Fans of the SEC
Which recruiting class do you think will have the most immidiate impact to their respective teams?

Auburn 12%
Alabama 12%
Florida 25%
Tennessee 12%
LSU 12%
South Carolina 25%
wildbill21475 12/02/10
Carolina leading in the poll...gooo gamecocks!!!
If you were given a chance to vote for the Heisman who would have been your winner?

Mark Ingram 25%
Ndamakang Suh 50%
Toby Gerhart 25%
Colt McCoy 0%
Tim Tebow 0%
wildbill21475 02/05/10
All picks for the Annual Pick'em contest are due 1 hour before kickoff of the first bowl game on 19December or every game that has been started up until the point you submitted will not count.
wildbill21475 12/14/09
Who do you think is the favorite to win the Heisman at this point of the season?

Tim Tebow 22%
Mark Ingram 0%
C.J. Spiller 11%
Casey Keenum 0%
Colt McCoy 55%
Other 11%
wildbill21475 12/14/09
The 2nd Annual Wild Bill's Bowl Pick'em will begin as soon as bowls are announced.

Will post a blog with the rules as soon as the bowl matchups are announced.
wildbill21475 11/30/09
After the opening games which teams in the SEC seem to have the most to worry about after less than stellar games?

LSU 14%
Ole Miss 28%
Georgia 42%
South Carolina 14%
Other 0%
wildbill21475 11/10/09
The UF - UGA game was awesome.
haha riiiight gotcha. Gamecocks looking pretty good this season, even though no one wants to admit it. 4-1. Eric Norwood Heisman candidate!!

GO ****!
That poll has been up since opening week when the Gamecocks could only manage 7 points against NC State. On the Ole Miss win. Even a blind squirell finds a nut every now and then.
wildbill21475 09/28/09
this poll is crazy, did yall not see our game thursday night? Obviously not.
Go Gamecocks!!!!

GO ****!!!!
I encourage everyone to blog about their teams. If for some reason it wont let you post a blog let me know and I will change the settings to allow you all to write blogs.
wildbill21475 09/16/09
Which of the new SEC coaches will debut with the most wins this season?

Gene Chizik 16%
Dan Mullen 16%
Lane Kiffin 66%
wildbill21475 09/08/09
I encourage everyone to blog on their team throughout the season.
wildbill21475 09/08/09
I am not the newest member anymore! Thanks to WillBill this is the place for Auburn analysis
OfficeNinja 09/08/09
Finally we are seeing signs of life from the group after 6 months of hibernation.
wildbill21475 09/04/09
I'm ready for some Carolina Football!!!

Let's go Gamecocks!!!!
The visor tosses always cracked me up.
OfficeNinja 08/28/09
Hell I love Spurrier he always says something funny on camera.
wildbill21475 07/26/09
Is it just me or is Steve Spurrier already starting to be obnoxious??
WILD FAN 07/25/09
Well let's see what kind of career Jeremy Jarmon has with the Redskins.. as he was picked in the 3rd round in the supplementary draft. I think he can probably help this team
WILD FAN 07/18/09
From what I have read they are pretty deep at end and thin at tackle so chances are Micah would be in on a lot of tackles anyway.
wildbill21475 07/01/09
If UK don't shore up that D-line.. Micah will be in on ALOT of tackles I'm afraid
WILD FAN 07/01/09
You guys still have Micah Johnson manning the middle linebacker spot. I have been watching that kid since he was in high school at Ft. Campbell high. He is a stud player. Crazy thing about him to me is. I never thought he was that good when he was in high school, I just thought he was so much bigger than the rest of the kids that what he was doing just was a result of that. He has proven me wrong up there at UK though.
wildbill21475 06/28/09
What is the longest span of time Lane Kiffin will go without embarrassing himself and the University of Tennessee with his big mouth?

Less that a day 25%
More than a day but less than a week 25%
More than a week but less than a month 50%
Has he taken his foot out of his mouth? 0%
wildbill21475 06/28/09
Meeks staying in the NBA draft.. I think that is a wrong move. I don't believe he is 1st round pick.. so whoever is giving him advice isn't telling him the truth on things..
Jeremy Jarmon is going to enter the NFL supplementary draft held next month.. this kid made a mistake in taking a dietary supplement that wasn't approved by coaches and he then tested postive on a drug test that has him suspended for the year and since he's a senior.. he loses his college eligibility.. thats all the news that is news at UK.. coach Cal has been quiet lately.. wonder whats up??
WILD FAN 06/21/09
Yeah I think that is the kind of job Calipari has been looking for since he first put UMass on the map back in the 90's. I mean really there is probably only 3 or 4 jobs that guy would have left Memphis for, Kentucky, Indiana, UCLA, or North Carolina. Lucky for you guys in Lexington the Cats were the first to come calling.
wildbill21475 05/18/09
The only talk going around Lexington is Calipari.. so watch out SEC!! The CATS are back!! So is Patterson.. no word on Meeks yet.. but rumor has it.. he's back too.. like any other year.. not much talk coming from football side.. so I guess.. no news is good news
WILD FAN 05/17/09
After all the early entrants have declared, and incoming recruiting classes who do you think is the favorite to win the BCS National Championship next year?

Florida 80%
Texas 0%
Oklahoma 0%
Alabama 0%
USC 20%
wildbill21475 03/11/09
What game is going to steal the show this year?

BCS Championship Game 33%
Orange Bowl 0%
Rose Bowl 16%
Fiesta Bowl 50%
Sugar Bowl 0%
wildbill21475 01/20/09
Yeah SC laid an egg to end the season for the second year in a row. They are the team from my home state, but luckily for me I have never been a much of a fan of them. WAR EAGLE
wildbill21475 01/15/09
I want to apologize to all the great SEC fans out there. The Gamecocks played with no heart, and no care for their last 3 games..and it was very embarrassing to us. I'm know it was to the SEC as well.
Hopefully something will change next season.
Thanks Bill.. I'll be checking in from time to time. Its basketball time in the Bluegrass state and that means.. look out SEC.. here come the Wildcats!!
WILD FAN 01/14/09
My team didn't make a bowl game I have nothing to talk about. LOL. WildFan thanks for being a dedicated member of the group though.
wildbill21475 01/12/09
Is anyone else going to do a blog about their team in a bowl game or am I the only one??
WILD FAN 01/11/09
Congrats to Florida.. Winning the national championship and keeping it in the SEC.. where it belongs
WILD FAN 01/09/09
Add BAMA to the list of SEC LOSERS of bowl games
WILD FAN 01/03/09
WILD FAN 01/02/09
Kentucky Wins!! Spurrier's **** only SEC defeat so far
WILD FAN 01/02/09
BCS snub

As of right now what team will get left out of a BCS bowl?

* Alabama 0%
* Florida 0%
* Utah 33%
* Boise St 0%
* Ball St 66%
* Texas Tech 0%
wildbill21475 12/10/08

Big Brooklyn 12/07/08
What will be the direct result of the SEC Championship Game as of right now?

Florida plays for its second BCS championship in 3 years 100%
Alabama plays for its first Championship since the 92 season 0%
Florida gets BCS game but not championship because they lose before hand 0%
Alabama gets gets BCS bowl but not championship becaue of a loss to Auburn 0%
wildbill21475 12/02/08
As soon as the Bowl Pairings are announced I will have the pick'em up with the points spread. If the points spread changes then I will update that as needed. All picks will be made in the comments section so that everyone can view them and there will be no question about who wins the bragging rights.
wildbill21475 12/02/08
I will blog on whatever bowl florida goes to. Hopefully it will be the national title game?????
Big Brooklyn 11/30/08
Whatever bowl UK goes to.. I'll blog for it
WILD FAN 11/29/08
I am going to be doing a bowl pick'em for the group once bowl season begins and may even blog on each of the bowl games. Anyone else who wants to blog respective bowl games let me know and I will skip that bowl.
wildbill21475 11/27/08
Big Brooklyn 11/25/08
Big Brooklyn 11/18/08
Which SEC coach has done the best job so far this season ??

Rich Brooks..Kentucky 33%
Nick Saban..Alabama 16%
Steve Spurrier..South Carolina 16%
Bobby Petrino..Arkansas 0%
Urban Meyer..Florida 16%
Mark Richt..Georgia 0%
Bobby Johnson..Vandy 16%
Tommy Tuberville..Auburn 0%
Les Miles..LSU 0%
Houston Nutt..Ole MIss. 0%
Phillip Fulmer..Tennessee 0%
Sylvester Croom..Miss St. 0%
wildbill21475 11/17/08
How bout them Gamecocks?!?
Results of poll question;
What was the biggest shocker of the week ??

Fla.'s assault on UK..75 %

Ga. beat down of LSU ..25 %

Thanks to all that voted
WILD FAN 11/04/08
Just heard that Fulmer WILL NOT be back next year at Tennessee
WILD FAN 11/03/08
Come on guys we need some more interaction in the group. Lets see some blogs out of you guys about your teams Wildfan and myself can't do it all.
wildbill21475 11/03/08

Great win over TENNESSEE!
Big Brooklyn 11/01/08
Finally got a Gamecocks fan. Only a couple more and we will have the whole league represented.
wildbill21475 10/27/08

Carolinagirl is in da house!

Go Gamecocks!
Who changed the logo? I like it.
wildbill21475 10/24/08
A great link! Go hear and you can download the SEC Media Guide:

Everything you have ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask!
BruceS1G 10/23/08
Good Luck Wildbill..these teams have no fans..LOL
WILD FAN 10/22/08
Ok now we just need some fans for Vandy, South Carolina, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Miss St to be invited in.
wildbill21475 10/22/08
Sure you can Wildfan.
wildbill21475 10/22/08
Only other fans I know are Kentucky Fans.. can I invite them ??
WILD FAN 10/21/08
I'll say it again if you guys know of fans of the other SEC schools programs shoot them an invite.
wildbill21475 10/21/08
The KENTUCKY WILDCATS have entered the building.
WILD FAN 10/20/08
OK there's another Tiger on board but I'm not from Auburn, AL. I've read a few of the comments and can't stand Idle while you guys bash my Tigers because of 1 loss. Ha!
CenLA Tiger 10/20/08
Bruce can you post your weekly picks and recap on here when you do them?
wildbill21475 10/19/08
Bruce what do you think about Cody playing fullback for Bama today? I think Saban is giving the big guy to many reps. Unless he gets down to about 335 or so I think Saban is putting him in danger for injury what do you think. No Cody could be bad for the Bama run D.
wildbill21475 10/18/08
bill, what about our buds silars, fogg and PSU? granted, they aren't really SEC fans per se, but they do know their football and have a lot of class. It is your group, but a thought to consider.
BruceS1G 10/16/08
Ok so we have a couple of Auburn fans a couple of Bama fans and a Gators fan if you guys know of other quality people to invite that are fans of the other SEC teams send them an invite. I don't care about being the biggest group. I would like to have a fan of each team to blog about their respective team though.
wildbill21475 10/16/08
Hey you guys should be able to blog and start new topics in the locker talk area also. So feel free. If any of you know other SEC fans of other SEC teams then invite them also.
wildbill21475 10/15/08
I'll get us some pictures up when I get home. I can't do it from work they have our network locked down tight.
wildbill21475 10/14/08

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