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Ben Sheets needs to just dry up and go away. This guy is dead in the water and worthless. So much for getting that big contract. He's now 1-6 since 2 weeks before the all star break. Pathetic.
R.I.P. -- Talk Inc.

7/08 - 8/08
PackersLP21 08/18/08
Well, since our group creator is locked out and our administrator left - I will also leave
Detroit Steel 08/17/08
It looks like this group is going good without me..... LOL

The most comments out of the 3 blogs was 9!!!! If you want me back, I may be able to make arrangements.
PackersLP21 08/17/08
The Packers just plain SUCK tonight. Just a God woeful display of offense.
I am prety sure that I didn't give admin status to anybody else but PackersLP so . . .
Dawgee 08/14/08
I accidently locked myself out if this group, I'll ask for the mods help . . . sorry
Dawgee 08/14/08
This group isn't worth it.
PackersLP21 08/12/08
Sorry Dawgee, but I'm leaving.
PackersLP21 08/12/08
XBOX live that
What's up boys? Any video gamers in here? Look me up at my profile "Phaselinear"
It would be better if we could "SKYPE" this site, and yak for free by actually talking. Like when you do it on Myspace or whatever. I sent a request in to "The Moderator" about doing a live show, but he never got back to me. I suppose We/I could make a sports talk show and put it up on Myspace ourselves. I'll look into it and see then pass anything on.
Eastern Time:
Noon - 10:00 PM

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11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
PackersLP21 08/07/08
The threads are posted at Noon ET / 11:00 AM CT till 10:00 PM ET / 9:00 PM CT.
PackersLP21 08/07/08
this group is horrible. go to the daywalkers all of you...
Let's talk in the 8/7/08 Thread.
PackersLP21 08/07/08
It's a chat room.
PackersLP21 08/07/08
What's the purpose of this group?
ElevenRingsSTL 08/07/08
Ok, this group is lame so I'm gonna make some changes and invite some people.
PackersLP21 08/07/08
I'll make some of them.
PackersLP21 08/02/08
Some one please make threads for all of next week, I'm on vacation
Dawgee 08/02/08
Yep, anytime.
PackersLP21 08/01/08
Thanks for helping me out
Dawgee 08/01/08
Thanks for making me an administrator.
PackersLP21 08/01/08
Never mind, no thread today, I need to settle this out and everything. Maybe tomarrow or the next day
Dawgee 07/30/08
This can be our new catchphrase-type-thingy: Talk, Incorporated; The place where dreams become a reality.
Random Caribou 07/29/08
NYFAN07 07/29/08
Thread will be posted tomarrow
Dawgee 07/29/08

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