Fat people smell.
To those who celebrate it: Merry Christmas!
bostongm 12/20/09
What idiots voted that Boston won the Kessel trade? It is either a Leaf win or it is too early to tell, because what if they draft three guys that play a combined 10 games in the NHL. The Leafs though definitely won.
Argos. 12/19/09
Only 2 people voted numbnutz.
bostongm 12/15/09
No one thinks the Bruins won the trade.
Argos. 12/15/09
bostongm 12/15/09
This group DIED. Anyone wanna write a blog? An interesting blog? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
bostongm 12/14/09
Hello? Hello? Echo. Echo.
Brendan witt hit by truck will play
Army of Adam 12/08/09
Hhahaha...that old move Wt? hhahaha.
bostongm 12/01/09
Can I blame it on dyslexia? Of course I meant to say "Saints will destroy the Pats." :)
Pats will destroy the Saints. And Danny Briere should have been suspended for 5 games.
Its going to be a hard game for the pats. And i cant wait for John Gruden to kiss some ass. Wait for him to say That guy.
Army of Adam 11/28/09
I want the Saints to win, but I think the Pats will.
Argos. 11/27/09
I know its a football question...but that games gonna break some TV viewership records. That games gonna be huge.
bostongm 11/27/09
But with Finland its Bronze or bust.
bostongm 11/26/09
Actually, I got Russia finishing 4th, and Finland taking the bronze. Once Russia gets eliminated from the Gold medal game, they will give up and not try, and Finland will take the Bronze. They are like Canada, Gold or Bust.
Argos. 11/25/09
Gold- Canada
Silver- Sweden
Bronze- Russia
4th- Finland
5th- USA
Argos. 11/25/09
I Still see russia or can taking gold or sliver and maybe usa bronze.
Army of Adam 11/25/09
Especially in a single elimination format. Anything can happen in one game. If the Olympics were a 5 or 7 game tourney I think you'd see the favorites winning a lot more often.
Johnny_D 11/25/09
Anything can happen Adam. Thats the way i see it. 1 hot streak from a goaltender will do tons of damage.
bostongm 11/25/09
Team usa will take gold behind tim thomas and ryan miller.
Army of Adam 11/24/09
How about this for D...
Pronger, Niedermayer, Weber, Keith, Boyle, Bouwmeester

7th would be one of Green, Doughty, Seabrook
Johnny_D 11/24/09
Team Canada Projected Forwards:

Nash - Crosby - Iginla
Heatley - Thornton - St.Louis
Toews - Getzlaf - Perry
Morrow - Richards - Doan
Argos. 11/23/09
I think Thornton may be the second line centre because, they will put him with Heatley, because they know each other, and you wont put Heatley on the 3rd or 4th line. That means, Getzlaf will be the 3rd or 4th centre, and Richards the other.
Argos. 11/23/09
Yup, looks like Thorntons played himself on Team Canada's 4th line. Team Canada now has its centers. Now to figure out the wingers.
bostongm 11/22/09
Stamkos will make team Canada as a winger or 13th forward.

If Marleau makes the team, he will play the wing for sure.

Lecavalier has played terrible this season, I can't believe he has 18 points

Thornton has played great, and has experience being Canada's 4th centre.

I agree with what Don Cherry said today, because players don't have much time to get to know each other, you should put together at least one line that knows each other, hence a line of Heatley, Marleau, Thornton.
Argos. 11/21/09
Hawks have the best points percentage in the West, and Marian Hossa hasn't even played one game yet!
Johnny_D 11/20/09
new blog any one?? :)
Army of Adam 11/20/09
That's the idea.
Cause you'll be wasted?
bostongm 11/16/09
Well, when you do challenge, don't make it tomorrow or the next day. I'll be 21 tomorrow. That would give you an unfair advantage.
Jk Roberts. Dont kick me out!
bostongm 11/14/09
Today is not a good day for Roberts, his vag is too sore.
bostongm 11/14/09
Roberts, let's do this thing. Challenge away.
Happy Friday the 13th. ;)
Bathroom attendant? Er..sorry..certified bathroom technician?
bostongm 11/13/09
Halloween fun-house scare-guy.
bostongm 11/13/09
Agreed Argos. He's totally done in the NHL. I don't know what his original contract was, but hopefully it was enough to carry him into retirement. What other skills could this guy possibly have?
torque1 11/13/09
I don't think any team was ever interested in Danton after the original charges. The new stuff hasn't done anything. He was just a goon, nothing good.
Argos. 11/12/09
Whatever the case, him sticking with Frost will not help his potential hockey career. The guy doesnt even realize that. No team should touch him with a 10 foot poll.
bostongm 11/12/09
Manipulation is a powerful thing BGM. Danton was living with the Frost since he was like 14 years old. Something REALLY strange happened during that time. I have heard stories of total brain washing (ex: Elizabeth Smart). I really think Danton is a victim of this. He made no sense what-so-ever in his interview the other night. He raised more questions then he answered.
torque1 11/12/09
Frost has him totally manipulated. This is the most bizzare case of human behavior i've seen in my life time. I just dont get it. Maybe he was abused. Maybe not. If he was, why the hell is he sticking with Frost? I think they may have a se-xual relationship with eachother. Thats the only explanation i can come up with. ( not that there's anything wrong with that of course). Yep, i think i'm onto something, they are in a relationship. Think about it.
bostongm 11/11/09
Mike Danton has some major issues, leave him alone. He is an idiot, but cut him some slack. He was big time sexually abused by Frost.
Argos. 11/11/09
Nick Kypreos is a cup cake. I wont ever watch that man again. Didnt even grill Danton. He believed every word that he told him. Hmmmm...believe the FBI or Mike Danton? TOUGH CHOICE!
bostongm 11/11/09
What do you actually need help with? I may be interested. I wanna know some details 1st though.
bostongm 11/11/09
I'll try to get the TD with WT done ASAP. You must understand people, it's time consuming running a group like this. If anyone would like to help, I would be very appreciative.
Wt, your HGH has nothing on me. I've been injecting straight bull testosterone for 4 months. I am a dangerous mofo.
Who cares? Not me anymore.
bostongm 11/10/09
are we going to see the end of the puckheads td tourney?
Army of Adam 11/10/09
Roberts, I've been taking my steroids and HGH. You've been warned.
good to see people back in the group
Army of Adam 11/07/09
Have been waiting for a new round of td's to start.This tourney seemed to have bypassed the speed round.
I.M.O. 11/06/09
I dont know who the hell voted that way but this tourney's in in its 3rd month. I say we should call Guiness. It has to be some kind of record.
bostongm 11/06/09
40% of you said wait another month?
He's just a good guy who's excellent at TD's.
bostongm 11/06/09
Who is Yoda? Why is everyone in love with Yoda?
Argos. 11/06/09
Yoda's alive!!!!!!!!!!!
bostongm 11/05/09
I'll start to believe you if he doesnt have a contract when the trade dealine comes rolling around. Until then you can keep on dreaming!
bostongm 11/04/09
The cap is going down more than $2 million. It is a given that Savard is leaving, and he has a house in Toronto. Boston can say goodbye to Savard.
Argos. 11/04/09
ME a blind homer? Hhahhahah. You're the biggest homer on this site man. No word of a lie. SOMETHING will have to give, but Savard being signed is a given. With the cap going down about 2 million, Boston still has a lot of options.
bostongm 11/04/09
The Bruins don't have any cap space to do so. You are a blind homer, even Bobby has said that he isn't going to resign. He bought a house in Toronto!
Argos. 11/04/09
Savard will be re-signed. I will laugh. You will cry.
bostongm 11/04/09
I think you are dreaming if you don't think that Savard is leaving Boston.
Argos. 11/04/09
No dreaming allowed!
bostongm 11/04/09
My Leafs + Savard will see your Bruins - Savard on the Golf Course come playoff time.
Argos. 11/04/09
Bostons 6 wins > Toronto's 1 win. Boston 2 games under .500. Toronto 11 games under .500.
bostongm 11/04/09
What place is Boston in again?
Where is Boston's PP ranked?
How is Thomas doing?

Boston was lucky last season, they will be lucky to get 8th without Kessel and with Savard out.

Just make sure you don't rush Savard back, we wouldn't want that injury any worst for when he comes to Toronto.
Argos. 11/04/09
Boston WILL turn it around. I cant help it i take great pleasure in seeing Toronto tank. The worst they do, the better Bostons pick becomes!
bostongm 11/03/09
BGM is just mad that the Bruins suck too.
Argos. 11/03/09
Is that poll a joke? They get at least 30, well over 20.
Argos. 11/03/09
Yep, drinking sucks after a while. I'm on the wagon too. F-uck drinking. I was recently at a bar and 2 people got shot and 1 person died on the scene outside the bar. You can do it man. Have faith.
bostongm 11/02/09
Hello fellow Puckheads. It's good to be back. I've had a trying few months with a divorce, DUI, and trying to get sober after 17 years of heavy drinking. I cant wait to start getting back and talking to everyone and catching up on whats going on.
darkstorm 11/01/09
My football season is over, this group will bounce back.
me 2 dwi
Army of Adam 10/22/09
I am still around, and waiting for the new round of tourneys to start.
ive have not seen roberts in a while.

The comedian is still around.
Army of Adam 10/21/09
ive have not seen roberts in a while.

The comedian is still around.
Army of Adam 10/21/09
This group died fast.
Argos. 10/21/09
I'm still here!
Johnny_D 10/20/09
who is still around???

roll call

im here
Army of Adam 10/19/09
Toronto: 0-5. HAAAAA!
bostongm 10/13/09

They played like crap last night.
Army of Adam 10/10/09
They've given up 10 goals dude. Whatever it is, its not great.
bostongm 10/04/09
Wouldn't consider the start terrible, they outplayed the Caps and Habs and deserve to be 2-0.
Argos. 10/04/09
Maybe they'll make the play-offs but they're off to a terrible start.
bostongm 10/04/09
Toronto is looking really good, take away a few bad bounces and the Leafs are 2-0. The Leafs will make the playoffs, mark my word.
Argos. 10/04/09
Tank Toronto tank!
bostongm 10/04/09
Did you watch the game, the Leafs are looking good. Just some bad bounces. Gustavsson didn't stand a chance on any of the goals. The Leafs are looking really good. Once Beachumin (sp?) and Komiserak get going, and simplify their game, the Leafs are going to be good. They are just nervous, trying to do too much. The Leafs have outshot the Canadiens and Caps, out played them, and should have won both. Hey the Leafs only lost by 2 goals in Washington, the Bruins lost by 3 in Boston.
Argos. 10/03/09
Leafs: 0-2. Bustavsson. 3 goals against in 2 periods. Komisarek: in the box again while the opposition scores another PP goal. Yep, they're looking GOOD!
bostongm 10/03/09
Just go here:


then here:

Argos. 10/03/09
Argos. 10/03/09
Look, Flames socks:

Argos. 10/03/09
I'm sitting here watching the Oiler-Flame game, and I notice that the Flames socks are the same as a German flag. Anyone else notice that.
Argos. 10/03/09
The Leafs are 0-1-1, but have they ever looked good. They outplayed both the Habs and Caps big time! We deserve to be 2-0, the Leafs are going to make the playoffs!!!!
Argos. 10/03/09
Let me think about it Johnny.
bostongm 10/02/09
PS: I'm only 5'8"
Johnny_D 10/02/09
Comedian...Let's TD the Sundin vs. Fleury argument. It can be either who is better or who is more HOF worthy. Let me know which and if you want to go first or second...
Johnny_D 10/02/09
Markov will return just after the Olympics, at fastest.
Argos. 10/02/09
HAAAAAAAA!!!! Markovs out! I'm sooo happy!
bostongm 10/02/09
With Markov out 4 months, who do you think this hurts more, the Canadiens playoffs chances, or the Russian Gold chances. He is the top defenseman by far, and this is going to hurt both teams big time. As a Leaf fan, and Team Canada fan, I'm happy. :)
Argos. 10/02/09
I cant believe how many people think Sundins better than Fleury there are. Me thinks you people are dissing Fleury cause he's short.
bostongm 10/02/09
Sundin is also the all-time leading and point getter by a Swed.
Argos. 10/02/09
-First European drafted #1 overall
-Longest serving European captain of an NHL team
-1 Olympic Gold
-3 WC Gold, along with 1 Silver and 2 Bronze
-92' WC Best Forward
-91' Canada Cup All-Star Team
-96' World Cup All-Star Team
-92' and 03' WC All-Star Team
-02' Olympic All-Star Team
-In 13 seasons with the Leafs he led the team in scoring all but one year
Johnny_D 10/02/09
Army of Adam 10/02/09
The Leafs looked really, really good. They dominated, but Price stole the show. The Leafs look like they are gonna be good this season!
Argos. 10/01/09
Mats used his more, he was physical and used his body behind the net.
Argos. 10/01/09
I mean c'mon, Fleury used the body more than Mats ever did to boot.
bostongm 10/01/09
Army of Adam 10/01/09
Ha! I looked up their stats. Sundin has a career .42 goal clip in the regular season and in the play-offs. Fleury has a career goal clip of .42 in the regular season as well but his goal clip jumps to .44 in the play-offs. Sundins point clip in the play-offs is .90. Fleury has a 1.03! Fleury >Sundin.
bostongm 10/01/09
Sundin is way better than Fleury!
Argos. 10/01/09
Sundin>Fleury...and it ain't close
Johnny_D 10/01/09
What do i think? Fleury>Sundin.
bostongm 09/30/09
Who the hell voted that Fleury deserves to be in the Hall of Sundin? Sundin is first ballot! He has over 500 goals, playing with crap linemates, once Sundin is in the Hall, out of everyone in the Hall of Fame Sundin played with worst linemates. I mean his best was Gary Roberts!
Argos. 09/30/09
"In '93 the Leafs should have won the Cup, that is all you need to know."

Ha ha bgm what do you think???
Army of Adam 09/30/09
Would have been awesome to see a Leafs-Habs Final
Johnny_D 09/30/09
In '93 the Leafs should have won the Cup, that is all you need to know.
Argos. 09/30/09
93 was a great year for individual accomplishments. A lot players best years. Despite the average goals/game being lower than most years in the 80's 93' has the most 50 goal scorers and the most 100pt scorers in a single season (probably partially due to the fact that they played 84 games and it was an expansion year). Selanne destroys Bossy's rookie goal scoring record and puts up 76 and ties Mogilny for the league lead, Mario comes back from cancer treatment to take the scoring title from Pat Lafontaine, putting up 69G/91A/160pts in only 60 games! (3rd highest PPG total ever), Lindros debuts in the NHL and plays great (41G/34A/75P in 61 games) only to be overshadowed by Selanne and Juneau who score 132 and 102 pts respectively as rookies, also a great season for Adam Oates, 45G/97A/142Pts (one of my personal favorite players and IMO extremely underrated), Gretzky was out for most of the regular season, but had an incredible playoff (led all scorers including a hatrick in that Game 7 against the Leafs), also in the playoffs...the last ever battle between Quebec and Montreal, Roy vs. Mario, 2 BIG upset sweeps of Chicago and Boston, Roy and the young Habs get 10 straight OT wins. Man what a year...
Johnny_D 09/30/09
tell me more about 93.
Army of Adam 09/30/09
Great playoff performance by Gilmour for the Leafs that year. He really put the team on his back a few times...
Johnny_D 09/29/09
The Leafs were so close to the finals in '93, one game away, lost game 7 to the Kings at Maple Leafs Garden.
Argos. 09/28/09
Great year i was 3
Army of Adam 09/28/09
Last time was 93' Habs over Kings. What a great year that was...both regular season and playoffs. Wish my Hawks would've shown up in the postseason though.
Johnny_D 09/28/09
The Leafs have the best chances of winning the Cup. Luongo is a chocker, all of Calgary chocks, no other Canadian team is good besides Toronto. Toronto takes home the Cup :)
Argos. 09/28/09
Wasn't the last time a Canadian team took home the cup was 94?
Army of Adam 09/28/09
Vancouver Canucks
Army of Adam 09/28/09
Back up for now
Army of Adam 09/28/09
Rask is the backup, and backup to the Vezina winner. Don't think Rask will be winning any awards, anytime soon. The Monster is splitting time to start the season and will be starter after a few games.
Argos. 09/27/09
Yeah watch him walk next year. Rask is the man he will take home the Calder.
Army of Adam 09/27/09
Gustavsson will take home the Vezina, and Hart, and every trophy. Schenn will finish second in every trophy.
Argos. 09/26/09
Gustavsson will be 10 times better than Rask.
Argos. 09/26/09
Did you watch the game, he is crazy good.
Argos. 09/26/09
Jonas Bustavsson is the worst goalie in the NHL.
bostongm 09/26/09
Who say Jonas Gustavsson? If not watch the highlights, this guy is the real deal! Has 3 shutout periods. He is crazy good. The Monster will win the Calder! MONSTER FOR VEZINA!!!!!!!! Also, have you seen Stalberg? This guy has 5 goals in 7 games, and is crazy fast! Fastest guy in hockey.

The Leafs are 6-2 in preseason!
Argos. 09/26/09
Randy Jones WILL be waived
Army of Adam 09/26/09
Army of Adam 09/25/09
Army of Adam 09/25/09
T and r's **** **** ****
Army of Adam 09/25/09
Yes no more tds about him.

Look for him play for the sharks they like old guys.
Army of Adam 09/25/09
Fleury got cut.
bostongm 09/25/09
Fleury is the man. He is playing almost as good as Jason Allison.
Argos. 09/22/09
NHL 09? I bought NHL 10 yesterday, but I haven't had time to play it yet. F my life.
Guys i finally have nhl 09 and i cant score on pro.
Army of Adam 09/21/09
Argos. 09/21/09
For sure Roberts.
bostongm 09/21/09
The West totally destroys the East. If I had time, I would TD it.
i think the east is better than the west
Army of Adam 09/20/09
The West has a lot of good teams, I see LA, Columbus, and Dallas all missing the playoffs, but if they were in the East they would be locks.

I also think Minny and Nashville could battle for a spot in the East, but it is too tough in the West.
Argos. 09/19/09
Dallas should have a bounce back season. I agree that LA, Edmonton, Dallas, and Columbus will all be battling for that 8 spot. I think you're wrong though with Phoenix. They're going to have a very poor season. Most likely they'll be selecting Hall at next years draft.
bostongm 09/19/09
I got the Kings at 8 or 9. They will fight for the 8th with Edmonton.

1.San Jose
Argos. 09/18/09
i put them in 6th
Army of Adam 09/17/09
Wow, not much faith in LA this season.
bostongm 09/17/09
We should get a thread going some day in the nhl t and r's
Army of Adam 09/15/09
And didn't give up anything of that much value.
Argos. 09/12/09
Sj sharks get dany healtly
Army of Adam 09/12/09
Lol bgm
Army of Adam 09/12/09
That stupid Army of Adam!
Argos. 09/12/09
Sorry people. Roberts will NOT be running a fantasy hockey league. You may direct your hatred towards Army Of Adam.
bostongm 09/12/09
He will Army. Just watch.
bostongm 09/12/09
Did i hit the PB&J or am i seeing this????
Army of Adam 09/11/09
I can see 125 goals, but I am afraid of a sophomore slump. Maybe in his third season, and every season after that. But you never know, he will get over 100 easily, but the sophomore slump may hold him back from 125.
Argos. 09/10/09
You hitting the PB&J (Pipe, Beer, and Joint)
Army of Adam 09/10/09
Schenn with 90 goals? You're doubting him my friend. He easily pots 125 goals.
bostongm 09/10/09
+99 XD
Army of Adam 09/10/09
Schenn will block so many shots, they will give him the Vezina. And please, 40 goals for Schenn? He can do that in his sleep. Schenn will get some where between 72-109 goals.
Argos. 09/09/09
Kovalchuk will get exactly 50.
Argos. 09/08/09
Schenn will win the Selke AND Vezina too? Man, he's going to have to post a 40 goal 60 assist season to go along with 678 blocks and a + 99.
bostongm 09/08/09
I know, but I wasn't joking about Schenn, he will win everything.
Argos. 09/08/09
i was just joking agros
Army of Adam 09/07/09
Aaron Ward plays for the Canes! He wont win squat, because Schenn will take home every possible award he can, including the Hart, Norris, and everything else!
Argos. 09/07/09
Aaron ward will take home the Norris
Army of Adam 09/07/09
Weber is taking the Norris.
Argos. 09/07/09
I want to post a blog in this groups blog, anyone know how too?
Argos. 09/05/09
How do you post a blog here?
Argos. 09/05/09
time to trade him lol
Army of Adam 09/04/09
I agree with Roberts, they could have got a boat load for him.
Argos. 09/03/09
bostongm 09/03/09
Should've traded him. Trading Schneider will come back to haunt them.
Negative. Since the contract has been signed BEFORE he's 35, he CAN retire later on and the cap # will not be in the books. (I THINK)
bostongm 09/02/09
But if he retires at 36, the rest of his contract still counts against the cap. His contract will count against the cap if he retires after he turns 36.
Argos. 09/02/09
wow anther deal untill hes 42.

Im saying he is going to get hurt in the next 10 years.
Army of Adam 09/02/09
Luongo got a 12 year deal! Are the Canucks crazy? He is 30!
Argos. 09/02/09
Mine and Alkes TD is completed:
bostongm 09/02/09
they end up in a river
Army of Adam 09/02/09
you know what happens when the The Informants talk?
Army of Adam 09/02/09
how did that **** bag get in our group?
Army of Adam 09/02/09
How did crap like this get on the message board?
Yup, a deal will be in place very soon with Luongo.
bostongm 09/01/09
How come Toskala or Gustavsson aren't options for Vezina, one of them will take it.
Argos. 09/01/09
Luongo is reportedly agreed to principal on a contract extension.
Argos. 09/01/09
The Swedes don't stand a chance in the 2010 Olympics, they lost Naslund, Sundin, Forsberg and players like Alfredsson have been on the decline, some players have stepped up like Franzen but they lost to much up front and they don't have the depth on D.
Argos. 09/01/09
Ah yes, i forgot about that. I was thinking of putting Sedin on there but he has too much chemistry with his brother.
bostongm 09/01/09
Naslund retired, so I don't think he'll be on Sweden's top line.
Iginla was taken off the line with Crosby and Nash because he didn't look good with them. And is that Sweden's top line? It is kinda old, I think it will be:

Zetterberg - Backstrom - Franzen
Argos. 08/31/09
It doesn't matter, WT can go on.
Argos. 08/31/09
Did you talk to Roberts about that tie? Maybe you should if you didnt. He's know what to do.
bostongm 08/31/09
Who advanced, WT or me, we finished tied.
Argos. 08/31/09
bostongm 08/31/09
Mine and Bigalke's TD is underway. Its on:

bostongm 08/31/09
Army of Adam 08/30/09
I'm curious to see how Gus performs. I hope he steals the job from Toskala.
bostongm 08/30/09
who is the net minder?
Army of Adam 08/30/09
Yeah, I like Grabovski but on a good team he is a 2nd line centre, not a top guy. But he was a steal from Montreal for only a 2nd rounder. But I think Kadri will be the future #1 centre. I also like Tlusty, he was one of the best in the AHL last year. Hagman was probably the Leafs best player last year, he is good. Also John Mitchell has lots of potential.
Argos. 08/29/09
I like Grabovski. He has spunk. I forgot about that Bozak kid too. There's potential there.
bostongm 08/29/09
Well assuming that Jason Allison doesn't make the team and Sundin doesn't return, I think the top 6 forwards will be:

Ponikarovsky - Grabovski - Hagman

Blake - Stajan - Tlusty

But you also got the college kid, Bozak who was suppose to be the best college kid, but I've never seen him play. You also may have John Mitchell beat out Stajan. Also Kulemin, has a shot.
Argos. 08/29/09
Who's your top 6 forwards Leafs fans? I dont even know.
bostongm 08/29/09
I kinda want the Leafs to finish in last next year to get one more top pick, but Burke did too many moves and the only way we finish last is if we get a lot of injuries.
Argos. 08/29/09
What about Celine Dion?

Argos. 08/27/09
I could of saw them at gillette stadium, but i got the email for 10 dollar tickets like 2 days after the show.
Army of Adam 08/27/09
Nickelback LOL
Army of Adam 08/27/09
i go for gnr you never know what will happen with axl rose at a show
Army of Adam 08/27/09
Army of Adam 08/27/09
Did you? They were just in Winnipeg.
bostongm 08/26/09
xx is bubbles
Army of Adam 08/26/09
Gotta love Roy's passion.
bostongm 08/24/09
When does round 2 start?
Argos. 08/24/09
Who wants Roy on an Olympic team. In '04 when they told him he didn't have the job guaranteed and that he would have to split time with Brodeur he got so mad and didn't go.
Argos. 08/23/09
fan mail roberts he had a plan for a tie
Army of Adam 08/23/09
Mine and WT TD ended in a draw, so because I am so nice, I'll let Wt move on.
Argos. 08/23/09
Never mind, not done the TD yet, waiting for Big Chiefs last argument.
Argos. 08/21/09
I have re-joined the tourney since the person the Big Chief was suppose to do the TD with never showed. But we managed to finish the TD in just over an hour. Voting is done in 24hrs.
Argos. 08/21/09
For the poll, both Roy and Brodeur played each other in game 7 in their prime of the Stanley Cup Final. Roy won.
Argos. 08/20/09
The 1st round is just winding down. There's one TD left though to vote on. Its on the completed section. It says PHN throwdown. I forget the link. The 2nd round should be starting this weekend.
bostongm 08/20/09
Its TD tourney time, thats why. Plus there's so many blogs, people dont know which one to chat in. If Roberts could make a another blog where people can chat up a storm, it would be better.
bostongm 08/19/09
minus chara
Army of Adam 08/17/09
can i vot for all them?
# Thornton
# Nabokov
# Kipper
# Kaberle
# Chara
# Rafalski
# Avery
Army of Adam 08/17/09
They'll never have a TD against eachother. I think they're scared, but shhhh, dont tell anyone.
bostongm 08/17/09
Army of Adam 08/16/09
Seabird face? Hhahhah. Its just Seabird. Reread the poll question again.
bostongm 08/15/09
i know who hank is but who is Seabird face??? any one
Army of Adam 08/15/09
well ovi is going to be on nhl 2k10
Army of Adam 08/12/09
good question, why isn't sid or malkin on there
Army of Adam 08/12/09
Is the video game NHL 10 going to let Kane commit a serious crime and still let him be their cover boy?
The Sheriff 08/11/09
some should do a salary cap break down and free agency breakdown for blogs
Army of Adam 08/11/09
show us what u can do
Army of Adam 08/11/09
Just ask Roberts. He's always looking for someone to write a blog here and there.
bostongm 08/10/09
Now now, Army. I just dont wanna wait a month till the tourney's complete.
bostongm 08/07/09
bgm just wants to get a loss quicker

lol jk
Army of Adam 08/07/09
bostongm 08/07/09
I've got it under control BGM.
There's 4 more TD's to be started and completed for the tourney guys. Lets speed it up.
bostongm 08/07/09
nooo i never up that early
Army of Adam 08/04/09
bostongm 08/04/09
Yep..thats me..ALL class. Your spelling test is tomorrow at 9AM.
bostongm 08/04/09
real classy bgm
Army of Adam 08/04/09
I recommend that Army of Adam have a spelling test. I'm pretty sure he's "special".
bostongm 08/04/09
rember game 7 vs. the canes

nj had that game wone
Army of Adam 08/04/09
Lou choked yes but Brodeur hasnt done ANYTHING in the play-offs as of late. (last 4 seasons).
bostongm 08/04/09
If I don't get a TD going tonight with Big Chief, I might have to drop out of the tourney.
Argos. 08/04/09
Bishop vs. Lefors? Bishop will dominate.
Argos. 08/04/09
bgm do a Michael Bishop vs.Stefan LeFors poll lawl
Army of Adam 08/04/09
Hey Adam, SHUT UP!
But Lou chocked.
Argos. 08/04/09
Lou was bad in 2 crucial play-off games yes. 2 years ago and this year. He still has a stellar .930% in the play-offs though.
bostongm 08/04/09
do it bgm
Army of Adam 08/03/09
I'm surprised how lop sided the poll is. I voted Lou, because it is in Vancouver, but Lou did choke in the playoffs and Brodeur has been great in international. I'm pretty sure Canada will start both in the round robin and play them each 2 times, and then see who plays the best.
Argos. 08/03/09
Dont make me make up a funny poll question about you Roberts. You're THIS close.
bostongm 08/03/09
BGM, you're being a pest. Don't make me exterminate you.
No. I want you to fanmail us all. Every day to update us.
bostongm 07/29/09
I really don't want to have to FM everything out to every member, and groupmail is dead, so if possible, can you guys just check in regularly?
I'll post a tourney sign up soon-ish.

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