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Dallas Cowboys beat the seahawks down, now the real test is gonna come against the Eagles. ..
LEGEND956 11/03/09
Why isn't Atlanta on the poll?
hey, the giants got a shot this year, an even better shot if they pick up a reliable receiver(preferably one who doesn't shoot himself)
Giambi Owns 05/19/09
who is the creator
Randy dandy 04/01/09
Anyone else have mixed emotions about T.O. leaving Dallas? I'm glad for the team, but I'll be sorry to not have the circus to watch any more!
blakelylaw 03/05/09
NFL Nation and NFL Fan Club...two great groups ruined by the new FanNation...
Cheezhead 02/16/09
I didn't see where anyone had created a group for FanNation, so I did!! Sign up for the Peter King Challenge & join my group, FanNation Great 1s. Compare your picks to your FanNation Friends & Foes!!!
CanofOil 09/04/08
I run a group called NFL Picks Tournament. IF you are interested the group page is here: Please send me a message if your interested. Also, please read the rules so you know how it works.
CJBOSOX 08/23/08
It's training camp time and everyone is asleep. GET OFF your old lady, girl slut, guy (damnnn lol) and start getting ready for some foot thingy ....just wake up and PARTICIPATE!!
Raidernation aint NEVER scared!!!..Hey my fellow Football Fans!
Miss ESPN 07/22/08
Im a Big Bucs Fan and I wanted to join the best NFL group on Fannation. Thanks .
N8Nole 07/10/08
I think you forgot to add some good teams to the poll question
Fanmail DFan about a possible TD Tourney.
anybody want to have a tourny
Dooly 06/28/08
hey, join our fantasy football league! It is private and we need a few more guys.

Go to this:

the password is= packers

please join, and invite whoever you want!
Dooly 06/26/08
anyone want to join fantasy football.

Go to this:

the password is= packers

Dooly 06/26/08
vote on this thow down please see what you think
cowboys#9romo 06/18/08
2008 NFL Mock Draft - Final Version! Check it out!
Doodle24 04/17/08
I agree he'll be missed..I just don't think he was as great as everyone else.
Badger: I still think he will be missed...
If there are any veterans or active duty members in here, I started a new group for us:
DJTG_2010 03/09/08
Will losing Samuel hurt as bad as everyone says it will? He really only had one outstanding year..with 10 picks...and I think almost 70 tackles..all of this other years in the NFL we're average. Just playing devils advocate.
Losing Samuel will hurt though...
They did resign Moss, so that's good for them...
did the patriots season just kept getting worse after the superbowl or what?
gameon 03/05/08
Could be a good idea. I doubt it will happen though...
Taking away all home games for a season-all games on the road. That would greatly cut revenue, plus no money from the TV contract.
RHATER is Gone. 03/01/08
Pretty good blog...
Check out this 2008 NFL Mock Draft

Let me know what you guys think!
Doodle24 02/22/08
By "him", I mean Belichick...
Yeah, suspending him might be good...
Cincy: I would be mad at Chad too...
I"m not sure what the NFL should do...Belichick obviously just didn't misunderstand the rule because a memo went out to every team specifically saying dont do tape other teams signals...I guess suspending him the whole year might be the best course of action
The NFL should suspend Bill Belicheck fot the 2008 season, and take away 5 1st round picks from the Patriots for the next 5 years.
YDT8523 02/15/08
So,He still had 2 Td's Ravensfan,hehe,stick that up **** Ocho Cinco.(I'm very ticked with Chad)
(Cincy) 02/15/08
Here's a link:
Well, after they got caught earlier in the year, they stopped I guess.
Apparantly they have been taping since 2000. They never stopped....
For the poll the Pats should have to have a loss the game they were caught cheating along with a fine. Also they should lose all of their rings since 2000.
Da Masta 02/15/08
NFC won though...
TJ who's your mama had 2 tds in the pro bowl
(Cincy) 02/12/08
I'm gonna try to watch it, but I might not be able to...
I personally won't be watching the Pro Bowl probably
Cool... =)
OK, I see where you're coming from...
Super Squirrel 02/09/08
"Almost only counts in horeshoes and hand grenades."

That was directed at Super Squirrel...
It's still one more football game to watch. I'll take all the football I can get! =)
I'm sorry, but does anyone here actually give a damn about the Pro Bowl? It's worse than the NBA All-Star game, no one hits, no one wants to be there...
Super Squirrel 02/09/08
But as you can see almost doesn't count.Almost only counts in horeshoes and hand grenades.
(Cincy) 02/09/08
Yeah, it is definitely hard to do right now. And yes, 18 is impressive, but in the big picture, the Pats will be remembered as that team 'that almost went undefeated'.
Winning 19 consecutive football games is extremely hard to do and the fact that the Patriots got 18 straight is absolutely impressive but I agree the task of going undefeated is almost impossible look at all the stuff that has to go you have to avoid serious injuries and you have to remain consistent for all those games and not peak to early which I think the Pats did
That's true...
If this year's Patriots can't do it I can't imagine any team doing it...but then again you can never say never (just like the G-men!) : ]
jho 02/06/08
The game was boring until the 4th quarter. Then it got good.
Yeah, they won't come close.
That was so sweet watching the Giants was a great game to watch. I enjoyed every second.
gameon 02/06/08
I don't think the Patriots come anywhere near where they did this year
I don't know. It's a tough call to make now because there are so many things to factor in...
No team will ever go undefeated in the NFL ever again.
YDT8523 02/04/08
(Cincy) 02/04/08
suprise suprise no one wanted the pats to win the super bowl in the poll
Mannny 02/04/08
An amazing catch by David Tyree late in the game...
Great game last night. Congrats to Eli and the rest of the Giants.
Got the gaem on tonight!!! I can't wait!!!!
Alright, cool.
I'll maybe type up a blog after the Super Bowl...
I was for a little while. Then, I don't know what happened... I'll get some people to help...
We should have had people doing weekly updates and stuff during the season.
DJTG_2010 01/28/08
hey if any of you could look at my penn st throwdown that would be great, its just that it only lasted like 20 minutes an only 3 people voted including myself and the other guy
Aaron1532 01/10/08
My 4th Mock draft of the year!!
Doodle24 01/04/08
My 4th Mock Draft of the year!
Doodle24 01/04/08
yo i need help in this TD read and vote accordingly
DzNutz 01/03/08
Brian Billick was just fired. He was formerly the coach of the Baltimore Ravens.
Nah, it's popularity but it goes with the talent. I mean, if you're well known, you're most likely known for your talent. But some people don't get voted in and they're amazing at what they do. This is probably because their team ain't doin very well. But yeah, popularity and talent go together.

Baltimore will probably have the 8th draft pick this year. I can't see them keeping it. I'm guessing that the Ravens will trade their pick down...

What do you think your favorite team will do with their draft pick? (For the first round)
It can be a popularity contest because the people that good are most likely popular. But it is a talent contest. The people that are good will be in it.
i hope denver will actually draft someone they'll use
Aaron1532 12/31/07
Go Jaguars!
DzNutz 12/27/07
Yeah, sure. =)
I love the NFL can i get the password

galloway vs colston
im dead 12/22/07
hey check out this throwdown about T.O. and his meltdown
lucfries12 12/19/07

Great BCS blog

NEP blog check it OUT!
The Mods made new rules on FanNation...
How the heck did I lose that? I was away for the last two days, very busy off line... since when does it only take one day for your turn to forfeit???
His turn was forfeited, so just let the voting finish.

Eagle Hater hasn't responded within 24 hours. Do I advance?
Denis24 12/06/07
These are the topics for the 3rd NFL Fan Club TD League for Week 2. The person listed first begins the arguments. If you forget your topic, you can look in the NFL Fan Club locker talk. Please begin these Throwdowns right away. If you don't begin the TD by Thursday, you automatically lose. If you don't respond within 24 hours, you automatically take the loss. Label the TD: NFL Fan Club TD League 3 - Week 2 - (Topic). If you object to your topic, simply tell me and I'll see what I can do about it.

DetroitFan vs. Ed Reed - The worst starting QB in the NFL is...

TBA vs. IrishR#1 - Great Offense against great Defense, which is better?

Mac vs. NCshvDavid - Top 5 TE (In order)

Wallace vs. TBA - Are the Browns a team to be reckoned with?

Lana vs. Phillyman - Top 5 NFL teams (In order)

Denis24 vs. Eagle Hater - What player has done the best coming off an injury? (Must have missed at least 3 games)

TO IRISH AND WALLACE: The person your facing is TBA because I am currently waiting on 2 reserves. I will notify you when you can begin your TD Wallace.

Ok, begin these right away. Thanks.
Who do you think will beat them in the playoffs?
i think the pats will go 16-0 but lose in the playoffs
hokieguy001 11/30/07

My Week 1 TD with Irish.

Good luck nomarfan.
These are the topics for the 3rd NFL Fan Club TD League for Week 1. The person listed first begins the arguments. If you forget your topic, you can look in the NFL Fan Club locker talk. Please begin these Throwdowns right away. If you don't begin the TD by Thursday, you automatically lose. If you don't respond within 24 hours, you automatically take the loss. Label the TD: NFL Fan Club TD League 3 - Week 1 - (Topic). If you object to your topic, simply tell me and I'll see what I can do about it.

DetroitFan vs. Pecota - Best O-Line Unit in the NFL this year

Mac vs. IrishR#1 - Who will lead the NFL in interceptions at the end of the year?

Ed Reed vs. NCshvDavid - Division with the best RB's

Wallace vs. Lana - Best Individual O-Lineman

Denis24 vs. Phillyman - Division with the best QB's

Nomarfan vs. Eagle Hater - Division with best WR's

Ok, begin these right away!!!
HEy everyone check out my blog on the Patriots
I don't think they are "heating up." They have won only 2 straight games. That's not a whole lot...
falcons are starting to heat up
im dead 11/15/07
I think they will take more then 1 game... We'll just have to wait and see, right? =)
by the looks of their schedule for the rest of the season i only see them winning 1 of those and thats to Tampa bay
UK faithful 11/12/07
But, the 'Skins making the playoffs as a wild card will depend on a LOT of other things needing to happen that happen...
I think they are a fairly good team. The won't win their division, the Cowboys will take it. But, I can see them making the playoffs as a wild card.
ravensfan wut is your view on the redskins?
UK faithful 11/11/07
Instead os spamming everyone I am going to try it this way. Check out my special rankings blog:
Great job on the mock draft.
Early 2008 NFL mock draft.
Doodle24 11/05/07
Join my Eagles Group
Steelers Suck ****
RAY52LEWIS 11/04/07
Yeah, you can join. I'll send you an invite.
hey hostilities from this steelers fan...but i was wondering if i cuold join....thanks!
i was jk

the colts will win by 3 points
devin hester group
platinumpat 10/30/07
Wow, bold prediction.
Colts 51 Pats 0
and glad to be apart of the pretty new but, on this other group, i posted my week 8 and i got 9/12 from over the 3 losses were because i voted for hometeams instead of who i knew would win...but, oh well. im excited to see what this group is all about
CarmenHOU 10/29/07
31-28 Pats baby.
CarmenHOU 10/29/07
Colts 45
Pats 42

The Pats are really good, it's just that the Colts are slipping under the radar. That's why nobody picks them.
Cheezhead 10/29/07
Pats 41, Colts 32
Neal Coolong 10/29/07
Pats by 3, last second drive.
Pats by 10
Patriots628 10/28/07
I say the Pats by 7.
I like the Pat's by 2 TD's
Harry Callahan 10/27/07
I"ll take Colts. I've just got a feeling that the Colts can win it.
Yeah, he'll easily win it.
Nice poll. AD is winning ROY.
dane_porter12 10/26/07
I got the Pats.
dane_porter12 10/26/07

Colts vs. Pats: Who ya got winning?
It has been received.
dane_porter12 10/26/07
Yeah, here comes an invite.
Hi, can I have the password.
dane_porter12 10/26/07
Ok, I'll send you both invites.
I want to join also.
Harry Callahan 10/26/07
If I can, may you please fanmail me the password?? Thank you.
I would like to join. I love the NFL.
Yeah, that will be a good game.
One thing is for sure the Pats wont beat themselves, which is the only team that could beat the Pats. I'm really looking forward to the Colts/Pats match up
It looks as if the Pats may be holding that trophy at the end of the year. Though it is still early...
I don't think that was Bettis... I actually have no idea who the picture is of.
Sweet new group pic of Jerome Bettis holding up the Lombardi trophy from Superbowl XL!!!!!!!
That could drop him in the rushing ranks....
It's going to be tough running today for Willis McGahee against his former team, the Bills.
I can't see it being Edge. LT has a good shot as does AP.
who voted mcgahee? that's a travesty. It'll be Edge, LT, or AP.
Super Squirrel 10/20/07
I'll send you an invitation...
i would love to join this group. who is the creator because i would like to know the password so i can join
As the poll or a message?
what about....hwo will win the superbowl?
chargers08 10/15/07
Thanks for the topics Cassidy.
Come on everyone, we need topics!!!
k cool thanks
DawkinsWeaponX 10/09/07
2008 NFL Mock Draft. Tell me what you think.
Doodle24 10/09/07
Ok everyone, here are the NFL Fan Club TD League topics for Week 4. Please label them NFL Fan Club TD League - Week 4 - (Topic). If you have any objections to these topics, please tell me. The person listed first begins the arguments. BEGIN THESE RIGHT AWAY!!

Cassidy's House vs. Mac - Who will stay winless longer: The Rams or Saints? (This TD needs to be finished early before next weeks games!!)

DetroitFan vs. RedskinHater - The Bears: Can they come back to make the playoffs?

Lana vs. Steelercooz - If you were Dan Marino, would you rather have Brett Favre or Peyton Manning hold the all time Touchdown record? (Assuming Manning breaks the record)

IrishR#1 vs. NCshvDavid - Over/under: 11.5 wins for the Packers

Ravens RB #23 (Ed Reed) vs. CavaBearDians - Pick 1 player on Defense to build a team around TODAY.

DJTG_2010 vs. erwin - Who will finish higher in their division, the Jaguars or Titans?

Ok, that's it.
Yeah, thats fine.
Thnks for the invite raven and can i tell my cuz the password so she can join?
DawkinsWeaponX 10/05/07
How fast can a regulation football game be concluded to where the lengthiest regulation game ever to be concluded. Wait no major issue just find the score? Why even hint I'm guessing for me to find the answer I might have to find out how to join this group first , I suppose.
Joseph.mi 10/05/07
How do i join?
DawkinsWeaponX 10/04/07
That hurts me just looking at it
Check out my new profile pic!!!
Your welcome.
thanks for inviting me to the group.
hey thanks for inviting me into the group...
BYD Racer 10/03/07
DetroitFan said he will challenge you tonight NC.
It's already going Cassidy.
can we kick off week 3 cuz i got an itch?
i'm waiting on the challage- I notice I'm second in all 3 weeks
7#bag _ Com 10/03/07
Mac, you win automatically. Erwin took waaaaaayyyyy too long.
That's true DJ.
I challenged Erwin to our Week 3 TD 3 days ago.

What do I do if he doesn't respond in the next few days?
It's good that Favre is having a good year, but I only see him going out if they win the Super Bowl. That seems the most logical way for him to go out.
DJTG_2010 10/01/07
I know. But It's a good topic.
Ugh, tough poll.
But how 'bout Favre DJ? He's doing great. If he retires after this year (which he should), he'll be going out with a great year.
I love the ravens, and I will untill the day I die.
Cankles 10/01/07
My Ravens are 2-2. =(
Go Packers! 4-0!
DJTG_2010 10/01/07
My TD with Erwin.

Nice pic. And I agree with Ben, this group's getting too big for you to do it on your own, no offense...
New pic in here!!!
where is Joey gosh give him love
Ravensfan, you REALLY should give some people in this group super member or admin powers...
Big Ben68 09/26/07
Sorry erwin, I can't change the rules. I didn't change for Irish, so it would be unfair to change it for you. Sorry.
Oh my god soooooo angry!!
Alright, my bad...gimme another 20 minutes, it'll be up
Neal Coolong 09/25/07
Ahem, come on Cooz!
Bring it Cooz!
Ok guys, here are the topics. Begin these either tonight, Sunday, or Monday. The person listed 1st gets to begin the arguments. Please label them NFL Fan Club TD League - Week 2 - (topic). If you have any objections to the topics, tell me. Thank you.

IrishR#1 vs. erwin - Should Kyle Boller start for the Ravens over Steve McNair?

RedskinHater vs. CavaBearDians - The toughest team in the NFL at home is...

Steelercooz vs. Mac - The worst team in the NFL this year will be...

Cassidy's House vs. Lana - Most underrated position in the NFL (Minus O and D Line)

DetroitFan vs. Ravens RB #23 - The Defensive ROY will be...

DJTG_2010 vs. NCshvDavid - The easiest team to face at home is...

That's it.

Irish and I...only 15 votes guys...I mean, geez, a couple of Glasgow Celtic guys deserve a few more votes than THAT!
Neal Coolong 09/22/07
All members of the NFL Fan Club TD League, I'm going away from Friday night to Late Sunday. I'll post the standings in the NFL Fan Club for the TD League when I get back. I'll send out the topics then for Week 2 too. Thank you.

It is complete! We have concluded!

My TD with RedskinHater.

You must check it out!!!
Steve Smith=Top 3 WR in NFL
Steve Smith=Beast
Steve Smith is a GOD. Its going to be between him and Randy Moss for the league lead in TD's.
Houston played the game of thier LIVES

but did you see smiths 3rd TD?
OMG! Lets see ANYONE do that

Carolina Sports
7#bag _ Com 09/17/07
Here's my TD which Cava hasn't responded to yet...
Both Jake and Smith played well. They just had no run production and the defense was terrible. I dont know how they went from shutting down the Rams to getting blown out by Houston.

Carolina gets Atlanta next week, they WILL win that game.
Or however you spell it. Lol
Yeah, I thought the Panthers would win it easily. Esepcially with the way Steve Smith was going....
Nobody thought the Texans could beat the Panthers. Except Texan fans of course.
Yeah, our "O" needs to step up.
Oke doke, I started my TD with Redskin Hater...
The Ravens looked somewhat ok yesterday, I'm still really concernced with the offense
TyBk 09/17/07
My bad, I meant this one
ballbright 09/16/07
Check this TD out, and give your honest opinion.
ballbright 09/16/07
Here are the topics. Ok guys, here are the NFL Fan Club TD League topics. The person listed first gets to pick their side of the argument. Please begin these anytime on Monday. If you can't, please tell me. If you have any objections to the topics, please tell me. Please title it NFL Fan Club TD League 2 - Week 1 - (Topic). Thank you.

Mac vs. RedskinHater - Who is the most influential player in NFL history?

Steelercooz vs. IrishR#1 - If you could pick 1 player to start a franchise around TODAY, who would it be?

erwin vs. CavaBearDians - The division with the best starting QB's is....

Ravens RB #23 vs. DJTG_2010 - The Rookie of the Year will be... (Offensive)

Lana vs. NCshvDavid - If you could pick 1 teams roster for fantasy football, What team would it be? (Defense included)

Cassidy's House vs. DetroitFan - The best WR in the NFL this year will be...

Ok, thats it. Thank you.
The topics for the TD League will be out Sunday.
He'll slow-cook them for a quarter to seal in their juices. Cooking in Nashville lives by that principle. When in Rome...
Neal Coolong 09/15/07
Peyton Manning will.
The Colts will not eat the Titans alive
Dukefan 09/14/07
They will come out on late Saturday/Sunday.
what are the topics?
7#bag _ Com 09/14/07
how do you get in the TD league
wissports09 09/10/07
I could see that happening...
Look for Palmer tp put up 4,000+ yards, 30+ TDs this year.
Poll changed.
Very true. I'm changing the poll now...
Where is Michael Vick on the poll? Maybe Pacman?
I understand Polomalu, but why Alexander?
I voted other for Troy Polumalu and Shaun Alexander
GoatHCW 09/04/07
Talk football....
sweet wht do i do
Footballfan4 09/03/07
A group to discuss football...
i just started this today i am not sure on wht to do
Footballfan4 09/03/07
HI wht is this
Footballfan4 09/03/07
The championship that is.
I began it.
Soon. I went away for the last few days...
Hey ravensfan, when is the Championship going to get going?
TheNest6827 09/02/07
Oh, my bad. It was on password the whole time though....
I'm glad I'm FINALLY back in. lol. I accidentally left a while back, and then he set the password, so I couldn't get back in. Thanks dude.
RHATER is Gone. 09/01/07
Check out my blog:
DesertStormVet 08/29/07
Lizard King, look at it this way..somehow you had a 17-2 lead. therefore it is not impossible for your opponent to rack up his points total also. There is no conspiracy going on. Apparantly the voters read your comments and disagreed with you.
Nevermind on that TD.

It doesnt even matter.
Hey guys, Im in a throwdown since yesterday in which I was winning 17-2. Today, I come back to this throwdown and Im losing 25-17 without my opponent even posting an argument and the throwdown not even visible on the In Progress page.

In other words, my opponent or someone else cheated to help him. The TD was obviously going my way, I should be winning by a landslide right now. But Im down by 5 votes, and the moderators of FanNation told me "nothing" could be done.
i'm going to lose and miss the playoffs because i messed the argument up, not because i was beat head to head, this bl0ws !!!
Double J. 08/21/07
Will Ravens RB make the playoffs? Will NCshvDavid make the playoffs? The drama continues...
I voted for other. I HATE the Vikings
PackersLP21 08/20/07
Well I hate the steelers when they play Baltimore When it comes to watching, I hate watching Tampa Bay and Carolina more then any other teams in the NFL
GoatHCW 08/20/07
Vote to Ravens!
DJTG_2010 08/19/07
I hate the Seahawks
i like the rams
best offense on turf
RBNYJPAngelisGod 08/18/07

Im started my TD with NCshvDavid.
You can be in the next league. Anyway, it had already started, and then you joined.
damn it how did i miss out on this league?

if someone drops out let me know
GoatHCW 08/16/07
How come I'm always the road team?

What am I AA?
7#bag _ Com 08/15/07
I am here let the tds begin baby
Haha, okay, I was invited, I joined.

Now what? lol
Bio1590 08/13/07
My most hated: the BENGALS
pdswans 08/12/07
Hey guys, here are the NFL Fan Club TD League Topics for Week 4. If you forget them, they are in the locker talk in NFL Fan Club. Start them around mid-sunday. Title them NFL Fan Club TD League - Week 4 - (Topic.) Side listed first begins the argument.

The best rookie in the NFL this year will be... - mattmillen4president vs. NCshvDavid.

The top 5 TE's in the NFL are... - Shake_N_Bake vs. yankeeslifer

What free agent will have the biggest impact this year? - uofmrules vs. Ravens RB #23 Willis McGahee

Who will have more wins: The Browns or Lions? - CLEVELANDDIEHARD vs. ravens26

Chad Johnson or Marvin Harrison: Whos better? - ravensfan vs. thenest6827

Steelers or Bengals, Who will finish higher in their division? - VikingsMX vs. metsfan4life
check out my new nfl TD:
Double J. 08/11/07



First 11 to send me there email address will be in the league.


come join my fantasy sports group
WEEK 3 Throwdown

LanaLikesBrady vs NCshvDavid
7#bag _ Com 08/10/07
My pick from the poll: Other

The Team: Atlanta Falcons
Also, I had to challenge VikingsMX to our NFL Fan Club TD because his old profile, footballjunkie47, got hacked.
I don't think xNeCrOfEeLiAcTx uses the site anymore so he will no longer be in the TD Tournament. Shake_N_Bake will replace him.

Check this out...
Check out my TD and give it a vote guys.
Suit Up! 08/06/07

This TD has practically gotten no viewers...
Check out this throwdown:

thanks and hopefully you'll vote for me!!!
Big Ben68 08/06/07
Ok guys, here are the topics for the NFL Fan Club TD League. Remember, the person listed first gets to pick their side of the argument. Try and start the TD around mid-Sunday. Title it NFL Fan Club TD League - Week 3 - Topic. If you can't do it, please tell me.

Best receveing core in the NFL - ravensfan vs. footballjunkie47

Palmer or Brees, Who's better? - uofmrules vs. NCshvDavid

Over/Under 12 wins for the Patriots - thenest6827 vs. metsfan4life

What coach is in the "Hottest" seat? - yankeeslifer vs. ravens26

Who will win more games, the Browns or the Texans? - mattmillen4president vs. CLEVELAND DIEHARD

Best CB duo in the NFL - Ravens RB #23 Willis McGahee (formerly known as Ravens FS #20 Ed Reed) vs. xNeCrOfEeLiAcTx

Alright guys, thats the topics.
Check out this throwdown about the best FB in the NFL:

Thanks and hopefully you'll vote for me.
Big Ben68 08/05/07
Here are my top 10 busts from the 2007 NFL Draft.
Bah Humbug 08/04/07
I sent the topics to everybody...

Pretty cool and unique TD I got into...
Where are the topics?
7#bag _ Com 08/04/07
Alright guys, the topics are out.
hey could you guys check out this throwdown about the oakland raiders i am not asking you to vote for me but just check it out thanks (you can get to it in my profile)
lucfries12 08/01/07
Vote on this "Derrick Thomas better than Shawne Merriman" throwdown
bIGROCKHOGG 07/30/07
If you are a fan of Roy Willams come defend him in this throwdown.roy willams not top 5 safety in the nfl thanks
packer* BS 07/29/07
Check out this WHAT IF throwdown:

it is between me and Ruby Noon...

thanks...and hopefully you vote for me...
Big Ben68 07/29/07
I started a new Packers group, PackerNation. Come and join if you're interested.
DJTG_2010 07/29/07
Hey everyone, my rant seemed pretty popular, so every Tuesday night, I will post a new one.
DJTG_2010 07/25/07
Hey guys, in the NFL Fan Club TD Tournament, this weekend (July 28,29) will be a bye weekend for everyone. I am going away and won't have enough time to set it up this weekend.
i vote for uofmrules. coaching is the difference here.
i voted for uofmrules in his orig. TD vs macdamage
Double J. 07/24/07
HEY, ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF THE NFL FAN CLUB. The CHAMPIONSHIP of my FN FFL Tourney is currently underway. It is between DJTG_2010 and mikesteelnation1. It is about what is more the reason for high flying passing attacks in today's NFL. Well, come by, read the arguments, place a vote, and make a comment. Enjoy it:
Big Ben68 07/24/07
I'm gonna post it on the message board once uofmrules replys and tells me if hes cool with it...
Hey guys...

My throwdown with uofmrules is tainted. Once again, somebody used their multiple accounts to vote against uofm in a matter of minutes, and as of right now with 10 hours of voting remaining, Im winning 38-18. It should be very close and yet the cheating of another user has ruined it.
hey, can someone mail me the password or invite Broncos forever 7:30 in?, thanks
the link to mine and Macs TD
Uofmrules* BS 07/24/07
the throwdown is at this website check it out
philly phighter* 07/21/07
yoo chech out this throwdown especially if your joining a fantasy football team this year
philly phighter* 07/21/07
Check out this throwdown, it should be a good one and make sure to read the arguments:

Thanks...hopefully you'll vote for me!!
Big Ben68 07/20/07
Nothing. You still would have to win the playoffs, superbowl etc.
Hey I beat Denis24.

What do I win?
DJTG_2010 07/19/07
How to get smoked in a TD

can I have some feedback on this from REAL NFL people? Not ones that think the QB is eveything?
7#bag _ Com 07/18/07
This Sunday.
when is week 2

Check this out all.

Top 5 Safeties in the AFC.

Read the arguments, not the names.
DJTG_2010 07/18/07
Not asking you to vote for me but check out this throwdown.
hey guys i have a cheater trying to beat me can some please vote
Sox4Life 07/17/07
check out this throwdown
The North is 2-0 so far!!!!
7#bag _ Com 07/17/07
Hey, I want you guys to check out this throwdown for my FN FFL Tourney. We are in the's the link:

Make sure to read arguments because this is a GREAT topic...
Big Ben68 07/16/07
That was funny...
If you like a good joke involving sports, then check out my latest blog involving a friend, the Oakland Raiders and the team moving.
Red Zone 07/16/07

A throwdown between chrono8008 and I about zone blocking and man assignment blocking.
DJTG_2010 07/16/07
Mine and mattmillen4president's league throwdown:
Me and uofmrules tourney TD:
TheNest6827 07/15/07
i think i should be winning at lesast one of these, my arguments were wayy bettter
footballjunkie47 07/15/07
no problem well if anyone wants to join send me an email
I love how Arizona has 0 votes in the poll.
Boreskins 07/14/07
I don't think that I'm going to join, CLEVELAND DIEHARD. I'm not much on basketball....
Hey everyone I am thinking of starting a NBA Group just like this I want it to be serious and only have good people in the group and everyone seems really cool in this group so let me know if you want in send me an email I am probably going to set it up tonight
Hey guys, in the Throwdown League, don't begin the throwdown early in the morning on Sunday. Begin it towards the afternoon please.
Take a look at this TD-
7#bag _ Com 07/14/07
Yes, we are now one of the most active groups!!!!!!!
hey people, can you join my group? Thanks!
Hey NFL sports guys help me win the showdown with ray guy in the hof
*R8ERS94 07/11/07
lucfries12 07/11/07
Help recruit others so we can be the largest!!!!!
the largest is 174 and we have 114 so about 60 people
lucfries12 07/10/07
Boreskins 07/10/07
Updated blog
DesertStormVet 07/10/07

vikesfan121 07/09/07
LT will have the most TDs in the league for at least the next 5 years.
pdswans 07/09/07
for the poll i will have to go with LJ
lucfries12 07/09/07
For the poll i have to go with Brady.
Boreskins 07/08/07
bush sucks and is completly overrated
Fistofreak 07/08/07
We are now one of the largest groups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd take Orlando Pace. You can't have a good team without a good line.
No, Brady had a good defense to help him win all 3 of those superbowls where Peyton didn't or he would have more superbowls.
i would go with brady he has more super bowl rings than any of them peyton just got one he was supposedly the best qb of his time i think not
hurricane 07/07/07
No, not Bush for me. I got to go with Manning. He is amazing and still has good years to come. Plus, he could help tutor a young QB to help make him better.
Its all about the Ravens!
i say bush, cuz he's young
RHATER is Gone. 07/06/07
its all about the chargers
*DJ* 07/06/07
Raiders kick *ss!
terminator* 07/06/07
Um, go Redskins?

Why are we saying go (favorite) team?
Big Ben68 07/06/07
willie mo pena 07/05/07
It isn't for help, but more for people to see it...I always add that last is just a joke...sheesh.
Big Ben68 07/04/07
Hey guys, there is real news now, not obvious stuff. Check it out.
Take down Hard and put up Steve Smith and Torry Holt
Oh cr*p, thats who I forgot. I knew I forgot someone...
where is steve smith in this poll eh?
lucfries12 07/02/07
there should be a rule book. and a rule should be no posting throwdown url's for help
Redsox7 07/02/07
Hey come check out this throwdown:

Thanks and hopefully you'll vote for me!
Big Ben68 07/02/07
check out this throwdown
I think the guy im throwing down with is G-A-Y he keeps saying Thmas Jones is buff and so buff he is hot its creepy.
texansfanatic73 07/02/07
Andre could be the best, but he needs a god d*mn QB first. And that QB needs and O-line to go with it.
terminator* 07/02/07
Andre Johnson is the best WR.
texansfanatic73 07/02/07
Check this out:
Big Ben68 07/01/07
Help me out with my throwdown
Rebs73 06/30/07
give me a hand with this one guys
texansfanatic73 06/29/07
Marion from the Chargers and Peppers are huge game changing D players. I like Reed and Champ also.
cool throwdown check it out
texansfanatic73 06/28/07
hey NFL4life, i voted for you in your throwdown
PackersLP21 06/28/07
Please help me.
Some wierd kid accepted my latest throwdown and is making it retarded, AND I ACTUALLY MIGHT LOOSE!!! So please help me.
NFL4life 06/27/07
if you are a bears or packers fan, come check out my throwdown and please vote for me
PackersLP21 06/27/07
hello people!
Redsox7 06/26/07
This has nothing to do with the NFL and I don't care and please take this seriously and with respect. I know alot of you grow up watching wrestling and call it what you will but. Chris the Crippler Benoit and his wife and old year son where found die in there home last night.

He was a great wrestler and I loved watching him wrestle and I know alot of you did too.

All Hail the Crippler!!!!!!
I am leaning towards Maroney just because the pats have alot of weapons now and I think it will open up some big holes.
But Brees would probably be the best value. Also i would like to keep Barber but i don't know if he is going to be used the same with the tuna there.
Keep Brees and give up #10.
I am in a keeper League for Fantasy football and I am just wondering what you all think i have
Marion barber in the 9th round
Thomas Jones in the 5th
Laurance Maroney in the 6th and Drew Brees in the 10th
the rounds is what spot i would have to give up to keep them.
Let me know who you would pick to keep.
check out my throwdown

Vote for me if you agree
texansfanatic73 06/24/07
Hey, come check out my throwdown:

Thanks and hopefully you vote for me.
Big Ben68 06/24/07
No way in hell colts fan!
Colts will win SB!
Colts fan 06/24/07
need help with this throwdown
texansfanatic73 06/23/07
hey guys, check out this throwdown about the cowboys. vote for me please.
BALL3R 06/17/07
Hey guys, sorry I don't have much on here. I'll be able to put more on as the season begins.
mikey8y 06/15/07
thanks man
Dooly 06/15/07
no, its alright dooly.
do u guys mind if I invite a friend, he is a rams fan.
Dooly 06/14/07
Hey, check out my throwdown about what NFL position creates the most mismatches on offense:
Big Ben68 06/14/07
hey check out my blog on the standings for the NFL this year at

Big Ben68 06/14/07
Hey, do you guys checking out my Byron Leftwich throwdown. My opponent has continually screwed up statistics even after I corrected him and he is still winning by one point. There is about 18 hours left of voting and your help would be much appreciated. Here is the link:

Again, thank you for helping me out....and hopefully you'll vote for me!
Big Ben68 06/13/07
check out my throwdown why marshawn lynch well have the better rookie campaign out of him and ap. come on bro you gotta vote for MARSHAWN
Elway4Prez 06/13/07
can you guys please vot for me in my runningback duo throwdown? Thanks.
Dooly 06/11/07
I'm headed to the Baltimore Ravens training camp.
Anyone going to any training camps this summer? I'm going to Colts Camp in Terre Haute, IN.
joe32948 06/09/07
The pats have a good chance at winning the superbowl because now they have Stallworth and moss.
Dooly 06/09/07
Hey check out my blog about the nfl standings guys.
Yeah, I would like that superbowl too eagle hater.
No, I want everyone in it.
This is more of a ravens group (look at the people in it) than NFL. Lets keep it that way.
Double J. 06/07/07

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