March Madness of Throwdowns

I forfeit the rest of my matches.
PissOff 02/25/09
I won
Da Cheezer 12/27/08
I started my TD against Miami 95
Da Cheezer 12/22/08
How about a date like, tomorrow? That's right. Dec. 19th will start the play in games
Can we get a date? Like Jan. 15?
its coming.
Yes, be patient, he already told people to be patient.
CuntryBlumpkin 12/13/08
is anybody else here?
Da Cheezer 12/13/08
are we ever starting?
Da Cheezer 12/10/08
Everybody just be patient, it takes a little while to get these seedings done. I haven't had a lot of time recently so it is mostly my fault, just be patient.
We're starting once we get the seedings down.
Somebody of Note 12/01/08
when are we starting. we've had enough people for like a week
Da Cheezer 12/01/08
When we starting?
I will be gone until Sunday evening, so if it starts tomorrow, Friday, or before like 4 on Saturday, I will likely not be around.
CuntryBlumpkin 11/26/08
Da Cheezer 11/26/08
when we get the seedings done
when does it start?
Da Cheezer 11/25/08
Everybody is in, we will just have multiple play-in games
Am I in it?
someone drop out..... i want in.... i wish i got the invite sooner
Not everyone in this group will be in the tournament. 65 make it in, we have 67, if you don't make the field I am sorry.
Even though Dfan is the 66th, he is a great TDer and will be in this tournament.
After 65, the next people go on a waiting list. Likely, one or more people will cancel out.
Somebody of Note 11/23/08
Now what, we have too many members.
CuntryBlumpkin 11/23/08
Somebody of Note 11/23/08
1 member away
CuntryBlumpkin 11/23/08
People, invite your friends who aren't already in so that we can have 65 in.
Somebody of Note 11/22/08
Almost there!!
lemme know when it starts I'm all in
10 more spots to fill...
Somebody of Note 11/21/08
Ill do the tourney
Da Cheezer 11/20/08
Damn, this group is looking tougher and tougher by the minute...
Somebody of Note 11/20/08
rabble rabble rabble!
Where do I sign up?
NYFAN07 11/20/08
this sounds cool
Joe Dew 11/20/08
Thanks for the invite to "Where's My Team?". If you want me I'd love to be a part of this too.
I know I'm new, but I think I can be a part of it too.

Is it okay if I invite my sister too?
Count me in!!
Where's My Team? 11/20/08
Yeah Redwing, if we get 65 we will do the play in throwdown, but if we can get 64 that is fine with me
Lakers, shouldn't there technically be 65 TDers?
Somebody of Note 11/19/08
The seedings will be determined by me and a committiee of my choosing
This is awesome. I'm in for sure.
how do we determine seatings.
CuntryBlumpkin 11/19/08
Count me in
CuntryBlumpkin 11/19/08
I'm glad THREE of you sent me an invite, otherwise I would have so hopelessly lost.
Porkins. 11/19/08
Saint Mary's Moraga.
Mac Brody 11/18/08
By joining this group you are also agreeing to be in this tournament.
Thank you CCC, I know it's going to be hard to pull off, but were going to do it.
Good luck with a 64 person tourney.
C-C-C 11/18/08
no need to assign a team.
just assign me a team.
Georgia represent!?!
Wisconsin represent!
Nice to have all that have joined so far.
Agrippa: 11/18/08
Welcome to all, any suggestions let me know.

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