The Snow Bank "Colorado Avalanche"

Whatta game man.
For sure, I mean, I would never wish an injury on an Avalanche player, but Shattenkirk looks like he would never give his spot up.
I wasn't worried, either way they are a young team with so much potential. I like their chances to challenge for and win a few cups in years to come with the core they have.

I just can't wait to see Shattenkirk play too this year.
Armada 10/09/10
I knew everyone was reading too much into the preseason. Once it starts, they are ready to go.
4-3 Avs, very nice.
Armada 10/08/10
Nice, 3-2 Avs after 2 against the Hawks. So far I'm liking the start to the season :)
Armada 10/08/10
All signed. Stewart and Mueller are here for a while.
Still waiting for Mueller and Stewart to sign. At least Clark is gone. Sad to see a fan favorite go, but their was no longer any use for him. Kevin Shattenkirk is here now.
Looks like the Franchise is considering putting Sakic in the front office. I like the move.
Let get it in order for next season.
Rough game... oh well, next game is Thursday.
This is a great game. I forgot how awesome playoff hockey was.
Considering the BS call. Good first period.
The Sharks can do whatever the crap they want and if they sneeze it's a dang penalty on us for having to many allergins in the air.
Galiardi isn't backing down one bit and Stewart is starting to get that Jarome Iginla feeling to him. He will score a goal and then beat the crap out of you. Andy is showing that he is in that top tier of players in the league.
Mueller, Porter, Jones out tonight. Word is that Stoa is in. I don't know why Svatos isn't but oh well. Time to defend the home ice everyone LETS GET IT ON BABY!!!
Rob Blake should be OUT for the rest of the series. He may have ended Mueller's season, he has been a dirt player so far. The NHL has to punish even the star players or they are no better than the NBA.
Strong game agianst the stars.
Avs Blues tonight. Duke and Cumisky might play tonight. Tune in.
Footer, Hejduk, Cumisky, Hendricks are all healthy. Thank godness the olympics were this year.
Duchene had better atleast be a top canidate for the Calder. One more tonight before the Olympic.
Shaking up the lines tonight. Sacco has some wierd line combos but lets see how it does.
Stoa's out indef. 2 game skid is on. It might end tonight.
Here we go. The future is up tonight. Hendricks is out and Stoa was called up. So was that hotshot defeseman we've been hearing about.
Svatos is on the block. We should trade him, Hensick, Budaj, and Liles for something bigger.
Chris Stewart is a beast. I told everyone from day one when he was drafted that he was a player.
Duchene is so close to his first hat trick it's disgusting.
Sacco told Wolski to shoot and Stastny to start carrying the team. I doubt Liles has many more days with an A on his chest.
Duchene v. Tavares tonight. Duchene only trails him by one point and he doesn't get close to the ice time that Tavares has. I hope he shows the Islanders that they made a mistake.
Rumor has Avs trading Shattenkirk for some winger from Chitown. This would be retarded ofcourse. Shattenkirk is a BA who will be the next Sandis Ozolinsh.
Half the season over. We have a future here.
The powerplay looks like crap, they need to get it together.
I'm a little embarrassed. Only 11, 000 people showed up last night. Get out there fans.
There should be a crazy amount of shots on net tonight. The Avs allow the most shot on net per game in the league... Edmonton is 2nd.
Anderson is being crazy right now. He is great and actually appreciates the fans.
But he looks like he has never seen a camera before. Look at his profile pic. It's hilarious.
Yeah, we might have lost in OT but what a great Road trip.
Minny tonight, we are leading the division and they are 1-6-0. So should be an easy one, but never overlook the speedbumps.
Um... we just freakin beat Detroit.
Well, I think that O'Reilly made the squad, but Duchene needs to put the biscuit in the basket. Andy looked great again.
We are going up north tonight ya'll, Toronto will be a fun game.
Got the Preds tonight, should be a good game.
Anderson is hurt with a groin injury... His own I hope.
Anderson was named the weeks second star. Only two games, one of them a shutout. He looks awesome so far.
I liked what saw last night. I wish that Wolski would breakout, but we say that whenever he scores a goal. Duchene showed his wheels and Liles looked great too. Anderson looked good too.
The ceremony was awesome. I thought the walk in was cool, but the whole enshrined locker creaped me out.
Game 1 tonight baby! The ceremony should be good. they always are. I hear Bourque and maybe Roy will be there. I hope they show footage of his fight. I love that.

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