The Chicago White Sox Fan Group

Once again we can't hit at home, we got lucky in this doubleheader today 2 hits and stole game 1, and crap in game 2
azcardsfan 04/29/09
Sox can't win at home yet, if anyone is noticing they don't hit unless they are indoors or warm weather.
azcardsfan 04/25/09
Go Sox, I'm going to be posting some more stuff real soon, after they break camp
SouthSideHitMan 03/26/09
Word out of Glendale is Contereas is going to be ready way before the middle of the season, that is good news for the southsiders
SouthSideHitMan 02/17/09
I was watching a spring training report....Conteras has lost about 30/40 pounds, he barely looks like the same guy. & he says he ready to pitch right now! That would be a good thing for this team
SouthSideHitMan 02/16/09
Pitchers and Catchers getting ready to head to Glendale!
SouthSideHitMan 02/09/09
Hey guys whats up with this Abreau stuff, where the heck is he gonna play, unless we are unloading Dye, i would love to see us as much as i love him trade dye get Abreu, and also got sign Ben Sheets for say 2 years at like 8 mil a year, or even take a shot at Pedro for a year if they keep his pitch count to 85-90 pitches he is good.
azcardsfan 02/05/09
thought the Cards will going to pull it out last night
SouthSideHitMan 02/02/09
Hey guys don't give up on this group, even if we only have 4 guys we could make it fun, as I am in Arizona Cardinal fan group and its been me and 2 other guys all year and its been great, we can vent on everything together and there was always something to say, we talked at least 3 times a week.
azcardsfan 02/01/09
I confident that this group will me more active than the last Sox group In was in

I agree with you about Detroit, Jackson was a solid pickup and the Tigers SHOULD be much improved from last year
SouthSideHitMan 01/29/09
Our division is gonna be tough Detroit made the moves this yr. they should have made last yr. they got an awesome pen now and getting Edwin Jackson from Tampa is huge that kid is a stud you watch, I was hoping we got him.
azcardsfan 01/28/09
Listen guys good luck I will check this site every time I come on Fannation BUT let me tell you I tried last yr. and nobody participated I hope your group is active, also I am very knowlegable (even though I can't spell) about Chisox and baseball in general so if you ever need to know something fannmail me and I could answer it
azcardsfan 01/28/09
This is a brand new group so bare with us until we get our numbers up
SouthSideHitMan 01/27/09
Welcome to the family
SouthSideHitMan 01/26/09

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