The FanNation Free Press

yes, it is.
This group is dead.
YanksJets 10/29/09
someone get people to read these thinggs!
Can we possibly geet some readers.
YanksJets 10/05/09
We need rivals.
YanksJets 09/28/09
You know, Jord really deserved that award. LOL
YanksJets 09/25/09
Poppa...that's fine. But Kayne West is gonna steal the mike and say Jord deserved it.
I nominate Jord.
Has AoA done anything?
YanksJets 09/20/09
Jord and PSU, best articles
Giambi Owns 09/18/09
Jord and PSU, easy.
YanksJets 09/18/09
back to #4 on top groups.
i nominate Jord and PSU.
When will the paper come out?
YanksJets 09/15/09
Only ban him if he has to write something and he doesnt.
What happened to heavyhitter?
I posted guys. Now where's my cookie, Poppa swore I'd get one if I posted
Giambi Owns 09/08/09
When will G post?
I have my article ready and my info now, I want to post tommorow either but not between 9AM-6PM.
when will Giambi post.
We are out of the top 5. We need to get more articles and blogs.
my suggestion: make public. set the password so it requires an admin approval to join.
The whole point is to publish a newspaper.... making this private means noone can read our stuff. I have CFB folks asking about my blog. I vote public.
We should make this group private. We dont want to get so many people.
I will write it. Ill probabaly give it until Sunday unless a huge story comes up before then.
To start off the paper, the Top story of they week.
Poppa, I hope you enjoyed the bonus submission. :)
Poppa, should i do the Top Story thing for the paper?
dang! we are now the #3 group on FN.
We now have mine, Yj, Billy Goat, and PSU's articles. Evryone needs to write there articles.
YanksJets is the creator of the top FN group.
40% vote for the Free Press, and it's enough to win the title of being the title!
Giambi Owns 08/29/09
Change the group name now.
Let's just give it a name and get it over with.
YanksJets 08/29/09
I dont mind the Fannation free press.
FN Free Press leads the way, I'll keep the poll up a few more days for YJ and jds
Giambi Owns 08/28/09

Truth & Rumors


  1. 1
    Kerr 'absolutely expects' Knicks offer
  2. 2
    No return timetable for Lightning MVP
  3. 3
    Yankees, Mets, Red Sox among Hanrahan hopefuls
  4. 4
    Niners table talks with Kaepernick
  5. 5
    ... So, L.A. will line up for Love and Durant

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