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Traveling until next year. Maybe we could mirror each others group? just a thought.
done with this site until January..
wntr sux 11/30/09
Mark should have wiped the wall with Kyles Cot.
Joe 10:36 08/24/09
They can't find the exit.. LOL!!
WILD FAN 07/31/09
Good to see this group hasn't left the building!
Nice race in Chicago for a change
wntr sux 07/13/09
Knock Knock, anyone home?
not much feedback, so I haven't been as diligent in updates.
wntr sux 07/06/09
wow this group has gone dead?
Joe 10:36 06/16/09
Time for me to go, Hope to see you guys latter on in life. Be good!
Desert Dog 06/04/09
time for Fox to step aside...
wntr sux 06/02/09
Let the fun begin. JR. gets a new crew chief, bout time.
I'll hang around if you keep this current. Let's have fun!
SpOiLeD bRaT 05/28/09
Congrats to Billy Bad Butt!!!
wntr sux 05/25/09
looks today like NASCAR is just trying to get to the half way point
wntr sux 05/25/09
Sorry I've been occupied for a few days. Looking forward to the weekend racing.
Desert Dog 05/21/09
If anyone wants access to post, just let me know
wntr sux 05/18/09
The #31 team wins the Pit Crew, they get 1st pick at which pit stall they want for the All-Star race.
5/4/11 05/14/09
And how about Brad finishing 7th and Joey finishing 9th?!
5/4/11 05/10/09
Congrats to Mark 'The Kid' Martin!
5/4/11 05/10/09
Jeremy Mayfield was just busted for failing drug test! Suspended indefinitely! WOW! Never like that ahole anyway!
5/4/11 05/09/09
#17-Kenseth, 12th out, 179.514, NEW TRACK RECORD
wntr sux 05/08/09
If you know of anyone from the defunct NFC group, please invite them here. Thanks
wntr sux 05/08/09
you should be able to post now
wntr sux 05/08/09
What happened to the old group?
Joe 10:36 05/07/09
May I post on the Blog section?
Desert Dog 05/06/09
Here I am, May I join the group?
Nas88, Why did you delete me as a friend? I don't understand!
Desert Dog 05/06/09
Yes, that will be interesting to see where Brad goes. I am sure that Rick has some kind of plan to bring Brad up to Cup...maybe even along with JR Motorsports....
5/4/11 05/06/09
Hendricks will have to decide soon on the fate of Brad K.
wntr sux 05/06/09
Mark Martin will be running another full schedule in the #5 next year.
5/4/11 05/06/09

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