On Top of MMA

I aint dead!
Do work son!
Guys, time to rock again. Look for fight reviews and fresh polls again. Get your pick em in for tonight.
I have been dredge at the bottom of an ocean.
I'm sorry, I kind of forgot about this group. I'll return to pick em for UFC 109.
CuntryBlumpkin 02/01/10
Never realized that Clouis wasn't even a member until now!
Thanks dude =)
It's up man!
Pic 'ems for 108?
Everyone have a blessed christmas! Can't wait for UFC 108... (yawn)... jk
Q-BERT 12/23/09
Or is it Chicken
Smells like Tuna
Chris Cyborg Santos is a MAN baby!
A spoon full of sugar
Now I got to write it down
Crap embedder didnt work
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I can't believe its almost freakin xmas!
Hola Senor!
Hey guys! I just joined the group, wanted to say hello!
Clouis_39 12/15/09
I think 107 pick ems will be up by wednesday night. Either myself or Roni will put them up.
for UFC 107... or am I missing something?
ScottC1010 12/05/09
What pick ems?
when will the new pickem's be up krypto?
ScottC1010 12/03/09
i am sorry ill check it oot
Group isn't dead. We just have more going on in the blog boards. Not many people talk on the message board because we all stay so busy in the MMA threads.

This group is dead as the usal...
Anderson would be GSP though......
Gsp is a beast and should fight every month.....haha I wish.
GSp has no slated opponent and the UFC said he won't return until March. That's the latest as of today!
I guess your right, watching a wiley old vet v. a dude with some skills. i tune it. And do we know the next time GSP is gonna fight?
Um, it's free! Of course I will watch. If you watch TUF then obviously Vera vs Randy is better then that.
Ufc 105 is not going to be worth watching, anyone agree?
Welcome baby Assain. Alright everyone, thanks to Shank the pick em is up in the message boards here.
Are we doin a pickem?
CuntryBlumpkin 10/23/09
Keep this thing active guys!
Horror story, who were you asking to accept your TD. If it was me please rechallenge I am game for MMA TDs all day.
accept my td
Horror Story 09/20/09
Nice scott someone with nerve
Krypto I am picking Maia..
ScottC1010 08/27/09
I notice in the poll no one is picking any possibility of a Maia win!
Good call wildbill, lets discussion board this stuff more. Pick em for 102 is up guys!
Anyone think that Penn let the Florian fight go about as long as he wanted it to. The ease with which he took Florian down and finished him was just silly.
wildbill21475 08/20/09
Come on guys. Keep this group active. Any MMA thread you want to post in here feel free to do so and we will make intelligible conversation on it.
Anyone gonna comment on my new pic! It rocks I know!
Most likely the Pick em for UFC 101 and WEC will go up tonight. UFC 101 winner gets the pick and WEC winner gets the quote.
I get to send the pic! Yes!
lucasstabe 07/29/09
Gerard and Sobral still set to rumble at August 15th Strikeforce bout!
Ok AndreiA send me a new group picture since neither Auburn nor Trith have responded.
The joke is over no Fedor Barnett surprise surprise
I meant to transfer down results of last poll. It was 40% to 40% thinking Mir, GSP, Hendo versus Lesnar, GSP, Hendo would win. So 40% of those polled were dead on. I don't remember what the other 10 percent picked.
AndreiA and Auburn tied for second and I may soon ask one fo you guys for a picture and one for a quote as Truth has not responded to my FMs or posted anything on here. He currently isn't even a group member.
Something is wrong with the access computer I am using here in San Antonio. I know who the pick em winner is. I will post a great blog with all the pictures on Thursday as I can not access the multimedia I need from here in San Antonio!
I will have pick em winner results up here really soon! What an amazing weekend!
up to 57% now say Mir, GSP, and Hendo will walk away hands raised.
Ok guys the pick em is going up and I will message board it a lot for high visibilty!
The last one sounds good to me.

Bragging rights, and name listed and event won.
CuntryBlumpkin 06/30/09
Unless you want to do the other events as pick ems just for bragging rights and het your name listed next to the group photos as recent winners and the event you won!
Like I said, I will be open to anything to keep us active. If you want to get the cards for other events we will post them in the pick em. Do you want different rules for those pick ems? The only problem becomes that the winner might only have their chosen picture up for a mere day or two with all the MMA match-ups across the board.
I'm ready to dominate Pick 'em

Are we doing Pick em for just UFC events, or are we doing Strikeforce, Dream, Affliction, etc?
CuntryBlumpkin 06/29/09
I did add a new poll and I try to keep it active with polls, pick ems, and blogs that are as relevant as possible. I have had some great in-depth past ones. I wish other people would stay active in here too!
I think it's time for a new poll.

I just found this group, and as long as the group is active, I'll be active.
CuntryBlumpkin 06/26/09
Guess I will at least keep this current for myself! So did you guys here, UFC is gonna sign Fedor to a one fight contract! Nope, just kidding.
If you guys are interested in any hot topic MMA subject let me know. I will research it, review it, and post about it with pictures for our viewing pleasure!
Guys, I plan to keep this current, when anything happens MMA wise I will try to keep it UTD. Any good pics hit me up!

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