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my time has come 09/29/08
I'm leaving. too inactive.
Cheezhead 06/23/08
I for one have been busy but plan to return to regular blogging in the fall.
bigjay 06/15/08
Why does this group still exist?

I'm leaving.
If you here trades or rumors in any sport put them down here. By the way who do you think got the better end of the Carolina Ottawa trade?
bulkyhead 02/12/08
Check out my NEP blog

A-Rod to star in new drama, ???Cooler 2???

Surprising movie industry insiders, producers for the much-anticipated sequel to the original ???Cooler???, starring Alec Baldwin and William H. Macy, went outside normal Hollywood protocol and have decided on all-star infielder Alex Rodriguez in the lead.

The original movie detailed a man who is known to bring bad luck wherever he goes, and is hired by a casino to ???cool??? off hot players in the casino.

A-Rod could not be reached for comment.

However, Producer Sy Simkowitz was eager to share his feelings about the upcoming Paramount project. ???We were looking for authenticity in the actor for the lead???, Simkowitz stated. ???We have followed Alex???s progress throughout his career. When he was in Seattle we began giving up hope that he was right for the part. However, when he was traded to Texas we had to again begin to take notice. Now after his years with the Yankees, we know we have our man.???

At the press conference, Alec Baldwin was present but did not say much to the mass of reporters. Looking like an overweight Robert Dinero minus the acting chops, Baldwin was seen toting a baseball bat. When asked about the bat and its connection to A-Rod being a baseball player, Baldwin replied ???Who the **** is A-Rod????, and proceeded to attack the reporter with said bat.
Fastbreakblog 11/20/07
Well Due to the inactivity of this group, and the fact that I am in way too many I must withdraw from this group.

If you need to reach me for more activity.

I run Tournament throwdowns

and the FanNation Community

Any of you are welcome to join either/both group.

Have a nice day!
7#bag _ Com 11/13/07
Yo I need a few votes in my td if u can help me im in the discussion eagles will win wild card help me out guys!
DawkinsWeaponX 10/05/07
this group is so inactive for over 200 people to be in.

Who is the league creator?

Can anyone blog for the group?
Fannation Community

Take a look, see what you think, read the blog.
7#bag _ Com 09/10/07
It's about the NCAA championship- look who where the blog is- the group is fannation national championship- and it gives what it's about.
7#bag _ Com 09/10/07
when will there be another sports fans tournament
wissports09 09/05/07
hey if you want to join a group about voting for the best team nicknames join please!!!!!
StumpTheQuigley 08/19/07



First 11 to send me there email address will be in the league.


come join my fantsy sports group
The creator is gone. Now we use it to post our throwdowns and for group messages.
IrishR#1 08/08/07
Check out this interesting TD:
Sunz Fan 08/06/07
hey guys come get drunk off of fantasy sports with me
hey can you guys check out this throwdown about the top 5 WR tandems in the NFL not asking for votes but check it out
lucfries12 08/03/07
I have one of those "what if..." TD's. It's about what if the falcons didn't trade away Brett Favre
Cheezhead 07/29/07
go to my throwdowns and vote on the "Randy Moss WON'T get 1200 yards and 12 tds.
bIGROCKHOGG 07/26/07
i need help on a throwdown, its about barry bonds
Zack the creator never comes on anymore because he's chicken. I'm leaving.
RHATER is Gone. 07/20/07
Hey, check out this tournament in the semi finals of my FN FFL Tourney. It is about which defense is better: 4-3 Cover 2 or a 3-4 zone blitz?

Check it out and READ THE ARGUMENTS. It is pretty much a MUST for this topic.
Big Ben68 07/17/07
Help me out in this throwdown. Thanks guys much appreciated.
mikey8y 07/15/07
who is running this and can i get in
Our throwdown tourny is going on and people should check it out.
Siks78 07/11/07
Come and See my blog on Fannation!
Here's my actual blog site:
Sunz Fan 07/10/07
Come and See my blog on Fannation!
Here's my actual blog site:
Sunz Fan 07/10/07
I can't believe I read this post. Black athletes ruining sports? This from someone in the sport broadcasting biz?
wrufian 07/08/07
can u look at my throwdown thanks
CDH 07/05/07
Hey please Check out my throwdown thanks
CDH 07/04/07
If you were a GM on any NBA team and you wanted to further your teams chances into the playoff /finals picture, wud you sign Vince (the wince) Carter? Your thoughts.
5Rings&Counting 07/04/07
check out my throwdown read the arguments
PhillyFan 07/03/07

Super-Levi 07/02/07
hey, im in a throwdown were this guy thinks that nate robertson is a better pitcher than john lackey. check it out... vote4me!
pujols_fan 06/29/07
check out this throwdown
texansfanatic73 06/29/07
hey can you guys check out my throwdown about brynesy making the allstar game. if you do and email with the link to one of your ill check one of your out. thx
Elway4Prez 06/29/07
check out this cool throwdown
texansfanatic73 06/28/07
hey whats up everyone if you have time can u check out my throwdown thanxs
CDH 06/28/07
hey whats up everyone hey whats up i voted for you can u check out my throwdown thanks
CDH 06/28/07
hey whats up everyone hey whats up i voted for you can u check out my throwdown thanks
CDH 06/28/07
Football or baseball??? Check out my TD.
Gator4Life 06/28/07
Need comments on my bogs about doping in professionals and some friend requests
Z@(h 06/27/07
Here's the link to the tournament throwdown between me and kdog30
PhillyFan 06/27/07
hey everyone check my throwdown
CDH 06/27/07
Help me out on this throwdown
PhillyFan 06/27/07
vote on our throwdown tourney. Who will move on to the next round??
RHATER is Gone. 06/27/07
If you guys hate Barry Bonds, join my fan group here:
RHATER is Gone. 06/27/07
Little help with this 1. Read it! This guy has no sense of humor...
orangekrush07 06/26/07
Guys this throw dwon is 14-14 a great throw down with good arguments labled game 1 round 1 please check it out and vote for the better argument this will decide wether me or siks goes to the losersor winners bracket
Zack 06/26/07
this group is the best
CDH 06/26/07
k i will zack
CDH 06/26/07
hey guys vote for game 1 round 1 me vs siks check it out vote for the better argument
Zack 06/26/07
vote here
CDH 06/26/07
vote here
CDH 06/26/07
Vote here about the EAGLES
TheNest6827 06/26/07
only 26 votes on the poll. C'mon guys, you have to stay active by voting in the polls
RHATER is Gone. 06/26/07
Every one checkotu game 1 round 1 for the sorts fans tournament me vs siks you can find it under my throw downs remember vote for the better argument
Zack 06/26/07
i would apreciate your vote please. =]
Redsox7 06/25/07
I need help on this one. I'm from Chicago so I know what I'm talking about with this one.
orangekrush07 06/25/07
guys we have 5 members for the tournament still looking for more respond under tournament message
Zack 06/25/07
Check out my throwdown:
vote for me if you think I'm right
PhillyFan 06/25/07
Check out my throwdown. It's about baseball players watching home runs go out of the park. Hopefully you'll vote for me if you agree.
RHATER is Gone. 06/25/07
this is exaclty like my group except my was made about a month ago.
Elway4Prez 06/25/07
Little help with my Bulls throwdowns..
Siks78 06/25/07
help me out with my throwdowns
TheCycle42 06/25/07
6yo members invite your friends
Zack 06/24/07
new poll
Zack 06/24/07
check out this throwdown

vote for me if you agree
texansfanatic73 06/24/07
Hey, come check out my throwdown:

Thanks and hopefully you vote for me.
Big Ben68 06/24/07

And it's mine...LOL...
Big Ben68 06/24/07
cmon ppl. u hav to stay active and vote in the polls!
RHATER is Gone. 06/23/07
need help with my throwdown
texansfanatic73 06/23/07
check out my tournament message anyone want to be in one
Zack 06/23/07
guys i just need 2 votes comon help me out!
check out my throwdown and hopefully vote for me
I think i make a good point.
texansfanatic73 06/22/07
Hey guys check out my throwdown hopefully vote for me thanks~
mikey8y 06/22/07
new blog check it out my official NFC East predicitons
Zack 06/22/07
ok gujys feel free to tell your friends to join this group show them where it is the more people the better this community would prosper more
Zack 06/22/07
guys can we keep the vote to me's in the locker room talk its kind of not needed ikn the messages
Zack 06/22/07
let me guess your that one dallas vote texas ginats shouldnt have 2 i think they'l come last in the devision right behind redskins who follow dallas who follow the eagles
Zack 06/22/07
there is no way giants win NFC East. thier D isnt very good and without Tiki thier ofenese is nothing.
texansfanatic73 06/22/07
check my throwdown
Jt0323 06/22/07
staying active means participating every one new poll
Zack 06/21/07
new poll guys check it out
Zack 06/21/07
could you guys look at my throwdown?
footballjunkie47 06/21/07
I'd just like to say that if any one here has friends or something that aren't in this group feel free to invite them in the more the marrior and if we get a few more we could make the group leader board for most people
Zack 06/21/07
guys please help i am battling with a man about the Delfino trade. please vote for me. thanks
pacersfan92 06/21/07
montana?? steve young was better then Montana!
LanaLikesBrady 06/20/07
i think its funny joe namoth only has one vote as well as johnny u there are some other good ones with 0 also
Zack 06/20/07
It's kinda funny that Tom Brady has no votes while Manning has 9. Manning has been only good since recently in big games, while Brady has always been the consistent QB in the big game.
RHATER is Gone. 06/20/07
dan marino and joe montana are tied wheres the breaker
Zack 06/20/07
check out my new throwdown here:
RHATER is Gone. 06/20/07
Zack 06/20/07
Hey, can you guys please vote for my throw down. Here it is:
RHATER is Gone. 06/20/07
just voted for you 5rings
Zack 06/20/07
Hey folks, new guy here. Need help on a recent Throwdown. Check me out at: VOTE FOR ME!!! 12 hours left.

5Rings&Counting 06/20/07
hello everyone my firend nathan under my profile is in a pickle can you help him out go to his throwdowns and youll see hes the challenger of a throwdown that states the braves will win the nl east obviously they wont they nl east ahys got the mets and phillies hes losing though and i was wandering if he could get some votes thanks
Zack 06/20/07
joe namoth doesnt have any votes yet favre has three kind of odd
Zack 06/20/07
gotta go with dan marino in that throwdown so joe montana can just leave
ukblueinNH 06/19/07
yo nothing big or anything but 42 out of 57 members have voted for the poll like i said its no big deal but you know its nice to see the outcome
Zack 06/19/07
He is in an unwinnable throwdown in a tournament and needs your help. He actually had some really good arguments for a throwdown that is so blatantly obvious of the outcome.
Hey, check out my throwdown:

Thanks and hopefully you'll vote for me.
Big Ben68 06/19/07
if you dont think indiana will win the big 10 in mens basketball support me here
ukblueinNH 06/19/07
check my is who will you want carson or brees at
Hey I think I should win this throwdown I made somewhat good arguments.

Thanks for the votes !~
mikey8y 06/18/07
Can you check my throwdown and if you think I made a good trade
hey can i get some votes on a throwdown, i said that the steelers won't make the playoffs this year thanks
lucfries12 06/17/07
yo i have a trowdown that u all ned to help me on cause i really need help
Superman21 06/16/07
Hey whats up everyone CDH
CDH 06/15/07
I usually don't ask for help on throwdowns, but I believe I have a very good argument on this throwdown. If you read this could you consider voting for me...thanks
joe32948 06/15/07
who will win the super bowl?
He'll probably be mvp

Hey can somebody vote for me

"Tiger Woods will exceed 20 major victories in his career." Throwdown
mikey8y 06/15/07
any* sorry
Zack 06/15/07
so close last night eveyone see that. it was crazy and inpput on the game, tony parker making mvp?
Zack 06/15/07
Gotta go with the Spurs
IrishR#1 06/14/07
i might have to go with the cavs they came so close last game leading for most of the first half they deserve a win and will come onto the court strong and prepared i wouldnt be surprised to see the cavs pull an underdog victory out of this one
Zack 06/14/07
Any predictions on tonights Finals?

I say Cavs by 2
Cavs23 06/14/07
i don't know but everyone i'd appreciate if you invited all of your friend sand people you know to this group. the more the marrier thanks everyone and remember stay active check daily
Zack 06/14/07
how does peyton have the most votes for the best qb in history pole?
Wilt th3 St1LT 06/14/07
anyone have any ideas on blogging? what too blog?
Zack 06/14/07
spurs up 3-0, can't lose it. i actually dont really follow tennis. lebron could be the next mj but hes not ready yet.when hes 25 and in his prime he will be a multiple time scoring champ
Yankees4Ever 06/14/07
predictions for nba finals? nadal, fedrer any feed back on that matchup? lebron the future jordon?
Zack 06/14/07

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    Kerr 'absolutely expects' Knicks offer
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