(NDDL)The Notre Dame Defense League

What to expect from Big Blue?
VanByTheRiver 09/06/10
The (NDDL) Notre Dame defense league needs a motto set and a proper Avatar.
Piratey its up to you to post some and let us all cast votes for the best one.
Less than 4 more months ta go !
VanByTheRiver 05/05/10
Hope to get some big news from Hawaii by Wed. We need those two recruits and a guy who's last name is James!
GoldenDoopBox 02/02/10
Well certainly a lot less hubbub ao the news. I guess one thing Charlie did was get a lot of talking going. It was fun reading all of your thoughts this c=season and Piratey, thank god we got your man. I really think he will be the one to restore the natural order of things.
Sittlichkeit 12/19/09
Boy, I can see coach Kelly is already a big hit with all the ND haters. We will prove IT on the field, cant wait to shove their faces in it, GO IRISH ! ! !
VanByTheRiver 12/16/09
With Brian Kelly having an interview today...I'll be interested to see if Notre Dame can get him. Go Irish!
GoldenDoopBox 12/08/09
We don't have a head coach or an offensive cord. If don't go for Kelly and grab a defensive minded coach like the guy out of TCU, who is gonna run the offense? Jimmy? No bowl. =[
piratey 12/06/09
No bowl for the Irish this season,? what a pile of bull $#@% the end of this season turned out to be.!
VanByTheRiver 12/04/09
Happy Thanks Giving to all and may we finally stop the run and kick Stanfords ass this Holiday weekend! Fight On ND! and,,
GO IRISH ! ! !
VanByTheRiver 11/25/09
Well, you gotta cut bait with Chuck regardless of Clausen and Tate. Every year Charles coaches, we take steps back as a program.
piratey 11/22/09
Well if that don't answer all i don't know what will. Tate said he will stay if Jimmy stays. And Clausen said he came to ND because of coach Weis.
6-5 in your 5th year is unacceptable !
As President and AD what would you do ??????
Hello ? any Irish fans still there ?? ?
VanByTheRiver 11/21/09
MY Gosh ! are these games played close on purpose for TV ratings ?
Son of a Christian Jew, whats a fan to do ?!
VanByTheRiver 11/21/09
Buyout at 18 million, "not a factor". said Swarbrick.
Big East show down, Brian Kellys 10-0 Cincinnati @ 9-1 PITT Dec 5th on ABC.
Should be interesting to see how coach Kelly gets it done vs PITT.
Oh the Pain !
VanByTheRiver 11/16/09
Yeah...watching college football is going to be very difficult for the rest of this year. How mediocre...
GoldenDoopBox 11/16/09
You know, Sunday mornings should not be so damned depressing. ND should have beaten these guys. What a disappointment.
Stuart MacDougal 11/15/09
mileHIGHguy 11/14/09
Any of you fellas have ESPN360.com
It looks great but watching an ND game on a 18 inch computer screen would be tough !
VanByTheRiver 11/13/09
From what I read, it is totally due to
the match up against Pitt. They said
they had done the same thing in
two other games this year with him.
junes daddy 11/13/09
I read starting nose tackle Ian Williams will not start against PITT, Can anyone say why?
VanByTheRiver 11/12/09
Thank Christ for that !
VanByTheRiver 11/08/09
MRI came back negative, so odds are he'll be back at some point this season. UPDATE! Dane Crist's surgery went off wonderfully, he should be back by spring ball
piratey 11/08/09
Any word on Kyle Rudolph's injury?
I can't believe how we got stuffed in the Red zone, and what was up with the missed field goals. Damn it Jim!
VanByTheRiver 11/08/09
I agree. It's just absolutely sickening. Navy. Freakin' Navy! Are you kiddin' me? Navy? I don't know what else to say. I think I need to drink too.
Stuart MacDougal 11/08/09
I finished a pint and a half of cheap whisky and that sickening feeling won't subside. I need a scape-goat and Charlie is it. If we can get Brian Kelly, we can keep our recruiting class
piratey 11/07/09
I absolutely agree. Allen should have a few carries that have gone for 30, 40, etc. He always seems to get tackled by the last guy. However, he's much improved from last year.
GoldenDoopBox 11/04/09
There is just something Allen that has irked me this year. He still has yet to break a run over 25yards or longer. Hughes has done it multiple times. It just never seems that Allen is able to get past that last man to break one longer than 20 yards.
piratey 11/03/09
I think Allen's speed would have really been trouble for Wazzou... Did you see ND run the SAME wildcat play 5 times in a row? That was embarrassing for them...
GoldenDoopBox 11/03/09
Dunno about that...Remember that the most effective our running game has looked this season has been when Hughes was in the backfield. He was very effective in the Purdue game and obviously in the WSU game.
piratey 11/02/09
I'm Glad Hughes stepped it up Saturday. But if Allen were running through those holes? He would have ran for 175+
GoldenDoopBox 11/02/09
GO IRISH ! GO IRISH! oh finally an easy win, Plus new Texas recruits,
Good job Charlie, and how bout those Ducks,
It should've ,could've been us,
Coach Carroll seems to lose to Pac 10 teams , only, Not for long!
GO IRISH ! ! !
VanByTheRiver 10/31/09
CMU already beat Michigan State and played BC close a few years back. I would not be surprised to see them beat the Eagles and crack the top-25
piratey 10/30/09
Im surprised at the SC oregon spread. How much **** do you think will be said if CMU beats BC. The chips have a great QB and have been knocking on the top 25.
Domerinthedesert 10/30/09
Yes 30 sounds like alot, but look up Wash st stats, then remember what we did to Hawaii and Nevada.
VanByTheRiver 10/27/09
I honestly think that was a type-o. Cause I can't see how we would be favored by 30??? 3 maybe and I'm not hating or anything, just our defense needs a lot of work before we start getting favored by 30.
NDtOSU 10/27/09
The punter is a freshmen isnt he?
I see the Irish are 25th in the AP and Coaches poll,24th in the Harris poll.
PITT sits at 16th and 17th,
what is it 14th or better for the Irish to make it to a BCS ?
I see we are favored by 30 against Wash st ! HELLO !
VanByTheRiver 10/26/09
Yeah that game had me really concerned but boy was I glad Kyle McCarthy had the game of his life. And I know he hasn't been much of a factor but is it just me and Manti Te'o really find the ball. That kid is going to be a terror out there and soon.
NDtOSU 10/26/09
Can anyone in the group punt a football? Know anyone? We DESPERATELY need a punter, check these stats from Saturdays game:
BC averaged 42.0 yards per punt to the Irish's 32.7 average. BC had two punts of 50+ yards; ND had none. We didn't even have a punt of 40 yards. Geez.
piratey 10/26/09
Finally, a forum that will be free of the Charlie Weiss Fat Jokes. I think we all get it: he's fat; can we please move on?

Seriously, this forum is a great idea, and I'm glad to be a part of it. Go Irish! I really liked the way Armando Allen ran the ball Saturday. If we can keep the ground game, it gives us help everywhere else.
Stuart MacDougal 10/26/09
piratey, good idea starting this group,now maybe us Irish fans can read about and comment on our teams progress minus all the suck hole ND haters with their fat jokes.
Also its a good name,
'Notre Dame Defense League'
i like it !
Well another close one, fr, Manti Te'o and jr, Brian Smith both played great,
and thank the heavens for sr, Kyle McCarthy. GO IRISH ! ! !
VanByTheRiver 10/26/09

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