/Ravens is going to be a defensive gem, best game of the week. Not low-scoring; the D's will score enough to keep the points total towards the over. My pick? Steelers by ten.
Week 14

Best matchup?

Bucs@Panthers 50%
Skins@Ravens 0%
Cowboys@Steelers 50%
Falcons@Saints 0%
Eagles@Giants 0%
Week 13
Best matchup?

Cards@Philly 0%
Saints@Tampa 0%
Giants@Skins 0%
Panthers@Packers 50%
Steelers@Pats 50%
Bears@Vikings 0%
Week 12

Best matchup?

Eagles@Ravens 0%
Titans@Jets 50%
Carolina@Atlanta 0%
Colts@Chargers 0%
Packers@Saints 50%
Week 11

What will be this week's best matchup?

Chargers@Steelers 20%
Jets@Patriots 0%
Broncos@Falcons 0%
Vikings@Bucs 20%
Ravens@Giants 20%
Bears@Packers 0%
Titans@Jags 20%
Dallas@ Washington 20%
Browns@Bills 0%
That's the NFL for ya. Nobody could have guessed it would turn out to be the KC game.
Week 10What is this weeks best matchup?

Broncos@Browns 0%
Saints@Falcons 33%
Titans@Bears 0%
Packers@Vikings 0%
Bills@Patriots 0%
Colts@Steelers 0%
Giants@Eagles 66%
Week 9What is this week's best matchup?

Steelers@Redskins(Mon.) 66%
Packers@Titans 0%
Jets@Bills 0%
Dolphins@Broncos 0%
Cowboys@Giants 0%
Pats@Colts 33%
Week 8

What is this week's best matchup?

Giants@Steelers 72%
Bills@Dolphins 9%
Chargers-Saints(London) 0%
Tampa@Dallas 9%
Cards@Carolina 0%
Atlanta@Philly 0%
Colts@Titans 9%
Giants/Stellers is definately the best matchup. It's the only game with two teams that have an elite status at stake.
If anybody knows anyone on this site who is into Fantasy Football and the NFL, please send them a group invite. Thanks.
Week 7
What is this week's best matchup?

Vikings@Bears 0%
Saints@Panthers 50%
Chargers@Bills 50%
Colts@Packers 0%
Broncos@Patriots 0%
How is your fantasy season going so far?

I am doing bad 50%
I am doing well 50%
I am neither bad nor good 0%
You are not supposed to ask until after week 17 dummy 0%
What is this week's best matchup?

Bears@Falcons 0%
Panthers@Bucs 50%
Jags@Broncos 0%
Cowboys@Cards 0%
Pats@Chargers 50%
What is this week's best matchup?
Titans@Ravens 25%
Skins@Eagles 0%
Bucs@Broncos 25%
Steelers@Jaguars 50%
Vikings@Saints 0%
What is the best week 4 NFL matchup?
Falcons@Panthers 0%
Ravens@Steelers 57%
Eagles@Bears 0%
Skins@Cowboys 28%
Packers@Tampa 14%
Steelers@Eagles 20%
Cowboys@Packers 20%
Tampa@Chicago 20%
Saints@Broncos 20%
Jets@Chargers(Mon.) 0%
Just put down Cowboys games only each week 20%
What is the best matchup this week?
Steelers vs. Browns 0%
Eagles vs. Cowboys 100%
Patriots vs. Jets 0%
Bills vs. Jaguars 0%
my two next-door lesbian lovers- I got new zoom binoculars! 0%

Wow everybody was on the same page on this one. Great work.
Hey you guys if you know anyone who likes NFL fantasy and they arent in this group yet, let me know.
What is the best matchup for week 1

Cowboys/Browns 50% Seahawks/Bills 0%
Jags/Titans 25%
Tampa/Saints 0% Vikings/Packers 25%
terrible week for matchups 0%
Dolphins Fan even geez
Dolphins Fan74 09/08/08
Hey, I am new to the group and an avid Dolpin and Steeler Fan, I know, both in the AFC and how can you have two teams, well, when I was just a little one, Mean Joe Greene and Larry Csonka were my heroes so there you have it. I am heading to Phx where my bro is a Cardinal fan and we are going to talk some serious trash, does any here think the Dolphins can handle the Cardinals?
Dolphins Fan74 09/08/08
i B4 e: I was hesitant at first to delete the comments as I wanted to leave up as evidence what a couple of juvenile idiots dudeman and NY are. Since we all really know it anyway, I finally deleted them.
Can whomever has admin privielges, please delete all of these stupid "lalala" comments?
If anyone cares, here is my real fantasy team. Our league has 14 teams and I drafted 11th, so keep that in mind.
Felix Jones
Titans D
Bench players:
Anthony Gonzalez
Mo Morris
Limas Sweed
Devin Hester
Justin Gage
Dominic Rhodes
JP Losman

I acquired Losman in a trade and I will soon be dumping him for a more viable 2nd QB.
Hey i'm looking for some ACTIVE owners to play in my fantasy league. Check out the site here:
check it out and if you are interested send me an email at or a fanmail with your email address so i can send an invite
BYD Racer 08/20/08
Justin Fargas could prove to be a viable late round pick
Now In Chicago 08/15/08
I think Thomas Jones will be a surprise this year. Last year he was able to get yards just no TDs. WIth the improvement at line and Favre at QB I see him getting into the end zone more this year. Taylor at the other back also has a lot of potential with a good line and and injury prone AP ahead of him. WRs are good if not great and TE will be good if healthy. I think overall your team will do well.
Captain Squints 08/10/08
You are very weak at RB. Good picks at other positions though.
Can I get an honest assessment of this mock draft. I am picking 11th out of 14 in my league and I tried to get in a mock with a similar ratio. Caveats; all the top RBs were gone, as well as 2 top QBs. So I took a chance on my first 2 picks. Please tell me what you think (I put in ( ) the order I picked them):
QB: Derek Anderson (3)
RB: Thomas Jones (4)
RB: Chester Taylor (7)
RB/WR: Anthony Gonzales (6)
WR: Randy Moss (1)
WR: TO (2)
TE: Antonio Gates (5)
D/ST: Cowboys (homer pick) (10)
K: Vinatieri (9)
BE: David Garrard (8)
BE: Limas Sweed (11)
BE: Dominick Rhodes (12)
BE: Derrick Mason (13)
BE: Kevin Boss (14)
BE: Josh Brown (15)
BE: Randle-El (16)
I think Rashard Mendenhall could get some touchdowns.
Hey, you guys like any rookies to break-out this year. My money is on Matt Forte (Bears)...last year my break-out pick was Adrian Peterson (man he is going to be even better this year!)
kspofford39 08/06/08
When are we gonna start the draft?
Kellen Winslow wins the 2nd best TE over Jason Witten 80-20%
RB then QB. The best WR for fantasy is only the 10th best player overall which is Randy Moss.
here's a legit question.
I assume everyone wants a top 5 QB, WR, and RB for their 1st 3 picks. But that won't happen. But someone could get 2 out of the three. So, what order should I prioritize them?
Witten will be my first TE, probably my 3rd pick. He's Romo's fave target and will end up with > 1000 yards again.
Okay we had a 50-50 tie for comeback RB between Frank Gore and Larry Johnson.
Peyton Manning was the overwhelming choice as to who will be the second QB you would draft after Tom Brady.
Can I get blogging rights? I'm doing Fantasy Football and I'd like to get some stuff out.
Cheezhead 07/24/08
Okay the Chargers are the favorites to win the West over the Broncos 66-33%
According to our poll the Jags are gonna win the South by 66-33%. So that makes two repeat division winners so far with the Steelers voted in as well.
83% of us said the Steelers will take names in the North this year.
I should have the 14th blog up by the end of the day. Stay with me.
Pats will take east until other wise proven... I hate to say it... although Giants left the blue prints if anyone wants to read them. I would love to see the pats fall but who going to bet them Buffalo.... fat chance!
Kegcamper 07/14/08
Most people that voted believed the Pats have the AFC East locked up.
Mcnabb is always a Fantasy Football Spoiler...Buyer Beware!
Reality Check 09 07/10/08
good call
Your predraft ranking of McNabb should include him getting hurt alot, thus you shouldnt have him as high as his potential warrants because you could easily get burned wasting a high pick on him. If he is still there in the 4th round I say go for it.
i meant because, when McNabb is healthy, he is a very good QB, he's just hurt ALOT. so what i meant by worth the risk is....having him higher on the QB ranking. Personally i wouldnt i was just wondering what everyone else thought.
Worth the risk? You have to rank your QBs before the draft. Wherever you have McNabb at, if he comes up as the best available QB left you take him unless there is a better QB or WR option.
Just curious, if any one thinks McNabb is worth the risk this year? Or is he a less accomplished version of McNair?
Tom Brady won the poll over Brian Westbrook as the player you would most rather have between the two, but it was close:
i think i meant overused (had R Bush on the mind) The only way LJ will be good is if Croyle can produce SOMETHING.

Heres my thing on R Williams, yea he hasnt been the most dedicated person to the league but you cannot deny his productivity when healthy. Plus he said himself he WANTS to play 3-4 more years. I think he is a good pick up this year and dont be suprised to see R Brown go down again and Williams all of a sudden becoming a threat.

Anyway happy 4th all
Dont hate on LJ he is back. Ricky has never shown a passion for football. Until he does I assume he is obsessed with getting loaded.
You know what i agree on the LJ as one of the more overated guys, but i'm curious why cassidy says Alexander and R Williams. I think everyone knows Alexander is well past his prime but Williams when healthy hasnt shown any signs of being any less of a back then he was 4 years ago. Of course thats my opinion and i've always been a fan of R Williams (on the field).
Most over-rated RB is Larry Johnson. In many mock drafts he is still going in the late 1st or early 2nd round. This guy is toast.
Saint T-Fo 06/30/08
I'm in a national draft league with a switch...the 3rd round reverses so that the person drafting last in the 1st drafts 1st in the third. It gives those drafting near the end more of the top players available.
Saint T-Fo 06/30/08
The two most overrated RBs in my book this year are Shawn Alexander and Ricky Williams.
A draft league is more about luck. You go into that draft day having no idea what pick you will get. However, in a salary cap league you can do your homework based on what the cap is, which to me shows way more fantasy football skill than having to "deal" with whatever draft pick you get. That is why I was shocked 90% of you prefer draft leagues. Apparently you have never played in a cap league?
I'm curious what y'all think, who is the most overated RB going into this year? Right now i'd say McFadden or Reggie Bush.
I think a salary cap league is a great thing, it involves more research and makes for much more interesting matchups. I've never played in one but i'm definatly leaning that way this year
thanks for the invite.
"Cleveland" 06/25/08
Wow. I prefer salary cap leagues but was outvoted 90-10% Ouchy.
Thanks for the invite. It would be great to have weekly team picks and weekly injury updates. I would like to see a poll with all of you about preseason games. I think they should play 2 games only. Sure seems they have more injuries in those games that affect season.
drj0514 06/22/08
Can I be in?
DisturbedTJ 06/21/08
Welcome one and all. Please read the inaugural blog and leave an appropriate comment as well as leave any blog ideas you may have in the Group Message Board. Thanks.

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