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This group is dead !
TigerBait10 12/23/11
Ever have 1 of those feelings something grand is afoot? Again, Les, Gary, JJ, JL, JC and Krewe, I enter my impress request.
Gonzeaux 10/23/10
So, y'all did. Thanks, Guys. Made my weekend.
Gonzeaux 10/12/10
So, Les, Gary, JJ & Krewe, when I requested to be impressed. I meant it, score points. Sh|it or get off the pot.
Gonzeaux 10/09/10
What....did y'all quit already?
C'mon fellas, don't bail on me now.
Gonzeaux 09/30/10
MissState is looking scary.
Gonzeaux 09/18/10
Ok, JJ & Krewe, see note below.
Gonzeaux 09/17/10
Allright Les & Gary, impress me.
Gonzeaux 09/11/10
"I am not a Star-fleet commander, or T.J. Hooker. I don't live on Star-ship NCC-1701, or own a phaser. And I don't know anybody named Bones, Sulu, or Spock. And no, I've never had green alien sex, though I'm sure it would be quite an evening. I speak English"... William Shatner
Then LSU wins it. F___ me runnin and don't stumble because I'm sure as hell as amazed as every1 else.
Again......I'll be damned.
Gonzeaux 05/30/10
They have made it to the SEC champ game. Like the wheels of a Wal-Mart shopping cart, they found a way to right themselves. I'll be damned. Ha! Geaux Tigahs!
Gonzeaux 05/29/10
The wheels may have fallen off at the end of the season but with two straight wins in the SEC tournament, the Tigers are in the semi finals and the SEC Champs Florida are 2 and done! Geaux Tigahs!
CenLA Tiger 05/29/10
That grinding metal sound you hear is the LSU baseball program. The wheels have fallen off.
Gonzeaux 05/15/10
i love it.
The Cover Three 11/08/09
Anybody see the Steve Spurrier fit? Talk about funny.
Gonzeaux 11/07/09
Hey Tiger Fans!
TnerB57 10/28/09
I'll be in town as well. Are we witnessing the end of the Tulane/LSU series? I'm kind of sadened by that.
Gonzeaux 10/27/09
i will be at Tulane as well. It is my homecoming since I moved away in May. Can't wait.
The Cover Three 10/21/09
I was there for the UF game. It Sucked! But at least the D showed up. I'll be at Auburn and Tulane as well.
CenLA Tiger 10/20/09
sadly, i won't be there. i live in las vegas, and that somewhat makes it hard.
The Cover Three 10/06/09
I think so, I can only answer for the DFW krewe. Keep low and get to family camps that want to get rid of 1 ticket. My $0.02
Gonzeaux 10/06/09
you guys ready? it's going to be run this weekend? Who's going to the game? Who has tickets?
The Cover Three 10/04/09
I gave you blogging privelages Gonzeaux. I would love for you to contribute. I'll add one.
CenLA Tiger 10/02/09
Haven't seen any posts here in awhile. Are all the towels thrown in or what?
Gonzeaux 09/30/09
1st game in Tiger Stadium, and it looks rainy, Fellas. Anybody know of weather delays?
Gonzeaux 09/12/09
Cool on Mr. Don. Not so cool on Dickson. Bummer.
I will definitely spread the word on this site. It will warm hearts up here in big12 country.
Gonzeaux 05/31/09
Yea, I'm hooked like crack on the site. I met Don at the Riverfront Center at the recruiting bash this year. I've been reading his page daily for a few years now. He used to be a HS Football referee and he knows a lot of people in the sports community. If I had to guess I would say that he is close to 70 years old. He's originally from the Winnfield area so I bet he is related to Huey P. in some way. His brother is a State Senator. I think that his son does most of the website stuff but the updates are all from him. Glad you like the site, spread the news. BTW, if you have questions about LSU or recruiting, he will answer your emails within a couple of hours. I've sent him several things. But then again I'm a recruiting junkie. The other day I asked him if he thought that Travis Dickson would come to LSU or stay in Mississippi. He told me that a good source says that Dickson will sign with Ole Miss. Too bad Huh?
Well See ya, Geaux Tigers!
CenLA Tiger 05/30/09
Cen, Dude, that site can't get any better. I got another dude hooked on it.
Gonzeaux 05/28/09
Hey, LSU that's fine. Drop by when you can. You're always welcomed.
CenLA Tiger 04/21/09
Sorry I haven't been very active guys, anyways, it's spring break and I'm grounded from doing anything fun, so i'll be around.
*LSU* 04/14/09
LSU takes series 2-1 CryBaby. But GodAllmighty do you guys have hitters on that team.
Gonzeaux 04/12/09
My Tide took care of your Kitty Cats!
Cry Baby 04/11/09
LSU/Gumps (err....Bama) in baseball tonight. Gonna be a good series, hopefully better for the Tigas.
Gonzeaux 04/10/09
Congrats to LSU they gave UNC their toughest game on their path of destruction to the National Championship.
wildbill21475 04/09/09
I've had that freaking poll up there on the right for 2 weeks and no votes. Maybe I need to change it?
CenLA Tiger 04/01/09
Uh oh, Tiger fans.
Gonzeaux 03/19/09
I think they just got beat. No excuses here. I would say that he's done a pretty good job for a first year coach though. We'll have to see how this thing turns out.
CenLA Tiger 03/10/09
That's what I was wondering. If Trent Johnson decided to give guys playing time that he wouldn't normally during the last week since they had the conference locked up, or did Vandy and Auburn just beat them.
wildbill21475 03/10/09
Oh Yea, Shut up! :)
CenLA Tiger 03/09/09
I guess since they won the SEC already they may have gotten a little cocky. They better wake up or they won't make it too far in the tourney.
CenLA Tiger 03/09/09
How about them Tigers from the plains beating the stuffing out of them Bayou Bengals. Auburn is peaking at a good time.
wildbill21475 03/09/09
That's 1 thing w/ the shirtless coaches, or the hot girlfriend that goes to their university.
How committed is his girlfriend? Why doesn't she transfer to LSU?
Just Sayin.
Gonzeaux 03/03/09
Yea Gonzeaux,

I was reading DandyDon this morning and followed the link to that story. What a freak. I think the recruits got weirded out. No, it wasn't DD's it was Tigerbait and the story of one of our recent commits. That's right
CenLA Tiger 03/03/09
Bryce Brown + girlfriend @ Tennessee. Hopefully, their shirtless coaches scared him off to LSU. Ya never know.

I hope he took a stroll thru the quad. Nice scenery there to get that mind off the girlfriend.
Gonzeaux 03/03/09
I feel so dirty for posting here.
Hey Cen, give me blogging rights and I'll contribute to the blogs a little.
*LSU* 03/01/09
Welcome new members to this site. Most of you I know and respect and hope that this blog will be an escape form some of the sillier things that we have to put up with during the off season. I have made it primarily an LSU site but I am open to all SEC talk when it relates to competition with LSU. I completely open the floor for my first love, recruiting. If you want to post about that please do so no matter your team affiliation. Again, welcome everyone and it's your blog too so feel free to contribute.

CenLA Tiger 02/28/09
Havn't bought it yet, but once I do I am going to be burning up the roads with it.
wildbill21475 02/18/09
Now that's funny right there. Go ride your bike.
CenLA Tiger 02/16/09
That and LSU are the 2nd best Tigers in the SEC. LOL.
wildbill21475 02/13/09
This may take a while to take off seeing that the season and National Signing Day is over. Don't worry, the spring game is coming!
CenLA Tiger 02/13/09

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