Super Bowl XLIII

We'll do it in a blog nest time later in the evening as Dyhard suggested!
Jrich23 09/09/08
Jus to let you guys know their will be a gameday thread @ 1:00 today ET I guess, so if you want to talk about big plays and how great you're team is come chat it up during commericail breaks or somethin.
Jrich23 09/07/08
Someone fix that poll
Jrich23 09/05/08
Well, the season has started so it looks good so far.
Jrich23 09/04/08
I'll say Houston.
PackersLP21 09/01/08
I'll say the Broncos
Jrich23 08/28/08
Random Q?- Broncos or Houston? Palyoffs- mostlikely.
Jrich23 08/28/08
We all love to hate the Pats, lol.
PackersLP21 08/27/08
The Pats are still strong they should be better than the Chargers but everyone will disagree with me becuase they hate the Pats- not that I'm a fan or anything
Jrich23 08/26/08
AFC: Anyone but the Pats (probably Colts)

NFC: Cowgirls or Packers
PackersLP21 08/26/08
Sorry, I meant Cowboys.
PackersLP21 08/26/08
Chargers aren't in the NFC, did you mean Cowboys?
YN 08/25/08
AFC: Anyone but the Patriots (Probably Colts)

NFC: Chargers or Packers
PackersLP21 08/25/08
Who's gonna go all the way?
Jrich23 08/24/08
Sounds good
Mets Fan: 08/21/08
how about every Sunday during the regular season, we have a thread starting at two o'clock, posting current scores, and listing the scores at the time of the thread, then list all of the weeks games that are yet to have started. anybody interested?
YN 08/21/08
Not a DAILY thread. But we should schedule a date where we can get people to come and talk about the upcoming regular season.
PackersLP21 08/21/08
Why not if we are all big fans, lets just start Talking about upcoming season, for instance I really think my Cardinals are gonna win their division and win a playoff game or two, I really do,
azcardsfan 08/21/08
NO Daily Thread, its tough enough keeping the chat only groups active, yet alone having these...its a bad idea, dont do it
NYFAN07 08/21/08
oops, that poll should be Daily Thread. My Bad
YN 08/20/08
PackersLP21 08/18/08
Let's keep this active.
Jrich23 08/18/08
Everybody is forgetting about the Pats? No we aren't.
PackersLP21 08/12/08
Everybody is forgetting about the Pats- they still are the best team even though they're cheaters and they lost some really good players
Jrich23 08/10/08
Norv will probably fock the Chargers over if they get to the championship game.
PackersLP21 08/10/08
idk who it will be, i was just guessing
YN 08/10/08
Charger may be the popular pick but I am sure Norv Turner will find a way to screw that team up just like he did the Redskins, I won't say the Raiders they were crap before and after Norv.
wildbill21475 08/09/08
The Chargers Maybe?
YN 08/09/08
2Who do you guys think is goanna win the superbowl I have No clue
Footballfan4 08/09/08
and we all know who is gonna win Super Bowl 43 dont we???
I'm in! Let's get this thing active!
PackersLP21 08/09/08
I'd include myself as well- we still need alot more people though
Jrich23 08/08/08
Keep it active and I'm in.
cool, i'm in
YN 08/08/08
If we get enough members to join we could start up an NFL TD tourney, so tell people about this group!
Jrich23 08/08/08

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