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wolfmanwwwx 07/14/07
Yeah you're right Lefty. Guys like Mark McGuire and Larry Walker are mediocre players that jocketty got for cheap at the trade deadline. Listen, Jocketty does the best he can with the dollars he has. Why are people complaining about our GM the year after we win a ring? I know they aren't having the greatest year but you're going to blame our role players when guys like Edmonds and Rolen are in a slow decline and eating up a bulk of our dollars? Not to mention the ace of our staff, and of the NL, has been on the DL since opening day. Lay off Jocketty man. Just because he's not willing to overpay for an AJ Burnett or a Bary Zito doesnt mean hes not great at what he does.
wolfmanwwwx 07/13/07
Ha! yea Walt is about as cheap as they come. THERE IS NO WALT JOCKETY-TONY LARUSSA "MAGIC" it simply doesn't exist. It's mediocure players that have carried the cards for the last few years. Not the GM
TheLefty05 07/06/07
I really wish we can get Buherle, but I'm willing to bet money that Jock Strap Jocketty will be to cheap to pay for him.

Maybe we should start a charity fund!
"Help The Cards Pay for Buhrle Charity Fund"
Oh, wait, thats what 45 dollar tickets and 9 dollar beers are for.
Jocketty you *ss hole!
terminator* 07/06/07
Holy ****! that would be amazing, I never considered it. He would bring a much needed spark to the cards lackluster offense
TheLefty05 06/28/07
we could get a CF. Tori Hunter is angry and he's amazing
RHATER is Gone. 06/28/07
yeah i blogged about that. read it here:
RHATER is Gone. 06/28/07
that would be nice
pujols_fan 06/28/07
Anyway, my point would be we need hitting. A new, speedy CF would be a great addition, if Jockety could pull it off.
TheLefty05 06/27/07
Why would the cards trade for a pitcher? When Mulder comes back they will have. Carp,Mulder,Maroth,Wainwright,Wellenmeyer.
TheLefty05 06/27/07
All Bonds Haters join this group
RHATER is Gone. 06/27/07
yeah i think if the cards pull themselves together but the injuries keep comin
bosox fan 06/18/07
yeah i agree with Husker2555 the central is not doing so well right now (besides the brewers who are 38-31). the cardinals seem to have injuries happening all the time. the cubs wont stop fighting (oh and they are in second in the NL Central WOW). the astros are 30-39 and got berkman back from his suspension just 4 days ago. And the pirates are right down there with the astros at 30-39.
bosox fan 06/18/07
God the central sucks this year, only one team is over .500. How did this happen??????????/
Husker2555 06/16/07

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