Politically incorrect

Plus thats not political at ALL. Its religious. DIFFERENT
Politically... then religiously.. Hissy fit? Whatever dude, if you made fun of all I believe in in real life Id have no problem fighting you. I dont take it lightly at all and Id gladly fight over it... being that this is the internet all I can do is argue.
Why is EFB in the Politically Incorrect group. He just threw a hissy fit because I said Donovan McNabb is greater than Jesus.

And he criticizes the Democratic party for being hypocritical.
This is great stuff guys. Take it inside. I'm giving everyone blogging privileges.

Seriously, bring these topics up in here. You don't have to write some eloquent blog, just get a subject rolling and see where it goes.
C-C-C 09/05/08
I disagree with your position on hate crime laws EFB. If someone kills someone solely because they are black, then they are a danger to all black people. If someone kills their spouse because they cheated on them, they are no longer a danger to anyone. The person that kills the black person should have a longer prison sentence because they are more likely to re-offend.
EFB... You'll soon learn that politicians from BOTH parties are extremely hypocritical.
Once you are a voter, you will also learn that single-issue voting is not in your best-interest. You need to look out for yourself and your family...and that sometimes means compromising on other issues. You will almost never find a politician who happens to see the world just like you do on every issue.
YODA 09/04/08
And then what if the parent and child are of different racial ethnicity? Then does that make it a hate crime? LOL... hate crimes are used far too often. Its like south park says "if you are going to hurt someone... you better be damn sure they are the same color as you. All hate crimes do are promote segregation.
I disagree with you EFB, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not posting pictures.

For the record, I wouldn't say anyone is in favor of abortion, but some people think it should legally be an option.
"Nor do I mean this is the place for religious fanatics to talk about dead fetus'" HAHAHAHAHA I just read that... but that was only part of it. What I basically was saying is that the Democratic party is hypocritical
Ok Im gonna start off by saying no politician will EVER get my vote supporting abortion. There is no one or nothing out there besides God himself who gets to decide who lives and dies. Democrats might be the biggest hypocrits to EVER live. I was a democrat 14 years of my life until someone explained to me the difference between Democrats and Republicans... then I was ashamed to ever be a democrat. How can you believe in pro choice for a women then NOT capital punishment? So you can kill fetus' with organs, a brain, a heart, arms, and legs but you cant kill an adult... An ADULTS CHOICES got him into trouble... a mothers wrecklessness should NOT result in a death for someone who cannot stick up for themselves. So if you are going to believe in abortion, at LEAST believe in capital punishment. And to all the women saying "we have the right to choose"... nope... sorry, you have absolutley no right in God's Eyes to choose. Who are YOU to decide who lives and dies. Sorry to inconviene you for 9 months... Im sure you would be much better off if we just killed that little person inside of you. Sorry women, I know it must suck to be pregnant but to KILL a PERSON to make your own life easier may be the most selfish thing Ive ever heard of. And the thing that just makes me laugh more than ANYTHING are the people saying no to stem cell research. Abortion happens. As long as the fetus is out, why NOT use it to help others? By NO means should there be any fetuses out but as of now, there will be MANY getting aborted. Why not use them for research instead of tossing them? I dont care if its humane or not... Im pretty sure killing a person isnt too humane buddy.
Wow. up to 15 members without advertising this group anywhere. And that's with 2 quitting already. Maybe this will work.

I'll put something up in the next couple of days of what I'm trying to do here.
C-C-C 09/03/08
I'm thinking of combining Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the NAACP.
It's gonna be called Mothers Against the Advancement of Colored People.

-Zach Galifianakis
See how this group does..ALOT of groups out there are here one day and gone within a month..people start them up with no intention of keeping them going..lets see what happens here.
Thaat was my P.I. statement for the day.
WILD FAN 08/31/08

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